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Mothers PTH Level Is High


Jun 7, 2013
My mother recently got her PTH checked and the doctor said "something wrong with" her Parathyroid gland.
Her PTH levels came back as 103.0. The lab range on the report says 15.0-65 pg/ml. She's going to see an endocrinologist soon but I'm worried he'll giver her some rudimentary establishment type advice to correct it. The only supplement she takes is 4 drops tyromix AM and PM, 8 drops estroban a day, 15mg K2 a day and daily 325mg aspirin. Her tsh is 1.15. Her D-25oh is 30.4 (lab range is 30-100ng/ml). Her total Calcium is 9.3 (lab range is8.5-10.5mg/dl) I also have her t3 and free t-4 labs and a few other labs on the report if those are helpful.They told her her thyroid is good.

Can anybody give me some pointers on how she can address this(her PTH)? Thank you.

ps. from what ive read on RP articles he says that taking niacin and calcium (eggshells?) could help. He also mentioned having the parathyroid gland removed completely. Is this safe? Any guidance on dosing would be very much appreciated
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Nov 22, 2017
As far as I can tell, complete removal of the parathyroid glands is not only safe, but very therapeutic
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