New to Peat


Aug 28, 2013
hi All,
I'm a complete newbie. I only came to know about Peat & etc a couple weeks ago and need some advise. (think i'll put a separate thread in the Ask for Help section).

here are my answers to Charlie's questions:

Age - 38

Background - Female, Chinese ethnicity, living in Singapore.

Found the forum - I was googling "feeling cold and fatigued, sometimes immediately after a meal".

How long have you been Peating?
Only started the daily carrot.

What are your health issues?
- Intolerance to cold and feeling cold (I live in a tropical climate, it's summer all year round with ambient temps above 86F most days and I am the only one carrying a sweater when going into an air-conditioned place).
- experiencing various symptoms of estrogen dominance / hypothyroid
- wanting to conceive my second child.
- recovering from PUFA overload (only just found out about PUFAs)
- food intolerances - dairy appears to trigger sinus congestion.

What other questions should we ask?......
You can ask anything. I am just grateful for whatever help I can get.


Jul 26, 2013
Hi Eeleen

Though I would say hi as I am new too, been following Peat's principles for about 5-6 weeks now and have been following most of the guidelines.

Initially felt a lot better, but then balanced out to feeling okay, overall noticed my blood sugar is more stable and don't get as many food cravings. Looking forward to getting more health benefits soon.

Hope all goes well for you with Peat!


Mar 17, 2013
Hi, y'all! See you around the forum. Makes me think of, "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum."
Oh, I think this is the right place to come to get in good health for conceiving and carrying a child. Peat has very important nutritional advice for pregnancy, and postpartum.


Mar 17, 2013
Maisy, yes I have found this sort of diet helps greatly with stabilizing blood sugar and getting rid of food cravings.


Thread starter
Aug 28, 2013
hallo Charlie, Maisy, Swandattur,
greetings!!! I am learning much from all of you!!
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