1. A

    Hypothyroid Weight Gain - Is there no hope?

    Recently watched this video of retired Brazilian football star Ronaldo Nazario. He retired from professional football in 2011 due to hypothyroidism. My physical frame looks the exact same as his, bloated face, stomach, big waist. Was wandering if there is no hope for people with this condition...
  2. R

    Adrenaline dominance, hypothyroid, adrenal exhaustion, SIBO 27 - house bound please help

    Hello, I am still struggling in regards to my previous posts. For some background I have discovered I have adrenaline dominance, very poor adrenal function, and cellular hypothyroidism. I am taking supplements according to a recent HTMA I have had done. My diet consists mainly of 6 vegetables...
  3. youngsinatra

    Excess Vitamin A Tanks Thyroid Function

    There are very interesting studies on the relationship between vitamin A and thyroid function. This study fascinates me the most: https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007/s00394-022-02945-5.pdf I plan on posting more studies on vitamin A & thyroid function here. (I know the HED is...
  4. CuriousOne

    Hypothyroidism: Why are some FAT and some SKINNY?

    In hypothyroidism, a person is under chronic stress and in a catabolic state, so the body "POWERS DOWN" the thyroid system in order to slow the metabolic rate, and prevent the body from eating itself to death. Despite this, some hypothyroid people become fat, and others become skinny. Why is...
  5. R

    House bound at 26, F, desperate for help - hypo, adrenal insufficency, can't tolerate thyroid. mineral imbalance

    Hello. I'm 26 years old female, I moved country to be with my partner and I am completely dependent on him now after years of chronic stress living with a toxic family, moldy house, and the copper iud/hypermobility problems. I do have a history of childhood vaccines though, removed tonsills, not...
  6. Mr Joe

    Confusion about NDT and T4

    Broda Barnes cured several diseases by using "grains" so I suppose he was using NDT. I don't remember him focusing on T3 only. In the protocol to heal hypothyroidism, thyroid might be needed for years in some cases. My question is : How come Broda Barnes never really cared about rt3 ? Why some...
  7. Hans

    How hypothyroidism affects testosterone, LH, DHT, etc. - hypothyroid steroid panel

  8. haidut

    Hypothyroidism, deficiency of calcium, vitamin D/B12 may cause hair graying

    Yet another study/article that reports a link between bioenergetics and hair color. Premature graying has been one of the fastest-growing "epidemics" over the last 20 years in developed countries. While a connection with stress has been suggested by numerous studies, mainstream medicine has...
  9. A

    Subclinical hypothyroidism dosage

    My TSH is elevated (from 4.4-6.6, reference: 0.4-4), while free T4 and T3 is normal. What dosage of T4 should I use? And should I include T3?
  10. haidut

    The "burning mouth" syndrome may be due to vitamin deficiencies, hypothyroidism

    Just a quick post since I get a lot of emails about this issue, and apparently the rates have increased a lot since the pandemic began. According to the study below, this symptoms can be caused by insulin resistance, vitamin D/B6/B1 or zinc deficiencies, or hypothyroidism (high TSH). Looking at...
  11. G

    Anyone have a pdf copy of Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness by Broda Barnes?

    This seems to be a well-read book by Ray and his students. There is an online copy available for loan on archive.org but it is often unavailable...
  12. V


    Hi- From what I’ve read on here I’m in need of B1. I’m looking for suggestions for a good thiamine B1. I have hypothyroidism, pituitary growth (99) and thalassemia minor. Started HRT 3 weeks ago. Currently on Cabergoline & Armor. Started Dr. Peat protocols 2 weeks ago. Can’t get my temperature...
  13. G

    Positive experiences with T4:T3 ratios greater than 4:1?

    I’m interested in finding positive experience of using thyroid medications in ratios greater than 4:1 T4:T3. Please share usage pattern too.
  14. FitnessMike

    This is what happened to my thyroid hormones after 3 weeks of coffee

    Top results are before started coffee, bottom one after after 3 weeks of using coffee. Levels from top picc were high from supplementation from months ago, but because of my high rt3 my body wasnt able to utilise them and they kept high for a long time. Im assuming that coffee better my liver...
  15. Sefton10

    Help interpreting mother’s blood work

    For context, she has just turned 70 and has had severe rheumatoid arthritis for 30 years. Recently she has been feeling like she has less and less energy, constantly tired and dizzy spells. Finally she is open to exploring the impact of metabolism/bioenergetics so I got her Kate Deering’s book...
  16. G

    Unstable morning temps/ candida / diet

    Hello! I've come seeking help on stabilizing my morning temperature and any other insight. I am 29, female, 140 lbs, 5 ft 7 in. I have been dealing with yeast infections since 2013 and for years cut back on dessert, then fruit then carbs. I have tried many "candida diets" and protocols with...
  17. U

    Is TSH supposed to be higher or lower during pregnancy?

    I have heard according to Peat that tsh should be less than 1. Tsh was 2.3 at 13 weeks pregnant and was 1.8 while not pregnant.
  18. A

    Yet another "Is it hypothyroidism?" thread

    Hi everyone, im quite new to this forum, but already found a some great knowledge here. Althought im not convinced to go full peaty-style, i think i can use some of this wisdom to better my life. To the point. I recently did a hormone blood tests and found out that i have high prolactin (could...
  19. FitnessMike

    How often does thyroid receptor resistance happened in people that dont tolerate thyroid?

    5. Receptor resistance. Being hypothyroid for some considerable time may mean the biochemical mechanisms which permit the binding of T3 to the receptors is downgraded; the T3 just wont go in. With slow build up of T3, with full adrenal support and adequate vitamins and minerals, the receptors...
  20. T

    Join me on my health journey :)

    Hi guys, I am relatively new to this forum. It's been about 2 months since I have adopted a BioEnergetic approach to my diet and lifestyle and I can honestly say it's the best thing I've done for my health in a long time. I am so happy I found this community and hope to collaborate with many of...
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