1. C

    High Protein Is Officially Anti-Peat As Ray Became A Low Protein Advocate In His Final Years (Video Jun 24, 2022)

    I thought this was a big deal and should have been nailed down on the rpf. Dr. Ray Peat denounced a high protein diet in his last 4 or 5 interviews. He switched from recommending at least 80-100 grams (or more) to about 50 grams per 2500 calories and thought his high protein diet was...
  2. C

    Video Proof Of Ray Peat Looking At Least 15 Years Younger Than His Age (Is He Actually 69 Here???)

    Video proof from before lying video filters (Born 1936-video date 2005) View: I'm hoping some commenters will be willing to critic his looks and ignore the rest. I would guess he was in his early 50s but if I include his voice and movement in my analysis he...
  3. M

    Testimonials with Rife machines?

    Would love to know if anyone has had experience with rife machines, if yes what did it do for you or someone you know? what are some powerful frequency's to use with it? what's the best machine to get for something like this? any additional information you want to throw in there would be great...
  4. C

    The World’s Oldest Family Claims Eating Oatmeal Twice Daily Is The Secret They carefully avoid a fasted state by digesting carbs all night and then eat an early breakfast.
  5. C

    "Tour de France" Endurance Athletes Have HUGE 17% Increase In Average Longevity

    Don't shoot the messenger. I hate cardio too.
  6. C

    Sugar Consumption Reduces Stress Response/Cortisol To Acute Physiological Stressor (Human Study)

    Nutrients. 2023 Jan; 15(1): 209.
  7. C

    Membranes Are Saturated By Beta-Blockers

  8. C

    BIG SALT Exists! Video Claims Food Processors Manipulate Research

    Big Salt exists as the food processing industry because nobody's choking down salt free hamburgers or pizzas. A government anti-salt crusade would destroy them. This means there's far more money in salt than salt restriction imo. Research on salt has been manipulated according to this video...
  9. C

    I've NEVER Seen "Coconut" Associated With Longevity or Centenarians

    I just realized that after reading about the diets of exceptionally healthy people in their 90s and older and I've never seen the word coconut once. I've seen they eat chocolate, bacon, eggs, olive oil, milk but never seen the word "coconut" in the context of a supercentenarian or really anyone...
  10. C

    Is It Worth Decreasing PUFA From 2 Grams to 1 Over Lifetime? Would It Matter?

    Is it worth switching from lentils to adzuki beans or coconut oil to MCT for example? Would there be any actual benefit of reducing PUFA intake by 50% but by only 1gram over 90 years?
  11. C

    Have Filters Changed The Game? Who Looks Good? What now?

    Can you trust your eyes anymore on who's doing things right? I would look for long term vegans, fruitarians, keto etc. to see how they're holding up in their video interviews. Photos have been useless for decades but videos still told the truth until recently. I've noticed a lot of older...
  12. M

    Surfers Look The Best & Feel The Best

    Its pretty wild how great surfers look as they age. Long times in the sun, salt water, always in motion. Low stress. Im sure tons of caffeine and fasting. Most of my friends surf. They have perfect hair, great bodies and barely eat! Always a small window
  13. haidut

    Higher protein, sugar, and vitamin E consumption beneficial for health/aging

    I would say right from the start that there are obviously a very large number of dietary components that can have beneficial effect on our health. The study below cannot possibly look at all of them, but from the ones it examined those three (3) variables the title mentions gave the most benefit...
  14. Peatful

    Tell me you’re no longer hypothyroid without telling me you’re no longer hypothyroid

    I sleep with my feet on the outside of the covers. No socks. In November! Your turn.
  15. M

    Dnp logs for weight loss

    Hey I started a new log with dnp instead of aspirin. Aspirin helps you lose water weight and tolerate a caloric deficit better. But it doesn't work like dnp. My source is under dosed but the dnp numbers I put up will be as if it wasn't. So when I take 500 mg it's 250 mg. Undosed to hell I know...
  16. K

    Dengue mosquito bites?

    Hey all! Had dinner last night poolside at a resort in Punta Sam, Mexico. We’ve been here for several days and had only gotten a couple mosquito bites, but as the sun went down last eve we were essentially swarmed. We applied spray, but the bugs were quick and got us each a few times first...
  17. Hans

    Why the PUFA and cholesterol in eggs are not a problem

    Here is the research on why I don't think the PUFA from eggs is a problem.
  18. BlackMolasses

    People who eat very little but seem healthy?

    Usually the people I met who ate very little had obvious signs of hypothyroidism and poor health. But there is also a category of people who eat excessively little but seem very healthy. I have a friend in her 20s who needs to eat 1000 to 1500 calories a day, mostly from very low nutrient...
  19. NewACC

    Why do children have so good health if their androgens low?

    After thinking about peating, I wondered: why are children so metabolically ideal that they even overtake elite athletes by this factor, if their androgenic level is very low? Is it strange that everyone on the forum is talking about the rejuvenating effect of androgens, if children are the...
  20. A

    Please help, my dad has a tumour.

    Hi all, I'm reaching out to you for help and advice. I appreciate any insightful input. My dad has recently developed a tumor in his bladder. This has caused his bladder wall to thicken to 11mm, with what is called 'associated restricted diffusion' as well as 'perivesical stranding' according...
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