water retention

  1. B

    Need help with some serious medical issues after from clomid and hcg blood pressure going crazy

    So update, I know it's been a LONG time and also want to tell everyone that I'm cured from PFS great news. But with that being said I'm come into cross with a lot of health problems from that point as was really looking for some help. My course 6 months of hcg per protocol and finished with a...
  2. A


    I've been bulking for a while now with a Peaty diet -- not put on too much fat but my face has added alot of water retention --- i dont want to cut as i will lose strength gains --- is there any way to lose water retention without cutting -- is increasing sat/mono fat the way -- will dandelion...
  3. Harryedgar

    Peat Practice - Help Needed With Inflammation And Water Retention

    Hey Ya'll I could do with some help ala inflammation type variety. Male, 35 years old, reasonably lean (12-15ish% bf) - tall! I come from a background, until about a year and a half ago, of many different types of diet practices over the last 15 years or so - lots and lots of reading...
  4. haidut

    The Anabolic Effects Of Progesterone

    As I mentioned in a few other recent threads, even though it is laughed at in the bodybuilding world progesterone has been shown to have anabolic properties. I already posted about the anabolic effects of pregnenolone, but that study did not use the "standard" levator ani test. The Anabolic...
  5. U

    Water-retention Due To Adrenaline, Not Oestrogen?

    Like many here, I have been struggling to control the side effects of T3 and pro-thyroid substances that include aspirin, coffee and pregnenolone (However, DHEA in low doses, like @haidut recommends is OK.). Here is my correspondence with Ray on this matter. Dear Dr. Peat, I’m 34/male. Why...
  6. burtlancast

    Water retention, 2011, KMUD: The Herb Doctors

    Transcribed by sueq Download link for the MP3 file: http://uploadingit.com/file/6tsb4cnsyam ... ritalk.mp3