1. P

    Very Very High Chromium Content Of Cocoa Powder,according To This Study

    Its super high, a few savings of chocolate may deliver more than upper limit of chromium. Not sure,maybe its an error! Upper limit of chromium apparently is 1,000 mcg. According to this study 4grams of cocoa powder contains about 400mcg of chromium. Macro- and Microelemental Composition and...
  2. P

    Relationship Between The Blood Concentration Of Several Metals &Endocrine Disorders Of Aging Males

    Analysis of the relationship between the blood concentration of several metals, macro- and micronutrients and endocrine disorders associated with m... - PubMed - NCBI Abstract Beyond 30 years of age, men experience a decline in the production of testosterone, yet only a few develop late-onset...
  3. raypeatclips

    Combined Chromium And Magnesium Decreases Insulin Resistance More Effectively Than Either Alone

    Can't seem to see what type of magnesium they used, as many forms of magnesium are horribly absorbed. I wonder if magnesium alone would have been good if it was a more absorbable type. Combined chromium and magnesium decreases insulin resistance more effectively than either alone. - Abstract -...
  4. haidut

    Dietary Supplements With Chromium May Be Carcinogenic

    I am pretty sure most people on the forum are familiar with the movie "Erin Borkovich" and the story it tells on the intentional poisoning of a few cities in California with the carcinogenic chromium VI. The official story has always been that chromium III is safe and it has no relation to...
  5. P

    Taurine normalizes blood levels and urinary loss of selenium, chromium, and manganese in rats chroni The present study was undertaken to evaluate effects of dietary taurine supplementation on the homeostasis of trace elements, including Se, Cu, Mn and Cr, in rats chronically consuming alcohol. Male SD rats were fed for 8 wk a liquid form of a control...
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