Activated Charcoal lowers temps


Jun 19, 2014
AC seems to lower my average temperatures significantly. A small (500mg) dose every other day drops my average temps by .5F. Why? Using Nature's Way per
Nov 26, 2013
Wouldn't you need dozens of measurements to find such a small difference?


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Jun 19, 2014
I have to admit that isn't the most rigorous sampling, but I can assure you it is happening. And I feel it too. Its kind of a good thing in a way. I have for months, most directly related to consuming sugar once again (mostly succesfully in terms of blood glucose), had episodes of intense heat. It will be like 70 degrees and in the shade and I am pouring sweat and smell like a skunk. I tried ac in response to one of these episodes and it worked great. Problem is, I am back to place where I am cold sometimes. My basal temps running high 97s and typical daytime around 98.5 but with mildly cold hands and feet. Not extreme mind you, but a significant difference.

That got me to thinking about endotoxin, serotonin, and estrogen. Some things line up with that assumption. Estrogen can cause hot flashes (i'm a man, but I don't imagine that would make a difference) although I am not certain of the exact mechanism. AC reducing ser, endo, est could make sense to explain the "chilling" effect. On the other hand, based on gut "symptoms" I wouldn't have predicted endotoxin. IOW, regular, good bowel activity. The AC has actually made stools occasionally loose, soft, etc. Again, by no means extreme. But noticeable.

So just trying to unravel this so I understand better what is going on. When I get interesting results, I like to pick it apart and try to understand.

One other thing: After about a week of really very small AC doses, I started to experience fatigue and especially waking up in the middle of the night anxious and alert (ie, low bg/high cortisol symptoms). I eventually connected the dots between RPs comments about AC and oxidizing vitamins and Vitamin A specifically (ie, glycogen storage in liver deficient). I got aggressive with the Nutrisorb A (which for me means 2-4 drops a day) and it went a way.
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