1. cs3000

    Former CDC director Robert Redfield in congress - Covid was bioengineered

    View: 2 hours 19 mins - covid has bioengineered traits "unfortunately i was excluded from those conversations. I had actually asked tedros & fauci to have these conversations. and to be excluded i found.. unusual" 1 hour 22 mins - "i...
  2. Drareg

    Catastrophic Contagion exercise bill gates

    Gates has set up another pandemic exercise, this time it targets kids. They are full steam ahead to get total control on this planet. Remember “Event 201”, a preparedness exercise featuring a coronavirus pandemic, conducted in...
  3. Drareg

    Coronagate Documentary

    I found this documentary to be very interesting, it touches on some people around the coronavirus we haven't heard much off in the usual conspiracy circles, its worth viewing, as usual it could be another information decoy, the tidbits in here a very interesting though. I felt the other...
  4. Drareg

    Jeffrey Epstein and Noam Chomsky

    Chomsky who has been pro authoritarian covid narratives like starving people etc has been pictured with Jeffrey epsteins butler in Paris outside Jeffreys home, Chomsky was also connected to John brockmans edge fund, it seems brockmans edge funs is turning out to be an Epstein run paedo club...
  5. Drareg

    Feds Jerome Powell personal trading during blackout

    If you thought the central bankers couldn't be more corrupt..... Once again the MSM wont cover it, its hilarious, this system is the axiom of everyones life, everyone is struggling for money outside the ruling class and their managers, its incredible that most people don't get it, it shows you...
  6. Riesensackteil

    Structural analysis of sequence data in virology: An elementary approach using SARS-CoV-2 as an example

    Discussion and outlook "We examined published sequence data (BioProject accession number PRJNA603194 in the NCBI Sequence Read Archive (SRA) database) on the genome sequence for SARS-CoV-2 (GenBank: MN908947.3) using a simple bioinformatics approach. The methods we used are not specific to...
  7. Drareg

    RFK and Jeffrey Epstein links

    It seems clear that RFK has links to Epstein and Maxwell, its easy to claim the media are framing him, its possible but its clear he has links around this crew, his brother was in a relationship with Maxwell. I know this doesn't implicate them fully, the reason I'm starting this thread is to...
  8. Drareg

    The world’s major stock market indices display a strikingly suspicious pattern of overnight and intraday returns.

    Check this out, the guy who done this research seems qualified so to speak, somebody posted about it on Reddit, I’m posting directly to the guys website. This is nuts if correct, it’s blatant fraud. The overnight market where retail traders are excluded for the most part make the biggest...
  9. K

    Unvaccinated Quebecers will have to pay a 'health contribution,' Legault says

    Scary stuff going down here in Canada:
  10. Drareg

    2019 Bank Bailout

    A good article highlighting the fed bailing out wall street in 2019 before covid started, once the WHO declared a pandemic they ramped up the bailout and framed it as covid stimulus. This is the reason for covid lockdowns and hysteria in general, on top of this they amplified George Floyd to...
  11. Drareg

    Israel and the coming cyber attack on banks

    @Mauritio first posted this link in another thread, let’s start a thread here because it looks like this is how they will justify another market collapse and bailout, possibly a new financial system with CBDC’s , I bet the the 300 trillion in debt will effected by the hack attack also, as in not...
  12. Drareg

    Ghislaine Maxwell Reddit account

    Ghislaine Maxwell seems to have been a daily user of Reddit for 14 years until she was arrested, she was obsessively posting about legalizing paedophilia, consider what is happening today with wokism and how it’s framed by the philosophy of michael Focault who wrote extensively about why sex...
  13. Drareg

    Botswana Covid variant New

    The covid cult are buzzing today with the announcement of the Botswana covid variant, the ruling class are not happy African people seem to have not succumbed to covid 19 so a scare like this is needed to justify vaccines, they probably didn’t intubate people in African nations as much as the...
  14. Drareg

    Must be vaccinated before Euthanasia

    This is happening in Germany, hilarity. In a subtle way they are glamorizing euthanasia here, creating the must be vaccinated superior othering effect, the vaccinated class, it’s honorable to euthanize yourself, it’s upper class, it’s clean and helps the planet via depopulation. Just stay at...
  15. miquelangeles

    They are coming after every possible treatment for C19

    We know that Ray talked favorably about sartans for C19 since March 2020, and there were several clinical trials with losartan.
  16. Drareg

    COVID vaccines now causing AIDS(no joke)

    This is an interesting data set highlighting the gradual worsening of the immune system after covid vaccines, I will paste it all below because this site may get taken down, it’s becoming a good source of information on covid. We know already about the continued fraudulent use of PCR tests, the...
  17. Drareg

    COVID causes infertility but vaccines don’t

    This headline is a prime example of Hegelian dialectics at work. They now claim covid may cause infertility but the vaccines don’t, what this tells us they know vaccines are causing infertility and they need to blame covid. Peat spotted the potential fertility issue early on from covid19, good...
  18. Drareg

    MRNA-Based Covid-19 Vaccines: Possible Integration into the Human Genome

    Peat has spoken about this in the past. Lets hope the effectiveness is poor, they may have created the delta variant as cover for these vaccines not working, who knows, at this stage it’s plausible they are culling the human herd...
  19. Drareg

    Elizabeth Holmes Theranos and COVID test,track and trace

    For those of you who don’t know who she is here‘s a summary from wikipedia, as usual it’s highly edited- Theranos - Wikipedia It turns out Theranos have a very interesting patent, very specific also- "The present invention provides an integrated health care surveillance and monitoring system...
  20. Drareg

    Australia COVID Lockdowns are cover for China Market crash?

    We have suspected on here covid19 was used as cover to bail banks and big industry out, we seen the issues in the REPO market in September 2019 which was basically a bailout, when the lockdowns were announced the market crashed, controlled demolition of sorts and another wealth transfer in the...
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