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  1. H

    Could The Amount Of Calcium In Milk Be Reducing Zinc Levels?

    i was just thinking given how much milk we have daily (over 2 quarts) have any negative effect on the absorption and stores of zinc levels in our body as i heard that calcium can deplete zinc and reduce the zinc absorption rate? is this true? and wouldn't drinking milk with red meat reduce the...
  2. Gabriel

    Adding Milk To Coffee Doesn't Impair Zn-chelating Capacity

    I wondered whether addition of milk to coffee impairs its chelating activity. While I found no studies for iron, I came across one study that found that the chelating capacity of zinc was not impaired. Guess that is good news for all the coffee+milk drinkers. Effect of Roasting on Properties of...
  3. lovelife

    Zinc + Melatonin & Acne

    I stumbled upon something today completely by accident. I've been on Peata's thread about Zinc in high doses getting rid of her acne. I've been experimenting as well and it has been working pretty well for me too. Though not 100% gone it is mostly gone. This is the link...
  4. Peata

    Zinc - My Miracle For Acne & Estrogen Dominance

    Well, I think that since it's been over a week of success, I can say that zinc is one of the best things on earth. Nothing has ever worked this well for my skin with no side effects. My skin hasn't been this clear in over three years. And even back when it was clear, it didn't look this...
  5. K

    Zinc, Copper, Selenium: Shellfish Vs Cocoa

    Hi everyone, I am not a fan of oysters. The taste and texture repulses me. I do eat prawns once every couple of weeks but that is about it. What I do eat a lot of is cocoa (90% cocoa chocolate to be precise). I always have it with coffee to stop the iron absorption. That is how I get my zinc...
  6. B


    Has anyone heard of pyroluria or the methylation cycle. People who have this disorder are unable to make serotonin efficently due to issues with their methylation cycle. Are these people, then the lucky ones?