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  1. D

    How can Pregnenolone cause Hair loss?

    Ive seen several people in this forum saying that pregnenolone causes them to lose hair. Charlie says so as well. Shouldn't increased metabolism reduce or even reverse hair loss? And shouldn't pregnenolone fix the hormone imbalance many claim is the cause of hair loss? I don't understand this.
  2. Mossy

    Niostem wearable (helmet): "bioelectrical stimulation" for hair regrowth

    Niostem is a wearable (helmet) that uses "bioelectrical stimulation" to stop hair loss and regrow hair. As someone who has been researching men's hair loss for quite some time, the maker of this device makes some significant claims. I'd say the boldest yet. In the best case scenario, for...
  3. M

    Does DHEA or Pregnenolone cause hairloss?

    Is there correlation between hair loss while taking these two together? i am taking thyroid but usually that would help the situation. Maybe because it’s fairly new to my body (3 months) Hair is dry. Falls out whenever i touch it or run my fingers through. BUT its weird my hair...
  4. Insaneacinamide

    Top Bodybuilding Coach Chad Nicholls Recommends Using Finasteride When Starting Bodybuilding/Hormones To Slow Hair Loss From DHT

    For those who do not know who Chad Nicholls is. He is one of the top bodybuilding coaches ever. Been coaching people on hormones, nutrition, supplements, weight lifting for over 3 decades. Has coached people like Ronnie Coleman, Big Ramy, Flex Wheeler, Paul Dillett, Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls...
  5. Mauritio

    How prolactin causes hair loss

    The hair seems to be a target AND source of prolactin, this is what the researchers found in this study. They also showed that increasing prolactin in the hair follicle basically kills the hair follicle by removing it from the blood supply (a.k.a catagen phase). In my opinion prolactin is a...
  6. M

    Stopping HCG abruptly

    28 male My test levels were originally around 720-750. Since HCG my test jumped to 1150 ( I dont want it this high) see screenshot of lab results showing increased dhea and test Levels after supplementation I have been on HCG mono-therapy for about 6 weeks 6-7 weeks. 2,000 iu per week. Which...
  7. M

    Advanced Hair Growth Stack

    I was hoping to start a hair growth discussion thread with anyone who has encountered sudden hair shed, hair thinning & hair receding. Either it being hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, genetics or stress Has anyone recovered from a bad hair loss year & how did you recover? Im...
  8. Apple

    Rob Lowe has Taken Finasteride for 30 Years. (zero Norwood, glowing skin, beard)

    Actor Rob Lowe is 59 years old, and claims that at the first sign of hair loss 30 years ago, he started taking a hair loss drug. Per the quote below, he took it intravenously via his veins! I assume he means finasteride injections. Mr. Lowe insulted Prince Williams’ hair loss. "Honestly, one...
  9. C

    Why Would A Man Lose All Visible Underarm Hair?

    Even teenage girls have pigmented underarm hair so I'm not sure how this happens to a male. I had also lost all visible forearm hair even though I had normal brown forearm hair prior to puberty then no longer visible after about 20 years (just fine unpigmented vellus hair). Unfortunately the...
  10. Xemnoraq

    Petition For Idealabs Hair Loss Product

    Ok guys, im gonna keep it nice and short, i doubt this will go anywhere, but who knows, If anyone can crack the code to hair loss i feel like it's Georgi, All other hairloss treatment methods basically only half work with severe side effects that end up basically castrating you, So i...
  11. LLight

    Colloidal silver for hair loss

    Has anyone ever tried topical colloidal silver for his/her hair loss? If this is the case, did it give interesting results? I might try and first see if it can reduce itchiness I have. Some resources:
  12. V

    Has anyone managed to increase their hair density/thickness significantly?

    Has anyone managed to significantly thicken their hair without the use of medication? I don't want to sound rude, but I'm not just looking for some advice from people who haven't gotten it yet, I just want to know if anyone has actually gotten it and how they did it. Massages, some daily habit...
  13. DeadCatBounce

    What went wrong ? 65 days of continuous hairloss after Progesterone (men), need help

    After reading a bit about progesterone and its ability to remove Estrogen from the cells as well as help with hair/skin and make ones look younger overall, decided to try out and experiment (worst experiment I've ever done so far in my life and I highly regret it). Took 100mgs orally for 4 days...
  14. DeadCatBounce

    Need help - Progesterone caused hair loss process to begin ? One tiny dose of DHEA (2mg) made it a lot worse ?

    Need help as I am a bit confused here and don't know what to do. I am a 35yo male, been with full head of hair my whole life and super healthy, never issues whatsoever. My thyroid is working properly, TSH is below 1 and all hormones in range with lowish E. About a month ago I decided to try...
  15. P

    Any gut-based theories of hair loss (and potential hair regrowth)?

    Origin Story: I started experiencing male pattern baldness around the same time I started having IBS-C type digestion issues ~10 years ago. At the time I was taking an SSRI and it worked well. However, when I started drinking coffee (usually on an empty stomach) while taking it, the SSRI lost...
  16. mantq

    Do aromatase inhibitors cause hair loss?

    Do aromatase inhibitors cause hair loss?
  17. JamesGatz

    A new theory on hair loss - why Hair is never truly dead and bald men can regrow their hair back naturally

    It is first worth noting the following: Humans are the only species that experience "Male Pattern Baldness" - there is not any other animal species (let alone mammalian species) that has the males of that species experience rampant hair loss: It makes absolutely no sense why males of a...
  18. haidut

    Oral vitamin D3 may treat steroid-driven hair loss

    A very interesting study, which demonstrates that a relatively low (5,000 IU) oral daily dose of vitamin D3 for 6 months, may be able to treat gender-specific (driven by steroids) hair loss. Now, the study participants were all female, with female-pattern hair loss (FPHL), however the findings...
  19. BigShoes

    Question: does natural progesterone use in males suppress gonadal (testicular) and / or adrenal production? (Plus, yet another hair loss thread)

    Introduction / Background: 30 Y.O. Male - I am experimenting with the topical application of vitamin K2 and natural progesterone on the neck / temples (carotid artery), in an attempt to halt and reverse some minor (yet very distressing) hair loss. Applications: (1) Vitamin K2 MK-4...
  20. M

    Hypocholesterolemia, low body temps, and hair loss - 33yo - input and log for 2022

    Hello all. Looking to start off 2022 on the right foot and try to systematically tackle some health issues while including a log. I have been on these boards for some time now, and I think there is a lot of useful info and helpful people here. I struggle with making sense of certain things, and...