1. haidut

    Chronic Stress During Pregnancy Accelerates Fetal Aging And Harms Its Health

    Allopathic medicine still denies that maternal stress during pregnancy affects the child's long term health. If anything, they say that the fetus may experience a slightly increased risk of infection during pregnancy but that risk goes back normal as soon as the baby is born. The main argument...
  2. Amazoniac

    The Origin Of Ray's Association Of Vitamin A (and Hormones) With Acne

    This thread is in celebration of Koveras' subscription to the horror show. aguilaroja and burtlan, if you're reading this, acne is a type of lesion that appears on the skin of humans. ROLE OF PARENTERAL MULTIVITAMIN THERAPY IN THE TREATMENT OF ACNE "Many workers have reported on the beneficial...
  3. charlie

    BOMBSHELL: Study Proves Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier

    Studies: Preterm birth, vaccination and neurodevelopmental disorders: a cross-sectional study of 6- to 12-year-old vaccinated and unvaccinated children Pilot comparative study on the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated 6- to 12- year old U.S. children
  4. haidut

    A Record Number Of Americans Suffer From Severe Psychological Distress (SPD)

    I am posting this study in support of other recent studied I posted on increases of chronic disease rates in young people, especially stroke and diabetes I. Stroke Rates Have Almost Doubled In Young Adults Rates Of Diabetes I And II Are Rapidly Rising In Young Children And Teens Health Of Young...
  5. J

    Various Toxicities

    Behold this garbage article that talks about how prevalent various toxicities are in the human body. I found particular humor in the notion that green juice fasting will accelerate the removal. However, in all seriousness it does seem that most people do have some form of toxicity existing in...
  6. haidut

    Low Socioeconomic Status Affects Life Expectancy More Than Obesity

    I think the "war on obesity" we are seeing currently, while well-intentioned, may be a bit misplaced as obesity itself has now been tied to low socioeconomic status. This study has now found that that low status is more important for your overall life expectancy than how much you weigh. Given...
  7. J

    Ideal Meal Frequency Representing Supreme Health

    An area which seems to bring about some contradiction on the forum is meal frequency. I have seen some posts indicating the notion that a healthy organism can get away with 2-3 servings of food daily, while others seem to believe a healthy and productive metabolism results in constant hunger due...
  8. Lee Simeon

    What Is Your Opinion On Vaccines?

    And why?
  9. K

    Emergency: Studies On Radiation Protective Substances?

    The thread is mainly about the scientific studies behind the x-ray protective substances that @haidut have suggested in another thread: methylene blue, DHEA, niacinamide, thyroid, caffeine and cyproheptadine. A family member needs a job but the job requires him to do a physical check up with...
  10. Giraffe

    TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) Reference Range Wars

    I highly recommend reading the full article, there is a lot of information and advice on that site. Some excerpts: What is a reference range? Changing the reference range. The two sides of the public debate ...... Wartofsky & Dickey, "Controversy in Clinical Endocrinology: The...
  11. C

    Trump Puts RFK Jr – Who Railed Against A Vaccine ‘holocaust’ – In Charge Of Commission On Vaccines

    Trump puts RFK Jr in charge of new commission on vaccine safety | Daily Mail Online Trump knows what's up.
  12. L

    Appendix May Have Important Function, New Research Suggests

    Appendix may have important function, new research suggests I actually suspect this to be true of every aspect of the human system. Current understanding of an organ or part might be incomplete leading to the belief it has no...
  13. haidut

    Just One (1) Tablespoon Of Gelatin Daily Is Enough To Improve Joint Health

    A human study, and as such very relevant. The current "kind" of joint supplements on mainstream TV is undoubtedly glucosamine. Very little evidence is available to support the claims behind this heavily advertised supplement. On the other hand, gelatin (and glycine) have over 100 years of...
  14. R

    Can Vitamin K/Aspirin Cause Symptoms Similar To Osteopetrosis?

    Osteopetrosis - Wikipedia
  15. charlie

    Study: Unvaccinated Children Healthier Than Vaccinated Kids – Doctors Agree

    A new peer-reviewed study comparing health outcomes of vaccinated and unvaccinated children, provisionally published in a journal of public health and assigned a DOI number (a digital object identifier given by publishers to identify content and provide a persistent link on the internet)...
  16. S

    How To Minimize Damage From Required Vaccines

    Many people are vaccinated as a school or work requirement. Are there ways to minimize damage/side effects? I may have to get an MMR booster and flu shot - hoping for some suggestions from the community on what to do or take, before or after, to minimize problems. Thank you.
  17. L

    Breast Cancer Patients Could Benefit From Controversial Hormone (Progesterone)

    OMG... Breast cancer patients could benefit from controversial hormone "Indeed, progesterone may have an important role to play in the safe and effective management of recurring breast cancer." :rightagain2
  18. Ideonaut

    Baking Soda And Coconut Oil For Skin Cancer?

    Here Eye-Opening Evidence: Baking Soda & Coconut Oil Can Kill Cancer is a claim that baking soda plus coconut oil works for skin cancer. Any comments from a Peat perspective?
  19. encerent

    How To Fix Horrible Head/shoulder Posture?

    I have the nowadays really common head-forward, hunched shoulder posture. It looks horrible and hurts optimal health and hormone production. Has anyone found interesting or effective interventions for this problem? edit: I'll put in an order for a standing desk at work. Not sure if this...
  20. L

    Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

    Anyone know anything about this condition and how to treat using Ray Peat friendly suggestions? I do not have enough comprehension or knowledge to attempt to help her but I feel for her and she is a bit panicked. A friend has recently been diagnosed with this condition and she is suffering. MD...