sleep apnea

  1. FitnessMike

    Sleep apnea solutions?

    any ?
  2. Hans

    How vitamin D helps you sleep like a king

    Vitamin D literally got rid of most of my sleep disturbances, such as restless leg syndrome, long sleep onset, nocturia, shallow sleep, bad dreams, random body aches, etc. Diet obvious also played a huge role, but it felt like vit D was that final puzzle piece for me...
  3. InChristAlone

    *NEW* vitamin D information everyone needs to know!

    I have been listening to neurologist Dr Stasha Gominak about her amazing findings on vitamin D and came across some information I have never heard before. They are using a vitamin D test called an immuno assay that is cheaper and FAR less accurate!!! The real test is using a half a million...
  4. Pufa-Puffin

    My sleep is literally like a coma. Can't wake up, feeling drunk after I do

    You can stab me or shoot me when sleeping, it would not wake me up. When someone is trying to wake me up, I'm aware of it, but can't control my body and bring myself out of the sleep. Sometimes, I have extremely strong nausea, which I'm also aware of but still can't wake up. When I somehow...
  5. Sefton10

    Thyroid Dysfunction and Sleep Disorders Abstract Thyroid disorders and sleep disorders are common problems in the general population that can affect people of all ages, backgrounds, and sexes, but little is known about their clinical associations. We reviewed the literature assessing the...
  6. Jwicks1995

    Co2 / sweating / adrenaline / sleep apnea

    So I was in a good mood and running off of adrenaline - anyways I start my workout at the gym and 5 minutes in a drink a good amount of Soda water / sparkling water - within a couple of minutes I start sweating profusely and all my motivation is obliterated. I start feeling really crappy and...
  7. forterpride

    Inspire Sleep Apnea device

    Hello all. Does anybody know if this device is safe or appropriate for sleep apnea within the Ray Peat Sphere? I don’t think it’s works like a regular cpap. Here is the description and website link. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. “Inspire works inside your body while you sleep. It’s a...
  8. whit

    Solutions For Snoring?

    For some time now there's been a growing issue in my nose. Though my mouth remains closed the noise persists. Body position makes little difference. I've seen ads for devices of all sorts. I'm curious if anyone has had success with these. If there are any practical solutions I'd be greatly...
  9. Dan W

    Oleamide For Sleep Apnea

    Functional Role for Cannabinoids in Respiratory Stability During Sleep (full text)
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