1. UG Krishnamurti


    I've been kind of following this guy, Prof. James Collins since he had some interesting perspective on antibiotics in a recent past. Eight years ago he was speaking about importance of sugar in antibiotic resistant bacteria. He said back than that using mannitol to carry the antibiotic substance...
  2. haidut

    Reductive stress drives pathogenesis and progression of tuberculosis

    I am posting this study b/c it is one of the few I have seen lately demonstrating that even infectious diseases are metabolic in origin. Of course, a pathogen is involved as well, but as it turns out it may not be able to cause an infection by itself. For that to happen, a metabolic dysfunction...
  3. Giraffe

    Will there be an upsurge of tuberculosis in Asia ... and worldwide?

    Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi predicts that the gene therapy covid-injections will spark an upsurge of tuberculosis worldwide. He says that the bacterium is dormant in the bodies of billions in Asia and Africa. Tuberculosis has once been a major killer and it is extremely difficult to treat especially...
  4. ecstatichamster

    Younger People Dying Of Covid19 Have Latent TB

    Immigrants mainly. That’s my belief. Media doesn’t cover this but they have immigrant type names.
  5. haidut

    Aspirin May Treat Tuberculosis By Improving / Restoring Innate Immunity

    Yet another trick that old dog aspirin knows. While it may not actually be potent enough to cure the infection by itself (as the study shows) it potently reduces the infectious burden, which may allow patients to resume normal living habits and survive as if they did not have an infection at...
  6. Koveras

    Tuberculosis Depletes NAD+ (and Niacinamide May Be Able To Treat It)

    As I was getting this post ready, I saw that haidut beat me to the punch by 3 years or so - but maybe the 2018 article that spurred this will answer @Giraffe 's question ("what's the mechanism?") in that thread Niacinamide May Be Able To Treat Both HIV And Tuberculosis Pulling from instagram...
  7. haidut

    Vitamin E Deficiency Increases Risk Of Tuberculosis (TB) Infection

    Most people in modern societies probably do not have much to fear when it comes to TB, as that disease is very rare in the Western world. The reason I am posting this study below is that it demonstrates once again the role of vitamin E in maintaining a healthy immune system. The benefits of...
  8. haidut

    Aspirin May Help Treat Tuberculous Meningitis

    As some people with medical background on this forum know, tuberculous meningitis is the most deadly form of meningitis. Not only does it have a high mortality rate, but the people who do survive often suffer a series of strokes, which leave many disabled for life. The treatment options are very...
  9. haidut

    Niacinamide May Be Able To Treat Both HIV And Tuberculosis

    Apparently, many human trials in the period 1945 - 1960 found it effective for tuberculosis. More recent trials (1990s and on) found it potentially effective for HIV. Effective human dose was 3g - 6g a day, with higher doses more effective for HIV...
  10. M

    Iron Deficiency May Protect Against Malaria, TB And Cancer

    I was just doing a little Googlefu about iron stores since my iron binding capacity is really high, trying to decide if I should supplement or not. I keep thinking I probably should not, especially if I happen to actually be sick. Then I ran across this: Iron deficiency, even mild anemia, may...
  11. charlie

    Diabetes May Be Reversed By Long-Used Vaccine For TB

    Diabetes May Be Reversed by Long-Used Vaccine for TB ... or-tb.html Excerpt from article: Faustman and her colleagues at Massachusetts General in Boston are working to get the vaccine to market. After their early findings in studies with mice, she said...
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