Need help with some serious medical issues after from clomid and hcg blood pressure going crazy


Oct 27, 2020
So update, I know it's been a LONG time and also want to tell everyone that I'm cured from PFS great news. But with that being said I'm come into cross with a lot of health problems from that point as was really looking for some help. My course 6 months of hcg per protocol and finished with a week of clomid. All was well still I got super thirsty and could not stop drinking water. Still to this day I am thirsty 24/7 sounds like diabetes insipidus but I'm not sure. My bp went up for 122/57 to 146/80 in 3 weeks. I suspect that there may be water in my blood and a problem with my kidneys but yah man I'm not a doctor, just stating symptoms. I think I may have given myself some kind of negative feedback loop or something and yes I do have a endocrinologist appointment this Tuesday but was looking for some smart people who know a lot more than I do to give there two sense (What to ask him when I see him). Willing to answer all questions, but please, I've got my sex life back but at the cost of something major to my health. As well, I would advise anyone to rethink about this protocol for the moment, and if @JoeKool is still around I'd ask to DM me if your still around. I've had a lot of test done too and hopefully I can get a full blood panlle done soon to share it with you all, you guys rock hope your all doing well.


Sep 9, 2019
Salt your food (more if you already do) and decrease your fluids. Resist your thirst. Do this for a few days, give your adrenals and hypothalamus time to respond.

Do not consume large amounts of fluid with or on top of food. Allow time for secretion and digestion in the stomach.
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