Taurine normalizes blood levels and urinary loss of selenium, chromium, and manganese in rats chroni


Jan 6, 2015

The present study was undertaken to evaluate effects of dietary taurine supplementation on the homeostasis of trace elements, including Se, Cu, Mn and Cr, in rats chronically consuming alcohol. Male SD rats were fed for 8 wk a liquid form of a control diet (CD), an ethanol diet (ED), or a taurine-supplemented ethanol diet (TED). Plasma Se and Mn concentrations were significantly lower in the ED rats than in the CD rats; dietary taurine supplementation corrected alcohol-induced decreases in plasma Se and Mn levels. Chronic alcohol consumption significantly increased urinary excretion of Se (a 53% increase, p < 0.05), Cr (a 62% increase, p < 0.05), Mn (a 45% increase, p < 0.05) and Cu (a 30% increase, p < 0.05) in rats. Urinary losses of these trace elements induced by chronic alcohol consumption in rats were abolished by taurine supplementation. These results suggest that taurine supplementation in rats may protect against Se, Cr and Mn insufficiency caused by chronic alcohol-mediated loss of the trace elements in the urine.


Jul 22, 2012
I think I read that taurine also helps hold on to iron,
is a co-factor, I guess, of iron.
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Jan 6, 2015
and one interesting fact is that rats ability to produce their own taurine is much better than us.


Mar 31, 2014
Europe/SE Asia
When I was taking Super DMZ RX 2.0 (a prohormone, a legal steroid) it made me grow a lot, but it also produce problems with back pain (when) I trained my back. It was very intense - I couldn't finish my training because I got very strong "pump" in my back. I wanted to throw up and ***t at the same time.

I google somewhere, that taking taurine helps with that. And it did indeed! The relief of symptoms was complete. Fortunately the gainz stayed :cool:
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