1. Sam321

    US calls for pause on Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to "rare" bloodclots issues

    Wow, that was quick... Must be a big deal if America is willing to put this on hold. @haidut
  2. meatbag

    KMUD 3_19_21: CV-19, shots, immune system, inflammation

    Link to the audio version: Ray Peat Interview - KMUD - March 19th, 2021 The sections from callers and the Herb Doctors aren’t exact but I tries to capture what they’re generally saying. The questions are accurate. --- HD (not exact) -(introduces the show, etc.)...I saw an article by a Belgian...
  3. Mito

    Addressing Geert Vanden Bossche’s Claims

    The short version: “Geert Vanden Bossche has recently published a letter in which he argues that the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 is going to precipitate a public health disaster because the vaccines will select for viral variants that can escape their protection and drive them...
  4. mayku-T-meelo

    Initial report of decreased SARS-CoV-2 viral load after inoculation with the BNT162b2 vaccine So the study found that the viral load after taking the Pfizer vaccine is apparently substantially reduced, that claim or similar ones will be definitely be pushed and used to show the efficacy and purpose for vaccinating people. What they say...
  5. Mito

    Most people in the USA are choosing to get the COVID vaccine?

    Close to one third of all Americans have already received a COVID vaccine despite it not being widely available until this past week. Looks like the polls from last year suggesting vaccine hesitancy will not materialize...
  6. Mito

    15 MILLION doses of J&J’s one dose Covid vaccine halted after ingredient mix-up

    Some 15 million doses of Johnson & Johnson's one-shot coronavirus vaccine have been ruined after employees at a Baltimore manufacturing plant accidentally swapped two ingredients, the New York Times reported Wednesday. The gaff occurred two weeks ago and will delay tens of millions doses...
  7. ecstatichamster

    Vaccines cause more dangerous strains to evolve and shed (from vaccinated hosts)

    This emerges from Dr. Peat, Danny and Georgy, when Dr. Peat was asked a question and quoted a researcher and paper about chickens showing more pathogenic strains evolve and are shed from vaccinated hosts. Here is the author summary with some additions of mine: There is a theoretical...
  8. Drareg

    AstraZeneca released outdated information on its latest COVID-19 vaccine trial

    It’s that wonderful big pharma company full of selfless humanitarians in the news again, now on top of their stroke inducing vaccine they are now using outdated information from the trial. No lives could be lost from covid said the hysterics, lives lost from vaccine side effects is ok though...
  9. Giraffe

    ACCESS Consortium (Vaccine Approval) -- No Safety Data? No Problem!

    No Safety Data? No Problem!
  10. bzmazu

    Vaccine: Twenty countries suspend injections; does that make you “hesitant?”
  11. Drareg

    Covid-19 data leak, mRNA instability

    Anyone hear about this hack in MSM? I didn’t, probably another back page story while they hyped something woke on the front page. It’s not just mRNA to worry about it’s now potentially modified mRNA from poor production quality. Peat spoke about the carrier lipids months ago, this data leak...
  12. charlie

    Moderna begins COVID-19 vaccine trial on babies 6 months old, children up to 12

    "Moderna Inc. has begun dosing patients in a mid-to-late stage study of its COVID-19 vaccine, mRNA-1273, in children aged six months to less than 12 years, the company said on Tuesday." "The study will assess the safety and effectiveness of two doses of mRNA-1273 given 28 days apart, and...
  13. tankasnowgod

    COVID vaccines already up to 96x as deadly as Flu Vaccines, according to CDC's own data.

    That's what Anthony Colpo found in his most recent post on his website. I have seen Alex Berenson make a similar claim on his Twitter feed, that the COVID vaccines account for more adverse reactions in the VAERS database than all other vaccines combined, and 8 times the deaths. I was thinking...
  14. L

    Ray Peat Interview One Radio Network - March 15, 2021
  15. yerrag

    Dr. Seuss Alive and Well and Is Now a Woman - Waiting for the Book on Covid 19 Vaccines

    Good evening, and welcome to the upside-down. Where what you see, can never be, and what you know, just isn’t so. Where bad is good and wrong is right. Where truth went down without a fight. Where you might just say, every day is opposite day. Can I offer you a mask or an anal swab? Rape is...
  16. tankasnowgod

    Have you read the COVID 19 Vaccine Consent Form?

    Quick video from Yusef El that get's right to the point- Here is the form he read from Inova- Number 5 would be hilarious if it weren't so potentially tragic. How would someone know if they are...
  17. D

    Dr. Bhakdi's letter to EMA regarding gene-based vaccinations

    Article with Bhakdi's video and, I think, an important tie-in to the UK petition against vaccine passports: Doctors & Scientists Write to European Medicines Agency Warning of COVID-19 Vaccine Dangers This is the best article about the letter. Actually it's the only article. And Bhakdi of course...
  18. D

    Open Letter to EMA by Scientists Re: Gene Based Vaccines - MOVING

  19. C

    Mass vaccination against Covid-19 might lead to emergence of truly deadly strains

    Wasn't sure if posted already but deserves to be repeated. This guy seems pretty legit and the phenomenon he's talking about is already known to have occurred with vaccinations in livestock, eg Mareks disease.
  20. Epistrophy

    MRNA can definitely assimilate into human DNA

    This study profoundly shows that mRNA can be reversed transcribed into humans and become apart of our genome.