1. AlphaCog

    Inverse association between intelligence quotient and urinary retinol binding protein in Chinese school-age children with low blood lead levels

    Highlights • Urinary RBP is identified as a new factor associated with children IQ. • Urinary RBP might act as effect biomarker of Mn, Cd and Se exposure. • Low concentration of lead have a negative impact on children’s IQ. Abstract Objectives: Examine the relationship between blood lead...
  2. Mauritio

    Selenium removes mercury in methylmercury-poisoned rats

    This study showed that supplementing selenium to methylmercury-poisoned rats lowered the mercury content in them by about 20-40%. It also restored the microbiome back to that of the control group. So selenium supplementation might be helpful for people wanting to detox mercury (and possibly...
  3. Mauritio

    Selenium provides potent neuroprotection after cerebral ischemia

    "Despite progress in reperfusion therapy, functional recovery remains suboptimal in many stroke patients, with oxidative stress, inflammation, dysbiosis, and secondary neurodegeneration constituting the major hurdles to recovery. The essential trace element selenium is emerging as a promising...
  4. cureme

    Are these doses safe

    My urologist gave me this vitamins along with Tadalafil to treat a sexual dysfunction. I'm only interested in these vitamins. Are these doses safe? I'm very layman Beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A)________5,000 IU___167%* Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)_________60 mg___267%* Racealphatocopherol...
  5. haidut

    Exercise brain-boost may be due simply to increasing brain selenium levels

    Yet another study demonstrating that many of the "mysterious" benefits of exercise most likely have nothing to do with the (insignificant) amount of extra calories burned, but are due to peripheral effects related to metabolism and redox balance. Namely, the study below investigates the...
  6. Jam

    Selenium supplementation inhibits IGF-1 signaling and confers methionine restriction-like healthspan benefits to mice

    Selenium supplementation inhibits IGF-1 signaling and confers methionine restriction-like healthspan benefits to mice Abstract Methionine restriction (MR) dramatically extends the healthspan of several organisms. Methionine-restricted rodents have less age-related pathology and increased...
  7. Recoen

    Elliot Overton- TTFD And GSH

    “Why are some people unable to tolerate the TTFD form of thiamine? Did you know that TTFD temporarily depletes glutathione? In this short series, we will be examining some of the potential reasons why certain individuals experience negative reactions and side effects from TTFD supplementation...
  8. Grapelander

    Ascorbate (Vitmamin C) And Heavy Metal Detoxification By Dr Russell Jaffe

    Ascorbate (Vitmamin C) and Heavy Metal Detoxification by Dr Russell Jaffe One gram of ascorbate will remove 10 micrograms of toxic metal. Most in US are exposed to 20 micrograms heavy metal per day. Ascorbate is synergistic with Magnesium & Zinc. Selenomethionine is able to complex directly with...
  9. P

    Selenium Supplementation Suppresses Serum T3 Levels In Man

    Almost every other studies(all on animals) reported positive connection between selenium intake and t3 levels, but this on on humans is opposite! Dietary selenium intake modulates thyroid hormone and energy metabolism in men. - PubMed - NCBI Abstract Most studies of selenium and thyroid...
  10. P

    Relationship Between The Blood Concentration Of Several Metals &Endocrine Disorders Of Aging Males

    Analysis of the relationship between the blood concentration of several metals, macro- and micronutrients and endocrine disorders associated with m... - PubMed - NCBI Abstract Beyond 30 years of age, men experience a decline in the production of testosterone, yet only a few develop late-onset...
  11. raypeatclips

    Selenium Enriched Mushrooms Protect Against Gut Permeability Ex Vivo And Upregulates Glutathione

    Don't fully understand this study personally, looking forward to any discussion about it. Selenium-Enriched Agaricus bisporus Mushroom Protects against Increase in Gut Permeability ex vivo and Up-Regulates Glutathione Peroxidase 1 and 2 in Hyperthermally-Induced Oxidative Stress in Rats...
  12. Luann

    Cautionary Tale / Eat Selenium

    Or don't poop for days. Just a little bit will do; 1 can of tuna, 70% RDA, fixed me.
  13. Amazoniac

    Magnesium Deficiency, A Brief Review

    Beliebers, This review was written in a weird manner because I guess the guy had more freedom than what we would expect from a researcher in a published review. Nevertheless, I’m sharing because it has some interesting points that can direct people here to look for those subjects in more depth...
  14. milk_lover

    Selenium Supplementation Increases Insulin Sensitivity -- New (2016) Study Reveals

    I remember seeing from the forum that Ray Peat thinks the amount of selenium in commercial farmed seafood is low and it would be wise to supplement it in the diet. In one of his articles, he mentioned selenium along with other nutrients (K2, thiamine, niacinamide etc.,) to be good for...
  15. haidut

    A Selenium Compound May Treat Bipolar Disorder

    Back in the 1960s and 1970s there was a great interest in using selenium as a treatment for a number of inflammatory conditions, as well as damage caused by stroke and heart attacks. However, that enthusiasm was quickly dampened when the studies discovered that using high doses of selenium had...
  16. sonicyouth

    Selenium Supplement

    Hi I am sure it has been posted somewhere, but can't seem to find a recommendation on a selenium supplement. Toxinless also does not have any. Was using Super Selenium Complex (the smell!) but is there anything better out there? Much appreciated:)
  17. Entropy

    Enhancement of Mammary Tumorigenesis by Dietary Selenium Deficiency in Rats with a High Polyunsatura

    Enhancement of Mammary Tumorigenesis by Dietary Selenium Deficiency in Rats with a High Polyunsaturated Fat Intake "Four basal diets deficient in selenium were used: (a) 1% corn oil; (b) 5% corn oil; (c) 25% corn oil; and (d) a high...
  18. johnwester130

    Selenium Can Be Used Instead Of Coq10 ?

    I know curezone is a joke but this was interesting "There are many reasons. First, CoQ10 is produced in the body from selenium. Second, selenium is relatively inexpensive and CoQ10 is one of the more expensive products on the market. Plus the...
  19. P

    Taurine normalizes blood levels and urinary loss of selenium, chromium, and manganese in rats chroni The present study was undertaken to evaluate effects of dietary taurine supplementation on the homeostasis of trace elements, including Se, Cu, Mn and Cr, in rats chronically consuming alcohol. Male SD rats were fed for 8 wk a liquid form of a control...
  20. haidut

    Selenium may protect from EMR

    The study was in vitro, but I think it still has some merit. Once again EMR appears to act primarily through suppressing metabolism. The only caveat is that selenium supplementation seems to generate toxicities for some people when administered chronically UNLESS vitamin E is also taken. When...
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