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Struggle for healing: puzzles, mazes, limitations of science


Nov 25, 2012
Philosophical sketches on the struggle for healing

One of my budding philosophical musings... hasn't yet reached maturity, but I think I'm onto something.

One of the greatest contributions of Ray Peat to one struggling for improvement is not necessarily his prescription, but his way of prescribing.

Of most value in the sometimes desperate struggle for regeneration is the example of a person... not that one must do what they do, but rather one must see the way they do it, the vigor of it, the intensity of the person, the all-out effort....

See the way Gavrilov plays Bach concerto in D minor:
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHlrAZjtgHo[/youtube] (4:40-50 great vigor and spirit)

Gavrilov is also one great success story having fallen ill (after being terrorized by soviets and then taunted by British) and now having stunning recovery in his old age

The way Ray Peat thinks is seen in his articles... but to merely do as he says produces only another Guru - Sanyasin(is that the right word) relationship that will eventually need to be broken for that individual to fully "live".
Same as a university student cannot try to imitate hand motions of Gavrilov-- the internal workings --- the spirit is what is needed, not the imitation hand movement (not imitating the eating-- but from the spirit the eating might come to look similar--- so the authentic reproduction comes out of the spirit not out of imitating the form --- the form comes to be as a result of the related spirit--- spirit of vigor, or love, of strength, of courage).
Is this what is behind the structured or living water the Ling and Peat have touched on?

But a more specific problem:

The rational approach has its limitations---
Or maybe I should just say it bluntly: the scientific studies are a tool for deception, trapping the minds of the less shrewd.
for example: I can produce a study that creates a relatively negative environment for an organism and cause that organism to become "sick".
Then I can provide (x), (y), or (z) sets of alternate circumstances---- looking for remedies.

I then provide evidence and "scientific" results showing that
x is a remedy
y is a better remedy
z is by far the best remedy.

But can we understand, I have merely created a stumbling block for all who become entrapped by my studies...

How is that?
Our situation is such that if I preoccupy someone's thoughts with a particular group of possibilities I very powerfully prevent them from seeing (or thinking about) an infinite number of other possibilities. So what I proposed and "proved" was the "by far the best remedy" (z) now grabs the greatest part of the market share (just to remind us all of the crass system that rules us).
Of course, if I were a Darwinist, I could use this trick... thereby preventing a large number of seekers to possibly lose their lives by being preoccupied with my remedies.

The money can start rolling in. And more importantly, the minds of many people have suddenly been captivated and imprisoned by my studies/research.

Where is the better truth? It has now been denied to the great mass of struggling victims. How? Because in the vast world of abstractions, my proven best (z) is really very poor and maybe even atrocious in comparison to the infinite possibilities that I didn't highlight, and that I effectively blotted out by my studies. (Really it's the eye of the beholder that is suddenly blinded by the light of my studies.)

So what this leads me to think is that each one of us begins our journey with a kind of puzzle or maze that we are trapped in ... or maybe like a kind of reverse "suspension of disbelief" where we rather have so many false beliefs (obviously something we thought or did before getting sick was not adequate in some way, or we wouldn't have gotten sick), which need to be suspended or overcome in order to find a real way out of our health problems. Of course, we will not believe knowingly in something that is false... that is why all the remedies (traps) consist of "truths" that don't reveal the whole truth.

Therefore , as we test our corrupted intuition(s) by way of reason and the search for knowledge and truth we should seek for a purification of those intuition(s).
Then with our purified intuition we can rise above affectionate treatments and find the real loving ways that can produce undeniable beneficial changes in our bodies.
AND FURTHERMORE: reality is our ultimate teacher. The mirror, the self examination, the internal feelings... with these we patiently test our beliefs and our practices (but we do it in a hurry... a special kind of patience that doesn't wait too long, just long enough to be thorough and not have to try it again.)

The trail (or trial) of believing and disbelieving, of patience steadfastness and just-in-time abandonment, grows in the wake of our journey.... and as they pile up and momentum grows the internal wheels of the human-being start spinning again and if we make it, we regain our life and livelihood --- a second or third life -- on to other things before we correctly ( :lol: ) finalize our lives.

(Jestli Pánbůh pomáhá.)

Czech proverb:
(Easier for world war II survivors to understand)
Zpívej, co umíš; dělej co můžeš; a jez, co máš.
sing what you know how to, do what you can, and eat what you have.


The Law & Order Admin
Jan 4, 2012
Re: Struggle for healing: puzzles, mazes, limitations of sci

I was reading that and keep hearing in my head, "returning home".


Mar 17, 2013
Re: Struggle for healing: puzzles, mazes, limitations of sci

Enjoyed the music and emailed it to my son who loves playing classical music on the piano.

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