Evidence For Apo B Lipoproteins As The Root Cause Of Atherosclerosis

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    Dec 10, 2016
    “A new paradigm for preventing atherosclerotic cardiovascula disease (ASCVD) is needed. The most recent US data show the long-term decline in cardiovascular deaths has stopped, and has started to increase in the most at-risk populations.1 Indeed, rising rates of obesity and diabetes mellitus in the setting of suboptimal risk factor control have resulted in a similar number of cardiovascular events occurring in those aged <65 years as ≥65 years.2 Although preventive drug therapies reduce the relative risk of cardio- vascular events in primary and secondary prevention patients, the absolute risk of subsequent ASCVD events remains high.3 If nothing changes, it is projected that by 2035 nearly half the US population will have some form of cardiovascular disease and costs will double to $1.1 trillion annually.”

    “Compelling evidence supports evaluating intensive reduction of plasma apo B lipoproteins for regressing and perhaps curing early atherosclerosis. We have proposed the first human trial that will lay the groundwork for this new area of investigation into a new cardiovascular prevention paradigm aimed at eradicating the clinical burden of ASCVD. This new prevention paradigm combining an intensive induction-phase with long-term maintenance therapy should provide a maximum ASCVD prevention benefit with minimal inconvenience, adverse effects, and cost.”

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