Diabetic Lab Pit Mix Has Glucose Ketosis

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    Sep 23, 2017
    Hello there, will you help my parents figure out what to do about their dog? Two weeks ago we took her to the vet after discovering it was her who was peeing on the floors and beds. It was a sticky substance after drying. Took her to the vet where she had urine testing and bloodwork. They diagnosed her as a hypothyroid diabetic with a uti as well. So they gave us antibiotics, vitamins, diabetic dog food, and thyroid pills. A week later she starts throwing up one morning and does all day until there's nothing left to throw up. We take her to the vet and they take bloodwork...didn't diagnose anything specific except for glucose ketosis since her glucose levels were at 500 (200 is normal they told us). We left her at the vet for two days worth of iv fluid. Brought her home this morning because though her sugar was down to 250, she started retaining water (particularly in pancreas and belly). They wanted to keep her for another day but weren't optimistic that they'd help her. They let us take her home but kept the needle for iv fluid in leg so they wouldn't have to put it in again when we brought her back to be euthanized. This dog has had antibiotics about 3 times in the past few years and is on different pills for fleas, ticks, heartworm, etc. What should we do? She's barely moved all morning, walks we weakness and shake legs,...belly so bloated she lays we legs extended backwards.