Available EBooks Directly From Ray Peat


Aug 18, 2013
So I thought this might be helpful for anyone wanting to read Ray's books on a Kindle (Paperwhite or otherwise) and have the money go to Ray Peat :). Here is a list of available eBooks, sizes and prices:

Books by Raymond Peat, PhD Five Titles Available Digitally – PDF Format

1. Mind and Tissue: Russian Research Perspectives on the Human Brain 2,112 KB $5
2. Nutrition for Women 1,638 KB $5
3. Generative Energy: Restoring the Wholeness of Life 1,392 KB $5
4. Progesterone in Orthomolecular Medicine 727 KB $4
5. From PMS to Menopause: Female Hormones in Context 1,795 KB $6
If you have a PayPal account you can send payment to: raypeatsnewsletter@gmail.com and note which book(s) you want. After they receive the payment, they’ll email the copy to you. If you don’t have an account with PayPal they’ll send a link.

Yes, the books are available for free from places like the Internet Archive, but this way RP reaps the benefits for his work.

Then follow the directions here: How to convert a PDF file for your Kindle to convert to a document that allows you change the font, etc. on your Kindle to read more easily. Works like a charm!
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