Mar 18, 2013
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The study was done with cancer but it probably applies to other conditions involving tissue wasting. Inability to burn sugar is what caused fat and muscle tissue to waste. This also matches Ray's views on why restricting glucose in cancer patients is pointless - i.e. the body will accelerate the rate at which it breaks down tissue in order to feed the tumor.

https://www.sciencenews.org/article/why ... waste-away

"...Fat and other tissues all over the body wither in people with cancer, but the reason for the wasting, also called cachexia, was not understood. Cancer cells secrete a protein called IMPL2, researchers from Harvard Medical School and the University of California, Berkeley independently report in the April 6 Developmental Cell. Both teams came to the conclusion that the protein is responsible for wasting after giving fruit flies cancer. IMPL2 prevents healthy cells from responding to insulin, a hormone that stimulates cells to import sugar and burn it for energy. When levels of IMPL2 rise, fat, muscle and other tissues can no longer consume sugar and begin to waste away. Lowering IMPL2 levels reduces the amount of wasting, both groups found."


Oct 6, 2012
Thanks for the article haidut. Pretty images. I have been thinking some time now on how do we differentiate between healthy/beneficial weight loss and cachexia. I thought I would be happy to finally loose weight after piling it on. This was before I read Peat's work. After introducing more carbohydrates/fruit/sugar/coke, I have slowly lost the weight. I still have more to lose but have been reluctant (maybe lazy) to exercise for fear of raising my cortisol levels but think maybe I should, to prevent the saggy skin which looks worse. I don't feel comfortable in feeling soft and pudgy. I have not experienced this before as my body has always felt solid whether I was skinny or fat but now it kind of frightens me thinking that the weight loss could be from something else and that perhaps it's not healthy. I have heard many stories of people even very young people being left with excess skin after weight loss. Anyone have experience or insight into this?
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