vitamin d

  1. G

    Anyone verifiably raise vit D levels transdermally?

    Outside of this forum, very few people online talk about using vitamin D by applying it on the skin, and just going through some posts on here it seems some people tried and failed at it. I was wondering if anyone can confirm by blood test they raised their levels using transdermal application...
  2. haidut

    Vitamins D and E - the Taliban in the COVID-19 war

    Despite the massive censorship all over the Internet, there have been plenty of articles and studies on vitamin D and its role in COVID-19. Several studies reported that at least 9 in 10 of hospitalized patients have severe vitamin D deficiency. In addition, a few small studies demonstrated that...
  3. Mito

    Vitamin D and COVID-19 - Chris Masterjohn AHS 2021

  4. Mauritio

    PTH - the connection of all stress hormones

    "When there is adequate calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium in the diet, PTH is kept to a minimum. When PTH is kept low, cells increase their formation of the uncoupling proteins, that cause mitochondria to use energy at a higher rate, and this is associated with decreased activity of the fatty...
  5. haidut

    Vitamin D, reducing fat oxidation may treat lung fibrosis, COVID-19

    Pulmonary fibrosis, regardless of etiology, is considered invariably a progressive and fatal disease. Despite this official story, behind the scenes several pharma companies are running clinical trials with several anti-fibrotic agents and the results so-far demonstrate that the condition is...
  6. Lejeboca

    Ray Peat Interview July 19, 2021 - One Radio Network

    Don't see it posted yet. Enjoy! Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D - The Dance with Progesterone & Estrogen; Our Health and Well Being Explained - July 19, 2021 | One Radio Network Detailed information on progesterone for both men and women, dosages of vitamin E and D. Answers to lots of good questions.
  7. haidut

    Vitamin D improves ovarian reserves in women with infertility

    Diminished ovarian reserves are one of the major causes of female infertility. It used to be a problem mostly in women over 45 who were trying to get pregnant, however, it has now become a common finding even in 30+ year-old females. Estrogen is known to play a big role, and some studies have...
  8. haidut

    Avoiding sunlight increases colon cancer risk

    Some time ago I posted about avoiding sunlight being as bad for systemic health as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. The study below corroborates that view, but with a focus on colon cancer risk and vitamin D. Namely, avoiding sunlight exposure results in much lower vitamin D, which is...
  9. haidut

    High PTH, low vitamin D implicated in bipolar disorder (BD)

    A great study highlighting once again the importance of calcium, vitamin D and especially the pro-inflammatory parathyroid hormone (PTH) for mental health. While there are many studies (both observational and intervention ones) examining the role of vitamin D in mental health, this is one of the...
  10. haidut

    Vitamin D (topical) safe and effective for removing scars

    A neat human study, which demonstrates that topical treatment with vitamin D may treat even large scars that have been present on the skin for years. Many people have such scars as a result of surgery, trauma, chemical/heat burns, radiation, etc. As the study says, the typical treatment is with...
  11. haidut

    Vitamin D deficiency impairs muscles by lowering energy production

    Perhaps this study below will put some of the arguments against vitamin D supplementation to rest. It demonstrated up to 40% reduction of energy production in the muscles of animals deficient in vitamin D, in spite of unchanged number/size/density of mitochondria inside the cells. In addition...
  12. yerrag

    Is There Something Wrong About How We Get Vitamin D From Sunlight? I Suspect We Do It In a Very Unnatural Way

    At noontime, when the sun's out in full force, where there's not even a shadow as the sun is directly above, I would go out and get my fill of sunshine and the vitamin D benefits of it. This is usually where the UV index is highest, and where I get the most vitamin D produced in the shortest...
  13. T

    Experiences with Jarrow Formulas vitamin D3 2500 IU?

    Hey all, I ordered Jarrow Formulas vitamin D3 2500 IU and I want to know if anyone has experiences with these. Here's the link to the product if it's allowed, if not, mods please delete it...
  14. haidut

    Vitamin D can force cancer cells to differentiate back into normal

    Danny and I already discussed this topic on a recent podcast, but I decided to post the studies anyways, considering how important the topic is. While progesterone and testosterone are the most well-known differentiating factors in humans, the role of vitamin D has gone largely unnoticed. The...
  15. haidut

    Nine out of ten COVID-19 deaths may be due to vitamin D deficiency

    A remarkable claim in this study, but not really surprising to people who have been studying the vitamin D effects on the immune system. While the study was observational, as the authors explain, the correlation between vitamin D insufficiency and COVID-19 mortality was so high that the authors...
  16. RealNeat

    Anti-A people, how do you respond to D?

    I've been researching the relationship of vitamin A and D. Before I give any of my own input I'd like to know how the people who benefit from vitamin A restriction feel on vitamin D supps or intentional sun bathing. Please include your history of pharmaceutical A use if applicable.
  17. T

    VItamin D Megadose accident, what to do

    I thought the bottle dropper was in the vitamin D supplement, but it wasn't, so I dumped about a quarter of the Carlson vitamin D on my belly button by mistake. I reacted immediately, rubbed it off, and took a quick shower with a lot of soap to rub it off fully. I know the vitamin topically...
  18. M

    Vitamin D3 makes me feel cold

    So I've been taking for almost a month vitamins D3 & K2MK4 (in one pill that I smash to dust and add to my milk) and just vitamin D3 (pill, same company as the other). Lately I upped my D3 dose to 8000 IUs and there was a reason for it, but I started feeling cold despite no changes in my diet...
  19. haidut

    Fasting ups estrogen & cortisol, decimates vitamin D, may cause diabetes

    A really interesting study, which will likely generate more than a few hateful emails for my Inbox :): Anyways, as the study demonstrates, fasting achieves these negative effects due to the elevated fatty acids working through PPAR activator PGC-1α, to activate both the estrogen receptor (ER)...
  20. haidut

    Vitamin D prevents cortisol-induced depression and...inflammation

    A great study for a number of reasons. First, it discussed openly that in animal research circles cortisol administration is considered an official and reliable method of causing major depression. As the article states, for some reason human medical circles have been unwilling to accept the...