vitamin d

  1. RealNeat

    Anti-A people, how do you respond to D?

    I've been researching the relationship of vitamin A and D. Before I give any of my own input I'd like to know how the people who benefit from vitamin A restriction feel on vitamin D supps or intentional sun bathing. Please include your history of pharmaceutical A use if applicable.
  2. T

    VItamin D Megadose accident, what to do

    I thought the bottle dropper was in the vitamin D supplement, but it wasn't, so I dumped about a quarter of the Carlson vitamin D on my belly button by mistake. I reacted immediately, rubbed it off, and took a quick shower with a lot of soap to rub it off fully. I know the vitamin topically...
  3. M

    Vitamin D3 makes me feel cold

    So I've been taking for almost a month vitamins D3 & K2MK4 (in one pill that I smash to dust and add to my milk) and just vitamin D3 (pill, same company as the other). Lately I upped my D3 dose to 8000 IUs and there was a reason for it, but I started feeling cold despite no changes in my diet...
  4. haidut

    Fasting ups estrogen & cortisol, decimates vitamin D, may cause diabetes

    A really interesting study, which will likely generate more than a few hateful emails for my Inbox :): Anyways, as the study demonstrates, fasting achieves these negative effects due to the elevated fatty acids working through PPAR activator PGC-1α, to activate both the estrogen receptor (ER)...
  5. haidut

    Vitamin D prevents cortisol-induced depression and...inflammation

    A great study for a number of reasons. First, it discussed openly that in animal research circles cortisol administration is considered an official and reliable method of causing major depression. As the article states, for some reason human medical circles have been unwilling to accept the...
  6. haidut

    Vitamin D is anti-catabolic / anabolic, protects liver from cortisol injury

    In a recent post of mine I discussed the effects of cortisol on various aminotransferases (especially TAT), their role as biomarkers of catabolism, and how inhibitors of said aminotransferases have a potent anti-catabolic / anabolic effects. In that same post, I also described how cortisol (a...
  7. metabolizm

    Vitamin D Supplementation is Improving my Sleep

    For the past few months I've been taking an oral vitamin D supplement, and I'm sleeping better than I have since I was a kid. Some nights I don't wake up to pee, which is really significant for me, because typically I get up at least twice. I'm taking a 4000IU supplement on average three times...
  8. Bogdar

    Low PTH, Low D, High Calcium - How Is It Possible?

    Hey, recently I took a test for vit D & PTH to check if I need supplements. Well, D came juste above the lower range, PTH came at the very low range, What I thought about this data was : that's good, PTH is low so it's good and this D is in normal range and seems enough to down the PTH so...
  9. M

    I’m Not Convinced Vitamin D Should Be Supplemented

    I was going through my old lectures on Calcium and did a double check firing up Pubmed... this scheme seems to make it pretty clear that calcitriol, just like PTH and Aldosterone should not be used up, to avoid intracellular calcification and higher blood pressure? However, other studies...
  10. Mito

    7-fold Higher COVID-19 Mortality In Vitamin D Deficient Subjects

    Abstract COVID-19 is characterized by marked variability in clinical severity. Vitamin D had recently been reviewed as one of the factors that may affect the severity in COVID-19. The objective of current study is to analyze the vitamin D level in COVID-19 patients and its impact on the disease...
  11. J

    DHT Causes Hair Loss, You Sure About That?

    In the past I've heard georgi say dht actually grows hair and its high in hair loss sufferers because oestrogen is too high. He also says taurine grows hair better than finastride, note this study was in an insect less than the size of an ant. I have never seen any case report with proof than...
  12. sugarbabe

    Role Of Vitamins A And D In The Pathogenesis Of Influenza: A New Perspective

    I wanted to share some really great quotes from this paper: Role of Fat-Soluble Vitamins A and D in the Pathogenesis of Influenza: A New Perspective There is so much juicy info in this article I encourage everyone interested in learning about vitamin A and D to read it! I think this has many...
  13. Tristan Loscha

    Effect Of Calcifediol (VIT D) Treatment And Best Available Therapy Versus Other On ICU + Survival

    "Effect of Calcifediol Treatment and best Available Therapy versus best Available Therapy on Intensive Care Unit Admission and Mortality Among Patients Hospitalized for COVID-19: A Pilot Randomized Clinical study" Author links open overlay panelMarta EntrenasCastilloaLuis ManuelEntrenas...
  14. Tristan Loscha

    Chris Masterjohn Position On Vitamin D For COVID - 19; VD Reduces Risks Efficiently

    Finally Confirmed! Vitamin D Nearly Abolishes ICU Risk in COVID-19 September 3, 2020 The first randomized controlled trial (RCT) of vitamin D in COVID-19 has just been published. The results are astounding: vitamin D nearly abolished the odds of requiring treatment in ICU. Although the number...
  15. Scott Andrew

    Ultrasound Therapy Device?

    Anybody have a good source for a personal Ultrasound Therapy Device? I have a minor bone bruise that I want to give one a shot on.
  16. Mito

    Why “Vitamin D” Is Not A Hormone

    Bioavailability of Different Vitamin D Oral Supplements in Laboratory Animal Model “Anyone sincerely interested in nutrition should be concerned that officially mandated nutritional committee reports for both North America and Europe now state that “Vitamin D is a hormone” [8], or that “Vitamin...
  17. metabolizm

    Vitamin D UK

    Not too long ago my blood vitamin D level was measured at 15 ng/ml. This was considered by my GP to be perfectly adequate, and she did not recommend supplementation. Ray would consider this to be a serious deficiency, and has stated that somewhere between 50-55 ng/ml is the safe level to...
  18. metabolizm

    Ray's Three Pillars Of Health

    I don't know if this has always been the case, but recently I've noticed that Ray tends to boil down his health advice to the following three pillars: a high ratio of calcium to phosphate adequate vitamin D levels (around 50 ng/ml) correcting thyroid function The suggestion being that if you...
  19. pauljacob

    This Doctor Says Vitamin D Supplements Are Useless

    His name is Dr. Robert Cywes and he's talking about D not as a vitamin but a hormone. His battle cry is this: "Low D is not a disease, it's an observation. Modern healthcare treats observations, not disease processes." @haidut, what is your take on this new voice?
  20. Tristan Loscha

    Shelf Life After Opening Of Prescription Medicines And Supplements With Vitamin D3

    Eur J Hosp Pharm. 2017 Mar; 24(2): 115–119. Published online 2016 May 6. doi: 10.1136/ejhpharm-2016-000895 PMCID: PMC6451478 PMID: 31156916 Shelf life after opening of prescription medicines and supplements with vitamin D3 for paediatric use Žane Temova and Robert Roškar Author information...