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  1. Charger

    "DHT is a Trash Hormone" | Kevin Mann addresses Hans & Men-Elite

    Mann made two videos on the negatives and 'unimportance' of DHT as a hormone, in the second, he mostly focuses on Hans and his site Never thought I'd see @Hans mentioned in a Kevin Mann video, but figured I'd post this and see if he has anything to say about it. Personally...
  2. E

    A Completely New View On Hairloss Genetics, Structure And Hormones

    hey everyone l am new to this forum and would love to share my hypothesis on what l believe to cause hair loss sorry if my english is not the best or if this gets long winded, l am 27 and noticed that l was losing my hair at about 22 really fast I was eating terribly at the time but once I...
  3. Hans

    The Truth On DHT: What The Research Shows

    Hi all, There is a common misconception that DHT causes prostate cancer, hair loss and what else not. I've been sifting through the research on what the effects of high DHT actually is and what happens if men take large doses of DHT for long periods of time. Here are my findings: The truth on...
  4. Hans

    The Gut-Hair Loss Connection: Fix The Gut To Stop Hair Loss

    Hi all, The gut is truly involved with just about everything in the body, however, few actually know that their gut health is contributing to their hair health. So many people might experience gut issues, but seldom connect it to their hair loss. I have written an article to shed some light on...
  5. C

    Shampoo Alternative

    I read some threads on the subject, but nothing quite as conclusive. What alternatives to shampoo do you use? Do you think a coconut soap / organic olive oil would be a good alternative (especially to prevent hair loss)? Lately I have been using baby shampoo and rinsing with vinegar and salt.
  6. R

    Lost And Need HELP! 24 Y/o Dry, Thinning, Grey Hair. Help Please, Do I Need A Hormone And Mineral

    Hi all, Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe, Really hoping you can help as I am feeling completely lost right now. I am a 24 year old male, fairly active and I am experiencing the below issues: - Thinning hair, not receding one bit... More horseshoe shaped thinning. - My hair feels...
  7. D

    Blood Test Results Before And After Slowing Hair Loss

    I want to start by saying thank you to everyone on this forum for their contributions. I have learnt so much over the 8 months I have been browsing here. Below I will link my recent blood test results and a comparison to the same tests from October last year. I requested for all of the same...
  8. D

    Yep, Another Hair Shedder

    Guys im shedding hair like crazy, never expected it to take such a damn toll on my confidence ! Lost maybe 70% of my hair, losing colour and it’s very thin and I’m 24. Receding hairline would be fine but to lose hair all over for 3years like this is shitty! have been raising my cholesterol...
  9. wealthofwisdom

    Getting Started With Female Hair Loss

    Hi Everybody. This is my 2nd post. I'm posting this in the "hair loss" thread rather than the "female issues" thread, since I want input from everybody (and I think both male and female hair loss should be discussed in the main hair loss thread). My main "issues" are energy/mood/adrenal fatigue...
  10. haidut

    Estrogen, Not Androgens, May Be The Cause Of Baldness

    A quick post about a study calling into question yet another dogma in medicine - i.e. that the "evil" androgens (especially DHT) are the causes of men losing their hair and getting prostate cancer. So, the "solution" modern medicine proposes is "chemical castration" with drugs like finasteride...
  11. E

    Bald Guy Regrows Hair With Birth Control Pills

    This guy is famous on hair loss forums. Long post, pics included Recently he shared his hair regrowth story using birth control pills. In a nutshell he uses Diane-35 which contains ethinyl-estradiol and...
  12. md_a


    I think excess cortisol-aldosterone- mineralocorticoid activation trough angiotensin system are main players in balding by cytokine activation and progressing to fibrosis. Focusing on TGF-β₁, which shuts off the anagen phase of the hair cycle, and 11β-HSD₁ expression should fix to the problem...
  13. GorillaHead

    Some SOLID Bro Science On Balding

    Among the raypeat community and in line with Danny Roddys theory on hair-loss. Balding is essentially fibrosis. We know from biopsies that balding scalp has perifollicular fibrosis. › pubmedPerifollicular fibrosis: pathogenetic role in androgenetic ... - NCBI Essentially...
  14. J

    What Explains Extreme Body Hair/beard But MPB?

    I've seen this a lot in middle eastern cultures where the body hair is like a thick fur coat and the thickest facial hair possible... but serious mpb on the top. What explains this form of hair loss where hair is thriving in higher than average amounts everywhere except the top of the head?
  15. P

    Homeless Guys Have Tons Of Hair

    in NYC there a lot of homeless and regardless of age or race they have a ton of hair compared to the mpb you see regularly. they clearly aren't getting the proper micronutrients plus may be on drugs. Could shampoo be such a major endocrine disrupter that it causes such major hair loss? You...
  16. J

    Thoughts On My Hair Loss Regimen?

    Greetings guys this is my first post on here. I'm a 27 year old Black guy. I'm about a NW1.5 but I'm usually able to style my hair to where it looks like I have no hair loss at all. All the guys on my mom's side of the family are NW0's, they all have great hair. On my dad's side of the family it...
  17. S

    What Evidence Shows Estrogen To Be A Cause Of Hair Loss?

    Is there any convincing evidence?
  18. xetawaves


    I've noticed that most people suffering hair loss also have flaky, inflamed scalps. Their foreheads are also very oily. I've also noticed that on days that my scalp is flakier and face is oilier than others is when I shed more hair. There's clearly a connection. I've been sitting on a theory the...
  19. C

    The Cause Of Baldness

    Hey everyone, I have been working to figure out the cause of baldness. I think it is a systemic issue. @haidut and @Travis posts have helped me immensely as well as Danny Roddy's work. Here is an email I sent to Danny this morning. It is a fluid hypothesis. Let me know what you think. Hey...
  20. E

    IGF1 : IGFBP3 Ratio As A Predictor Of Male Vertex Balding

    Vertex balding, plasma insulin-like growth factor 1, and insulin-like growth factor binding protein 3. - PubMed - NCBI Useful things to take from this + additional informations : Milk contains IGF-1 but no IGFBP3, thus increasing the ratio of IGF1:IGFBP3 that is predictor of vertex balding...