Tuberculosis Depletes NAD+ (and Niacinamide May Be Able To Treat It)

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    As I was getting this post ready, I saw that haidut beat me to the punch by 3 years or so - but maybe the 2018 article that spurred this will answer @Giraffe 's question ("what's the mechanism?") in that thread

    Pulling from instagram here

    "These implications may also apply to other bacterial and fungal pathogens that utilize NAD+ glycohydrolases, such as S. pyogenes (Chandrasekaran and Caparon, 2015) and the over 300 microorganisms encoding TNT homologs (Danilchanka et al., 2014)" (Pajuelo, D, 2018)

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    the body makes NAD from tryptophan so do we increases tryptophan?