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  1. T

    Anxiety and NDT Dosage

    Wondering if anyone has been Hypothyroid but unable to increase dosage of meds due to negative side effects? It is almost like I have one one symptom of hyperthyroid and the rest hypo. ugh. I have been on NDT for ~20 years. I had settled in to 2 grains (120mg) for many years but never felt...
  2. Twohandsondeck

    Handling seborrheic dermatitis w/ zinc & thyroid (NDT)

    Pulling the ripcord on this one just a tad early considering the next package of information/ experience/practice I've accrued has come to another stopping point. Here are some recent pictures as things continue to improve daily: ________________________________ I'll attempt to...
  3. FitnessMike

    Can Thyroid Supplementation Lower Already Low Cortisol?

    as above guys, can supplementing with NDT lower already low cortisol?
  4. FitnessMike

    Thyroid Or Adrenals - What First To Address?

    Guys, theoretically, if one are hypothyroid and at the same time have lower than normal cortisol, and as we know they are working together, which one should we address first? can we slowly address both at the same time? Came across dr. rind average daily temperature and hi suggest treating...
  5. FitnessMike

    My Blood Tests Results After 2 Weeks Of NDT

    Hi Guys. Below i paste my blood test results 1.5 months apart. I took NDT only two weeks before i did the second test, for the first week I took one caps 40mg bovine source, and the second week I took 2x40mg caps. It's clear to me that I feel less stressed/more relaxed during the day even...
  6. B

    Headaches, Vertigo And Cognitive Impairment After Starting 1/4 Grain NDT

    I started 1/4 grain of thyroid-s three days ago as I have every symptom of hypothyroidism. My pulse is around 55 BPM, temps don't go above 36.6c, I have regular adrenaline spikes, extremities are always cold etc. I seem to have had quite a strange reaction. Since initiation, I have felt very...
  7. DaveFoster

    Ndt Dosing Frequency

    Ray recommends around 4 mcg T3 per hour. The real question: Does this mean 4mcg x 16 hours = max 64 mcg T3 per day? OR 4 mcg per hour, with no stacked dosages; ie. 8 mcg or 16 mcg T3 upon rising (1-2 grains), and then 4 mcg T3 when temperature drops?
  8. J

    Solaray Thyroid

    At a local store I saw this, it has thyroid support but also says it has bovine "thyroid substance", "thyroxine free". If thyroxine is T4, does that mean that it still has the T3? Google or look at it on Thyroid Caps (60 Capsules) by Solaray at the Vitamin Shoppe. Thanks, John
  9. Daimyo

    T.r. Thyroid (t.man Thyroid) Does Not Contain Lactose

    Hi, there were rumors, that T.R. Thyroid by T.Man Pharma was lactose free. I asked my business partner to call T.Man and asked them directly. They confirmed that T.R. Thyroid is lactose free. I even made a YouTube video about that!
  10. S

    Can NDT Supplementation Raise TSH?

    My inclination is that NDT should reduce TSH levels. I am asking this because after seeing my 2.5 year old twin boys' lab TSH levels I feel a bit puzzled. My boys have been on (half a grain) thyroid for about two months. One of them is autistic and the other has a lot of developmental issues...
  11. T

    Ray Peat- Thyroid supp for lifetime?

    Hey I was wondering if I start taking desiccated thyroid for say 7 months or however long really and come off it it, will my thyroid be suppressed long term? I came across this Ray Peat quote where he seems to say there is no risk in that and it will resume to normal function in 3 days...
  12. A

    How much T4 and T3 is in those Thyroid Glandular supplements?

    I've searched far and wide for an answer to this question. I think I've found the closest I'm going to get. This is a response from the creators of ThyroGold: "In our 300mg [tablet] it has 100mcg of T4, and it has 25mcg of T3 per capsule. Plus the T2, the T1 and the calcitonin." They sell...
  13. Y

    Should NDT have a smell?

    I just started using 15 mg NDT in addition to Levothyroxine. The plan is to progressively increase to 1 grain in 1 month. Should they have any smell? I even cut the caps to smell the powder inside yet no smell.
  14. mayweatherking

    Nature Throid.. Is it the same as WP-throid?

    Anybody know? I saw online that they were identical. I do good with WP-throid, but may need to get something else temperarily. Would nature throid be okay to switch to?
  15. F

    Nutri-meds contains Silica - anything I can do about it?

    Just received Nutri-meds Bovine glandular thyroid in the mail and was really excited to try it, but it contains silica - is there anything I can do about this? Also, I'm not sure how to compare the dosages - how much should I start off taking?
  16. A

    Can someone help me understand this conversion?

    Lita Lee says: "How to replace Synthroid with Nutripak glandular: This is only a ball park conversion factor since I don't think any thyroid glandular is assayed. 0.2 mg (200 mcg) of Synthroid (T4) = 2 grains or 120 mg of Nutripak. Example: client taking 0.75 mg of Synthroid. Amount Nutripak...
  17. A

    Does Armour not work because people aren't chewing it?

    As much as I don't trust the FDA, I can't imagine that Forest Pharmaceuticals is administering a product that simply does not work. There are a lot of complaints found on the website below: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/rx/armour.html The only reason I could come up with is that they aren't...
  18. F

    Recommendations For Thyroid Hormone Brand?

    The Supplement List sticky doesn't have any updated information - the links there all lead to "404 Not Found" or something similar. What are the generally recommended thyroid hormone supplements? Is thyroid hormone something that is generally safe, as well as very helpful?
  19. S

    Nutri-Meds / Nutri-Pak Thyroid

    Does anyone have any experience with those 2 brands? They are a lot easier to get than WP Thyroid / Erfa Thyroid or similar prescription brands since they somehow managed to maneuver around the FDA and are able to sell their products over-the-counter. How do they compare against other brands...
  20. Daimyo

    NDT starting dose for people without thyroid

    Hi, any ideas what would be a good starting dose of Natural Desiccated Thyroid for people who's thyroid was destroyed by doctors? That particular person is taking 300 mcg of synthetic T4?