Sugar Sweetened Drinks Increases Endometrical Cancer


Aug 9, 2012
My first thought is that people with increased level of estrogen ("estrogen-dependent type I endometrial cancer") crave sugary drinks.


Nov 9, 2012
- Interestingly, they find no association with starch. Or with the low-sugar drinks, yet those probably have more artificial chemicals like aspartame.

- They control for variables such as age, smoking status, BMI, estrogen medication... but those aren't necessarily good proxies for health, or even estrogen to echo kiran's post. So if I'm correct, it doesn't control for a number of things, like the fact that those allowing themselves to drink sugary drinks may also be the ones eating more pufa's. However, those eating more pufa's are probably more likely to have worse BMI or to have some smoking or other habits, so its not a very satisfactory explanation.

- Also, drinking sugary drinks isn't necessarily a good thing. RP doesn't say that massive insulin spikes when drinking a lot sugar on an empty stomach is good. The study is about sodas, not orange juice for which this is less of an issue due to potassium. It doesn't separate people who drink as part of a meal, and those who do on an empty stomach. However, even though insulin spikes aren't good, there might be worse things like not having enough carb, right?

So I'm not sure what to think about those studies...


Feb 20, 2013
Their list of sugar sweetened soft drinks are
"As reported in the study, the FFQ included four questions asking usual intake frequency of sugar-sweetened beverages, including 1) Coke®, Pepsi®, or other colas with sugar; 2) caffeine-free Coke®, Pepsi®, or other colas with sugar; 3) other carbonated beverages with sugar (e.g., 7-Up®); and 4) Hawaiian Punch®, lemonade, or other noncarbonated fruit drinks."

They collected data from 1986 to 2010. Coke replaced sugar with HFCS in early 80's
and i believe majority of soft drink makers did the same. I know 15 yrs ago Pepsi had both
sugar/HFCS. Name of the study should have been

"HFCS sweetened drinks increases endometrical cancer"

I believe they do not have any idea that these HFCS soft drinks have 4-5 times the calories
than pure sugar. It is also odd they are using absolute intake of
HFCS instead of percentage of calories. A 200 lb person will naturally drink
more carb than 100 lb person. Though they claim they adjusted for BMI.
But these kind of adjustments are very subjective.
They also mentioned that previous studies found correlation between obesity
and this type of estrogen dependent cancer. It is possible that obese people
were drinking more soft drinks. Most obvious drawback is that people
who drinks 60 servings of soft drinks a week most likely did not have good
health habit in the first place. There are so many bad studies in this field.


Mar 29, 2014
So if I'm correct, it doesn't control for a number of things, like the fact that those allowing themselves to drink sugary drinks may also be the ones eating more pufa's.
Yeah, and that they may be drinking/eating less milk and fruit etc.


Apr 2, 2015
Forget the association of sucrose. Focus on the other compounds found in such a beverage. The synthesis of such things is where the toxicity lies over what compound is more dangerous in isolation.
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