NY Times Article On Warburg & Warburg Effect


Jul 24, 2013
Here is a link to a New York Times magazine article about Otto Warburg.


There are interesting biographical details about Warburg. The article conveys how notable Warburg's work was from early to mid 20th century, and how quickly interest faded. Apparently, enough researchers recognize metabolism as a factor in cancer to make popular national news.

"Long before his death, Warburg was considered perhaps the greatest biochemist of the 20th century, a man whose research was vital to our understanding not only of cancer but also of respiration and photosynthesis..."


Dec 9, 2015
I like that it quotes one of the co-discoverers of DNA as saying that genetics research has been pretty much worthless in terms of dealing with cancer.

'Even James Watson, one of the fathers of molecular biology, is convinced that targeting metabolism is a more promising avenue in current cancer research than gene-centered approaches. At his office at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in Long Island, Watson, 88, sat beneath one of the original sketches of the DNA molecule and told me that locating the genes that cause cancer has been “remarkably unhelpful” — the belief that sequencing your DNA is going to extend your life “a cruel illusion.” If he were going into cancer research today, Watson said, he would study biochemistry rather than molecular biology.'
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