Peat Practice - Help Needed With Inflammation And Water Retention


Mar 25, 2020
Hey Ya'll

I could do with some help ala inflammation type variety.

Male, 35 years old, reasonably lean (12-15ish% bf) - tall!

I come from a background, until about a year and a half ago, of many different types of diet practices over the last 15 years or so - lots and lots of reading, practicing, experimentation - you all know the drill!

One thing that remained a staple for about 10 years was some form of fasting on a daily basis - often changing between 16/8 and OMAD.

No blood results recently as I am in Austria and it's harder than you might think to get tests here - plus no real easy online home test site that I can find - though back in March with a basic yearly check up my TSH was good at 0.5 and almost everything else was within "normal" ranges - though I didnt have iron, copper, vitamin D and various other things done as it wasn't included.

Started really putting peats work in focus and practice about a year ago and finally started sleeping and feeling generally easier for the first time in my adult life.

I had been using various different supplements previously for years, including D, Activated B complex, small doses of K, Magnesium glycinate and stuff and staples with occasional use of various others depending on what crazy diet I was trying at the time.

Pretty generally low PUFA for many years though often also low sugar (to go with the fasting lol) and I have also been working with high zinc and others to combat estrogen for a long time after a nasty gyno thing back in my early 20's after experimenting with steroids - also 80% organic and fairly low on gluten etc for a long time - so other than the nutritional **** ups via fasting probably better than many.

Started Peating and putting in much more sugar and carbs and tried the low fat thing for a while and many things felt better - but started with more Dandruff and itchiness at the front of my hair line - lots of low fat milk and experimenting with Pansterone and Andro early this year. For some bizarre reason had a gyno flare up and ended up taking Raloxifiene which screwed with my head a bit but got the gyno to go down again at least.

This was weird as i was taking so many anti estrogen and anti prolactin supps that I was surprised around any kind of gyno flare.

Now I have settled pretty well for the most part into the Peaty way and found a balance that works for the most part -


D - 5000
K2 - 6mg
E - 100mg
Mag gly - 200mg
Boron - 3mg
Pansterone - 2.5
Androsterone - 3
Progesterone - 10
Oxidal - 3 drops
as my staples
Tyronene - 2 or 3 drops

I eat pretty well peaty with low PUFA - fats only from CO and butter, mostly a combo of low fat or full fat milk, plenty of salt, sodium biacrb and acetate, carrot salad, AC every few days, fruit, lots of sugar, some cola, casein protein and sometimes with BCAAs, sometimes lysine, glycine and taurine.

Essentially all the "good" stuff 90% of the time.

But - I have still these things that come up -
Water retention much of the time - I know it is water because on some few days it suddenyl drops and I look ripped as hell -
Weird metallic taste in mouth that started about a month or two ago and coincides often with a white scrappable tongue - like candida but none of the other fungus stuff appearing
Dandruff and Itchy scalp suddenly appearing at times

For me I feel like I am deeply inflamed - as the water retention I see as a sign of inflammation going on - but I cant work it out - sometime it seems to happen with too much milk and sometimes not - recently it started happening when I have butter....and sometimes butter makes it better....also getting at various times nasty cracking finger joints as well as taking a long time to heal a shoulder issue

Have tried many many things!!


Iron/copper deficiency - due to years of fasting which can deplete extra iron (and I am not overweight at all so unlikely to be excess iron) and also doing large amounts of aspirin etc for the last year - also I was a massive coffee drinker for 10 years before peat too.

Something to do with Tetra packs and the plastics within them.

mineral imbalance somewhere though have tried various different things for a while now.

Candida - I know not likely according to Peat but I do eat a lot of sugar.

Milk - somehow given myself a milk intolerance

Hypercalcemia - seems to be linked to this metallic taste thing.

Anyway - If anyone else recognizes the combo of these symptoms I would hugely appreciate it - really a bit lost on where to go right now and would love any ideas you have.

Thank you - Harry


Jul 16, 2019
I just heard Dr Peat saying edema could be related with low thyroid, low salt, low protein or low calcium


Thread starter
Mar 25, 2020
Try some vinegar in fruit juice for a few days.Also some Niacinamide.

Thank you - and have definitely been doing niacinamide and also vinegar mainly in sodium acetate form and neither really help much - having a sense around maybe screwed up the gut microbiome but at the same time do most peaty type things including AC and carrots and various others - thought potentially fungal or candida maybe?
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