1. miquelangeles

    Polyester lowers progesterone, effective contraceptive in females as well

    @JamesGatz right again: Is Cotton and Leather the only safe clothing materials ? What do people think of Cashmere/wool/linen ? Quite dramatic inhibition of ovarian function during the estrus phase:
  2. haidut

    Drinking Pepsi/Coke freely is androgenic for males, enlarges testicles, ups testosterone

    I think the sales of Coke/Pepsi are about to go through the roof. The study sounds like it was sponsored by one/both of the soda makers, but it was not, and in fact is corroborated by prior studies on (human) male fertility and sugar consumption that I posted about in the past. The study below...
  3. Limon9

    The Mitochondrial Progesterone Receptor (PR-M) In Human Sperm

    Haidut has written threads elsewhere about the necessity of the CatSper for male fertility, a calcium channel activated by progestogens: Male Fertility Depends On Intensity Of (sperm) Metabolism ... but did you know it expresses the "mitochondrial progesterone receptor" Dr. Peat talked about...
  4. Hans

    Gonadorelin vs HCG: which is best for TRT?

  5. Hans

    How to become fertile on TRT

  6. haidut

    Downtrend of sperm count, penis length accelerating; humans now endangered species

    A number of eminent fertility experts are now sounding a dire alarm in regards to the human species. What used to be mostly the stuff of girls-night-out jokes in regards to the size of a male's member has now apparently acquired catastrophic proportions due to male penis size emerging as a...
  7. BlackMolasses

    Saturated fats decrease quality of sperm ?

  8. haidut

    Vitamin A is required for male fertility

    I am posting about this study not because I am thrilled at the possibility of society now having oral (non-steroid) contraceptive methods for males, but rather because this study highlights that vitamin A is actually required for male fertility. Even minor interference with so-called retinoic...
  9. tastyfood

    Scared of using Exemestane again, it raised my prolactin and LH/FSH too much

    About 5 months ago I used 8mg of exemestane (Xtane brand) daily for a bit more than three weeks. I had a varicocele, and wanted to try exemestane to help with male fertility issues. Exemestane was clearly effective at raising total testosterone: from 400 to 756 in 3 weeks. However, it double...
  10. R

    Recurring uterine polyps, help?

    Hi all, feeling a little defeated here and would appreciate any insight, advice or shared experience. Thank-you in advance. A bit of background… 37 y/o female, no children (yet, I am hopeful) Last year in 2020 i dealt with breakthrough bleeding (spotting around ovulation) for about 6 months...
  11. Drareg

    COVID causes infertility but vaccines don’t

    This headline is a prime example of Hegelian dialectics at work. They now claim covid may cause infertility but the vaccines don’t, what this tells us they know vaccines are causing infertility and they need to blame covid. Peat spotted the potential fertility issue early on from covid19, good...
  12. haidut

    Serotonin puts the brakes on libido, by lowering dopamine

    Nothing really surprising, as far as Peatarians are concerned, in the findings of this study. I am only posting it here as it is one of the few that officially acknowledge that serotonergic drugs cause sexual dysfunction - i.e. something mainstream medicine has vehemently denied for decades. As...
  13. haidut

    Vitamin D improves ovarian reserves in women with infertility

    Diminished ovarian reserves are one of the major causes of female infertility. It used to be a problem mostly in women over 45 who were trying to get pregnant, however, it has now become a common finding even in 30+ year-old females. Estrogen is known to play a big role, and some studies have...
  14. haidut

    Stress ups cortisol/estrogen/prolactin, drops DHT, causes male infertility and prostate issues

    If you try to discuss infertility with a fertility/reproductive specialist or an endocrinologist, and mention that chronic stress may be a factor in infertility, you will probably get laughed out of the room. This is not just speculation. This exact same thing happened to several friends and...
  15. Lokzo

    Bile acids alter male fertility through G-protein-coupled bile acid receptor 1 signaling pathways in mice

    Bile acids alter male fertility through G-protein-coupled bile acid receptor 1 signaling pathways in mice Bile acids (BAs) are signaling molecules that are involved in many physiological functions, such as glucose and energy metabolism. These effects are mediated through activation of the...
  16. Giraffe

    Could The Covid-'Vaccine' Make Females Infertile?

    Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg raised this question. Corona viruses use spike proteins to get entry to the cell. The mRNA covid-'vaccines' are designed to make your cells produce something like these spike proteins, and this shall encourage the body to produce antibodies against those spike proteins...
  17. haidut

    Estrogen Lowers T, DHT, And Fertility; Inhibits 5α-Reductase (5-AR)

    I am posting this study below as a response to numerous angry emails I have been getting over the years. People sending me those emails just cannot accept the idea that estrogen can be detrimental for males (and females as well), and that estrogen levels are directly antagonistic to the male...
  18. haidut

    The World Might Actually Run Out Of People

    As many of my readers know, the mantra of overpopulation has been the driving force behind countless political initiatives, usually related to draconian austerity. You see, according to most of the imbeciles we have put in office all over the world's governments, the world's population is...
  19. haidut

    Eating 1 Lb Of Sugar Daily Has Strikingly Positive Effects On (male) Fertility

    When I saw this news article pop up in my daily feed I immediately thought to myself "This study will never get covered by large mainstream news outlets". And of course, the websites of CNN, Fox, ABC, CNBC, USA Today, etc have no trace of an article covering the study or even just the basic...
  20. haidut

    Male Fertility Depends On Intensity Of (sperm) Metabolism

    Yet another aspect of health that turns out to be directly controlled by quality/speed of metabolism. I made a few posts in the past demonstrating that progesterone and pregnenolone activate a calcium channel (CatSper) specific to progesterone, which greatly increases sperm motility...