1. A.D.

    VIDEO: CarnivoreMD Interviews Georgi Dinkov!

    The Ray Peat Community grows larger every day.
  2. EnergeticLeo

    Ray's summary / intro to his philosophy - I've listened to this so many times because it's explained so nicely

    Ray on intro to this whole energy-structure worldview View: Proteins: the basic substance of life They are acidic, which means electron withdrawing and proton releasing, because of the high content of oxygen atoms on the polymers (proteins) This creates a...
  3. RealNeat

    Ray Peat Interview KMUD - August 19, 2022 Lipofuscin

    I thought this was a good interview about lipofuscin which I'm always looking to find new ways of reversing. Murray says he will upload interviews on their website soon, many recent ones are absent on and KMUD archives only go back about 2 months. If you don't want...
  4. A

    Very happy Dr. Peat sounded much better in the 8/15/22 interview with Patrick Timpone

    Comparing with the 07/18/22 interview, he sounded much better. Peat is an inspiration in that he's not dogmatic and continues to experiment with what works best for him even in his eighties. I'm very happy the problem he had seems a temporary setback and he's getting better.
  5. David PS

    Ray Peat Interview Dr Ray Peat - Blood Tests, Hormones, Protein Intake, & Ray's Carb List - Jodellefit

    I am listening to it now. View: 1:42 - Dr Peat’s EMF exposure and thoughts 6:05 - antibiotic use 9:50 - More on Asthma attacks 11:22 - Creatine Monohydrate, Ray’s thoughts 12:45 - Ray’s view on protein intake 22:00 - My Daughter’s question on gluten...
  6. RenaissanceMan

    Hormones/supplements to optimize for job interviews?

    Any recommendations for preparing for a whole day of interviews from a bioenergetic perspective? I was thinking that increasing DHT and T is obviously important to combat nerves and lower serotonin, but I also need to have high verbal fluency, of course. Do you guys have any recommendations...
  7. -Luke-

    Ray Peat Interview Ray Peat and Kate Deering on Weight Loss For Women podcast - May 23 2022

    Just saw that Ray and Kate Deering were on this podcast yesterday. For whatever reason I can't play the episode...
  8. T

    KMUD - April 15, 2022: Vaccines / Authoritarianism / Tylenol

    Show starts at 2:37. The last caller (starting at 56:55) asked about vaccines, febrile seizures and Tylenol: "is this a vaccine problem, or a Tylenol problem?" RP: "Tylenol has very serious side effects. For example, Prenatal use of Tylenol is well-associated with the increased risk of autism...
  9. -Luke-

    Ray Peat Interview April 18 2022 - One Radio Network Edit: Here are Patrick's show notes:
  10. md_a

    Ray Peat Interview DR RAY PEAT - Cancer, Asthma, Hair Growth & more! Get Fit with Jodelle
  11. -Luke-

    Ray Peat Interview March 23 2022 - One Radio Network One Radio Network apparently had some technical problems and didn't record any new podcasts for a few weeks. But they had the strongest comeback since Michael Jordan yesterday with Dr. Peat...
  12. mayku-T-meelo

    Ray Peat Interview KMUD - March 18, 2022

    Dr. Pete, for your pleasure.
  13. md_a

    Ray Peat Interview Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D – Your Health Questions Answered – February 21, 2022
  14. Lejeboca

    Ray Peat Interview KMUD - February 18, 2022 Yet another packed with information show. This is the first time I've heard Dr. Peat talking about mTOR, mentioning that progesterone is precursor to glucocorticoids, and why he does not in favor of (wisdom) tooth extraction. "The brain is participating...
  15. Lejeboca

    Ray Peat Interview KMUD - January 21, 2022

    Redwood Community Radio Archive
  16. md_a

    Dr. Ray Peat - Q&A, Reverse t3, HCG, EMF & Viruses, Boosters, Kid's Vaccines, Lung Failure and more!

  17. L

    Ray Peat Interview Nov 15 2021 - One Radio Network
  18. Lejeboca

    Ray Peat Interview October 18 2021 - One Radio Network

    Copying @RealNeat 's posting into a separate thread. ORN Bitchute channel has the interview posted as well View:
  19. Mito

    KMUD - October 15, 2021

  20. L

    Ray Peat Interview September 2021 - Ray Peat, Georgi Dinkov, Danny Roddy - #70

    Really liked this one. View: