1. C

    Low Toxin Diet More Fiber Means More Bile Binding/Excretion, More Detoxification And A Happier Liver. Isn't More Better?

    The big question is: Why not eat as much as possible when the chart below indicates consuming over 100 grams is physiological?
  2. J

    Biotin and Liver

    Dietary Biotin Supplementation Modifies Hepatic Morphology without Changes in Liver Toxicity Markers I suspect biotin has a protective role in the liver based on this study/paper. I would recommend reading the discussion section where they go over possible toxicity reactions (it was close...
  3. A

    High cellular Sodium - How to lower?

    General question, but how does one lower excess tissue or cellular sodium levels if one is hypothyroid, without resorting to thyroid medications? Does lowering dietary salt help in this case or not? Thanks
  4. Twohandsondeck

    Do 'health' supplements hurt the liver and/or kidneys? A comment about elevated markers

    Last night I came across a comment regarding supplementation which I thought to share here. It was found on a video on the YouTube channel, "Conquer Aging or Die Trying!" [Linked below] **Fantastic channel by the way, would recommend it to anyone. From aquamarine99911: "As a guy in my mid-60s...
  5. haidut

    Aspirin may reverse NAFLD/fibrosis by reducing fat accumulation, inflammation

    Another great win for aspirin, especially considering the prevalence of NAFLD, NASH, fibrosis/cirrhosis and even liver cancer. This post comes mere minutes after the post on a single tablet aspirin (300mg) daily putting a terminal liver cancer in remission. This study below used a low-dose...
  6. haidut

    Just one aspirin (300mg) daily stops a patient's terminal liver cancer

    While the evidence for aspirin's preventive effects on numerous cancer types is extensive and even mainstream medicine has begrudgingly acknowledged aspirin's prophylactic potential, studies on the therapeutic effects of aspirin in already established cancers are very few, and most of them are...
  7. InChristAlone

    Eating liver increases the levels of isotretinoin (Accutane) 22-fold They took 10 female volunteers and gave them either vitamin A supplements or calf liver to eat (50 mg and 150 mg of vit A). They measured the following retinol metabolites (vitamin A by-products): - All-trans-retinol - All-trans-retinyl palmitate -...
  8. NatachaRose

    Cyproheptadine is making me nervous the next day

    I have been taking 1mg of cyproheptadine before bed for 3 days in a row, and I definitely sleep better and have no bad dreams, which used to be the case. However, the next day, around 5 pm, I start to feel extremely nervous and very aggressive. Also, every morning, I notice dark circles around...
  9. Mauritio

    Lack of liver steatosis in germ-free mice following hypercaloric diets, serotonin causative

    This is such an interesting study, once again underlining something RP has said for decades. Rats that have a bacteria-free gut (germ free) dont experience the same weight gain that they normally experience on a "western" a.k.a. high PUFA diet. Not only that, but feeding them high fructose...
  10. cs3000

    ECGC (green tea extract) toxicity & copper relationship

    Small amounts of these compounds act as positive eustressors, not toxic enough to do damage but enough to activate protective mechanisms that gives outweighing benefits. but best to be mindful of good doses for flavanols polyphenols catechins etc as too much can tip the balance into toxicity...
  11. Juri


    Sorry for the all caps title, I want to attract attention with it, simply because i'm counting on your guys' and girls' experiences to be shared here also. For anyone not that familiar with why one would want to lose PUFA, here is a quick summary by haidut. That being said, I made this thread...
  12. D

    Low Toxin Logs Log - Anti-Vitamin A Diet - Testing out if i have been a Peatard

    I've decided to test out the Anti-Vitamin A diet. I've been on it since 18th Oct 2023. About a week now The reason I became motivated to test this diet out is because of some recent health problems only the Anti-Vitamin A Theory offers an explanation too. One can read and discuss as much as...
  13. haidut

    PUFA (linoleic acid) is hepatotoxic and carcinogenic; MUFA/SFA are not

    A neat little commentary in the Cell journal on a study in Nature. Not very surprising for most people following Peat's writings, but definitely an eye-opener for the general public (if they ever even become aware of this publication, considering no popular press outlet covered this article)...
  14. haidut

    Raising DHT levels even only in the brain reverses systemic atherosclerosis

    As my readers know, I have been a fan of the strong, non-aromatizable androgen DHT for a long time. One of the first signs for me that DHT is beneficial was the uniform and relentless propaganda against that steroid by mainstream medical publications, despite the obvious (and increasing)...
  15. Mauritio

    Vitamin E depletes liver iron stores

    I've read people discussing on this forum about whether Vitamin E actually depletes live iron stores or only protects against its damage (ferroptosis) . This study is pretty clear on what's going on: Vitamin E depletes liver iron stores (in mice), which is shown through a bunch of blood markers...
  16. Mauritio

    PUFA causes liver steatosis, Vitamin E can prevent it

    In this study they looked at the effect of PUFA on liver health and Vitamin E's capibility to prevent liver damage. They fed mice a diet high in linoleic acid, low in linoleic acid or high in linoleic acid and supplemented with Vitamin E. The results are remarkable: in many ways the Vitamin E...
  17. J

    Artichoke extract, yellow stool

    Hi guys! I'm asking for my mother but why would Artichoke extract make the stool colour go from brown to yellow? I thought it was suppose to help bile flow. And yellow stool would indicate lack of bile no? So what is this extract doing if not improving that? Should she continue? She...
  18. J


    When is best time to use a binder of sorts? Bile is released during a meal, so is it ideal to use it right after eating? Or how about 30 minutes to 2 hours after eating? Or what if a supplement is used to help increase bile, such as artichoke, should a binder be used right after supplementing...
  19. youngsinatra

    Pregnenolone Stops Bile Production? (A Hint To Constipation?)

    I am curious about the effects of supplemental pregnolone on the liver/gallbladder and biliary secretion/excretion, because I noticed signs of poor bile output after a week of using it, esp. poorer fat absorption (slight malabsorption) and constipation. Because of my long-term struggle with a...
  20. J

    CAN SOMEONE ADVISE! Vitamin k!

    I may have taken too much Vitamin k1 for a bleeding issue. What should I do?? Will it leave my body on it’s own. It took a 1mg pill to stop profuse bleeding but now im experiencing flushing and some tingling on my left foot. My palms are very rosy. I’m doomed one way or the other. If I...
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