activated charcoal

  1. J

    Granular activated charcoal

    Where can I buy this where it is marketed for human consumption? I asked a company that sells food grade for fish tanks but they said it would be an irritant to intestines since they are chunks of AC. Is this true? I took powder form for 2 days but I was still pooping black grey stool after 2...
  2. J

    Activated charcoal, Zeolite, Bentonite binders

    Just realized a whole lot of my issues come from Mast Cell activation and endotoxins. Ive been doing the carrots but I think I need the big guns. So far Activated charcoal has been working to mop up a lot of die off symptoms from eradication of gut bacteria. The die off is very severe and the...
  3. T

    Activated Charcoal With Probiotic Encapsulation

    Many probiotics today are formulated with specific capsules or coating designed to make it into the colon unscathed. Being that one of the major downsides from consistent activated charcoal use is that it will also bind to "good" nutrients in our small intestine, could we negate these downsides...
  4. P

    Activated Charcoal makes me feel 'cured'

    I feel normal. If you see my previous thread on my issue I explain what I've been experiencing but the gist is I messed up my body pretty bad presumably from taking steroids, beyond just screwing up my Testosterone for a little while. Thiamine and Calcium helped me a lot but I wasn't fully there...

    Penicillin VK and Activated Charcoal TOGETHER?

    Has anyone tried this? On an empty stomach ofc, downing the charcoal capsules then taking the penicillin
  6. Recoen

    AC Suppository

    Has anyone tried an activated charcoal suppository? For example, some AC inside coconut oil? My thought is this would by pass the issues with AC pulling out too many beneficial things? And the added benefit of the MCT.
  7. W

    Possible Concerns Over Charcoal

    Activated Charcoal Uses May Be Harmful, Possibly Cancerous? 1. Decreased absorption of vitamins The carbon does not have a brain, it is not a living organism. To say it can choose to absorb a toxin and choose to bypass a vitamin or mineral is a questionable statement, to say the least. The...
  8. beachbum

    Activated Charcoal Should Be Used With Caution

    Hi All, I on occasion gwt migraines and know h ow they feel. Well for the second time using AC I experienced the weirdest headache. It can be a combo of using aspirin that causes bruising and nosebleeds that I stopped about 3 days prior to taking AC. Well the AC causes extreme slow transit...
  9. biggirlkisss

    Looking For Activated Charcoal (Canada)

    activated carcoal looking for it in canada where to buy?
  10. Makrosky

    Activated Charcoal caps

    Hey guys, Has anyone used activated charcoal caps? It's the only charcoal I can get and I want to give it a try. The labels says taking two caps but that is only 560mg. I know people in this forum uses it by the spoonfull. Should the dose be different with caps than with powder? Isn't 560mg a...
  11. S

    Granular Activated Charcoal To Solve Persorption Does anyone have experience with using any granulated activated charcoal? Perhaps this would solve the persorption through the intestines issue. Since many users are already using charcoalhouse brand made from coconut shell, this may solve the...
  12. S

    The Mystery Of Spore-Forming Bacteria… (c. Diff & Others)

    Take Away Points Summary: Glycine and taurine cause germination of bacteria spores (if spores present). symptoms of this germination may be noticeable within 1 hour after consuming glycine or taurine. This does not necessarily mean taurine and glycine are bad. Copper can kill these bacteria in...
  13. managing

    Activated Charcoal lowers temps

    AC seems to lower my average temperatures significantly. A small (500mg) dose every other day drops my average temps by .5F. Why? Using Nature's Way per
  14. J

    Activated Charcoal Supplementation - Brand?

    Hi all sorry if this has been covered. What brand of activated charcoal does everybody use? I want to buy a pure bulk powder but here in the uk this is proving a little difficult. I am currently using swansons tablets but am having to take 8 pills plus to get to the higher dosages plus this is...
  15. Daimyo

    Activated Charcoal

    Thread to discuss everything about activated charcoal... I haven't been eating AC for ages, but... One property of AC I use is it's high (100-180 meq) Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC). It's a measure of how much positively charged nutrients can soil hold. Plant nutrients that are cations...
  16. I

    Activated Charcoal

    Has anyone tried this? Any benefits? Side effects?
  17. K

    Charcoal and baking soda

    I'm trying to implement Peat's ideas in my diet, but I wonder for what charcoal and baking soda are used. Can somewhat explain that for me?
  18. juanitacarlos

    Activated Charcoal Experience

    I received a batch of activated charcoal yesterday. At about 4pm, I took 1TBS with water. There was a bit of gurgling, but I did not notice anything else. Then, about 5 hours later, I had a BM that was - I'm sorry, but I will have to be graphic - pure black liquid (I struck liquid gold!)...
  19. J

    Activated Charcoal Powder: Suggested use

    Yesterday my package with the Activated Charcoal Powder arrived ( I'm eager to try it. Has anyone experimented with it in order to reduce bacterial overgrowth? Any advice on how to use the powder?
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