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  1. F

    Bones from conventionally reared animals

    I am able to obtain a lot of bones from a local butcher but more than likely these bones will be from conventionally raised cows and not fully grass fed. Thankfully the agricultural practices in my country are quite good so the cows will likely be out in the grass most of the year but are...
  2. 3


  3. P

    Bone Broth Analysis, Minerals

    I found it very interesting so I made a topic. , its good to know,hopefully the numbers are legit(it seems to be!) It also has analysis of green broth, nettle,Dandelion. Bone Broth Analysis: Reader Research | alive
  4. T

    It Takes A Long Time To Pick The Bones Out Of Chicken Feet

    I got some ('organic') ones the other day for a change. Made a really really thick broth compared with similar quantities of the beef or lamb cuts I usually get. The solids, after I spent way too long separating the bones and claws from the meat and skin, tasted pretty good cooked up with onion...
  5. P

    Effects Of Chicken Essence On Recovery From Mental Fatigue In Healthy Males

    Effects of chicken essence on recovery from mental fatigue in healthy males Background Fatigue is a common symptom in modern society. There has been a recent resurgence of interest in traditional remedies for fatigue. Chicken essence, which is rich in anserine and carnosine, has been widely...
  6. bornamachine

    Got Really Sick From Bone Broth

    Hello everyone just thought about something maybe it will help somebody out I bought some beef from a local farmer who raises his callous naturally and got some bones as well well my wife made some bone broth she boil them for about 5 hours a little later I ate them a couple of bones I just ate...
  7. T

    Bone broth

    The healthiest time of my life was when I spent a ( Canadian ) winter consuming daily bone broth. I could take the garbage out to the road wearing a t shirt in freezing weather. This while others were getting colds and flus . I leaned the recipe from a European family who used their slow cooker...
  8. Saracatt

    Gelatin vs. Collagen

    Hi, I am new to this board, and Peating, but I am having good results so far only a week in. Yay! I was wondering what the main difference is between taking collagen as a protein supplement, and gelatin? I have searched the forum, and it says that gelatin is cooked collagen, but is there any...
  9. R

    corn, beef, additives

    Just a few sundry questions on diet I'm looking to start making tortillas. Does everyone only use masa harina or do you find that organic corn flour is as good? I looked at one brand of tortillas that uses harina and then looked up the only preservative in there, something do with wood...
  10. D

    Pressure Cooker VS. "Regular" Boiling To Make Gelatin

    When does the intense heat of a pressure cooker start to "ruin" bone broth's chance of gelling as opposed to it remaining liquid when refridgerated? I've tried pressure cookers as well as reglar large pots to boil but get mixed results. Is a long "moderate" boil in a pot, 12-24 hours better...
  11. B

    This soup is rockin' my temps

    My temperature almost never gets above 98, even if I drink red bull or eat massive amounts of carbs. It usually hovers around 97.4-97.7. I made a beef, potato, vegetable soup that I've been eating the past two days, and twice now I've observed my temp rise to 98.4 within 15 minutes of finishing...
  12. A

    Pork Rinds - (not A Significant Source Of Protein)?

    The bag of pork rinds I got has 7 grams of protein and there are 7 servings in a $2 bag. It says (not a significant source of protein). How is 49 grams of protein not significant?! Lol.
  13. Philomath

    Fresh Bone Broth Delivered Frozen To Your Door

    Saw this company on the food network last night. Could help those (like me) that don't have the time or skill to make homemade bone broths. http://hotlovesoup.com/soupscoop/
  14. D

    Bone Broth Won't Gel - Dump It & Keep Trying?

    My current batch of bones produces broths that are thick, milky white & opaque W/ usual fat atop but won't gel, though they're the same grass fed beef bones I used before. What's the problem, and, is the "broth" they produce worth consuming?
  15. D

    Green Slime From New Bones Making Bone Broth?

    Is green slime floating at the top of the pot a good indication that the bones you're using were from grass-fed cows?
  16. P

    Chicken broth instead of gelatin acceptable?

    I don't eat beef or pork products. I do eat poultry and seafood. I was trying to figure out what to use instead of gelatin since I can't find poultry exclusive gelatin. Would chicken broth be acceptable? And have the same benefits? Also is gelatin necessary outside of eating muscle meats?
  17. D

    Blade Steak (Beef)/stew meat

    Hi Everyone, Currently at the supermarket they have this,I think it's called Blade Steak (you need to stew it for about 2hours),on sale. The package says that it's lean meat,but I see this white/transparent line running across the meat. Is that gelatin/collagen or fat? Does that mean it's a...
  18. D

    How Can I Tell If My Bone Broth Is Good?

    First time making bone broth. Boiled 24 hours 4 medium-sized cow bones W/some skin/fat. Refridgerated - then skim layer of fat on top, below a pot of off-white milky-opaque'ish semi gelatin-like "broth". I drank 2 cups, for health not taste. Not much, if any flavor. Is my stuff any good - would...
  19. B

    What Are The Most Gelatinous Cuts Of Beef And Lamb?

    I tried looking this up and Google and couldn't find anything solid, anybody know? :?:
  20. T

    Gelatin And Endotoxins?

    Sorry if this has been posted about before, but I have been reading some people saying that the endotoxins in powdered gelatin can mess with your thyroid and possibly cause weight gain. I've been using Knox and don't really have access to Great Lakes-should I just not take gelatin at all? Is...