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    I think Bluetooth should be discussed more in this forum. Bluetooth is everywhere now. I never use Bluetooth unless I am sending a file through airdrop; but nowadays I have been considering buying and using a hi-fi Bluetooth speaker daily for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. How harmful would this...
  2. :M :B.

    WiFi-free streaming device, infrared remote dumb tv, tackling blue light. solutions.

    I bought a dumb TV some time ago that uses a infrared remote control which I like: Sceptre 50-inch 4K UHD Ultra Slim LED TV 3840x2160 MHL Metal Black View: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073X6SDF3/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I then realized that all of the streaming...
  3. miquelangeles

    Impact of Textile on Electromagnetic Power and Heating in Near-Surface Tissues at 26 GHz and 60 GHz

    Take-Home Messages • This study provides, for the first time, a detailed quantitative analysis of the electromagnetic power absorption and temperature elevation in presence of a textile at 26 GHz and 60 GHz, frequencies upcoming for 5th generation (5G) and next generations of wireless...
  4. RealNeat

    "Woo-woo" device thread (Scalar, Schumann, Harmonizers, Tensors, Orgonite, Sacred Geometry)

    I have always been interested in, however, not completely convinced of these sort of devices. 1. Schumann devices seem to have the most demonstrable merit with their use being common in not only the EMF/ Grounding crowd but also the audiophiles. Personal experience: Before I broke mine I had a...
  5. BearWithMe

    Starlink started broadcasting 5G signal from space today. Feel any different?

    Apparently Starlink 5G satellites were not active until today, when Ukrainan vice prime minister asked Elon Musk to provide Ukraine with Starlink stations. Not sure if the satellites are active worldwide or just above Ukraine, though.
  6. Beastmode

    Best night sleep

    For the record, I sleep quite well. However, I'm very interested in mastering this area from an environment standpoint. A few new things I'm exploring are air quality and electric/emf mitigation. 1) Plan on getting a Wein VI-3500 room ionic air purifier to keep serotonin down. I heard...
  7. JamesGatz

    Are cheaper laptops actually better in terms of EMF and blue light exposure ?

    I was doing a lot of experimentation with various different computers in my house - I am hoping someone here knows more than me about this they would like to add: I was thinking about this set-up to completely get rid of blue light exposure: Using a computer on a projector ? It seems this...
  8. JamesGatz

    The feeling of being watched - what about the feeling of being recorded ? Do celebs hate paparazzi because of EMF ?

    I am sure most of us are familiar with the phenomenon of "feeling like you are being watched" - I have experienced something even more interesting - when someone is recording me with their phone camera or a DSLR especially - I can immediately sense it even if I am not facing that direction - I...
  9. Doludolu

    EMF as a stressor | How to reduce the damage & protect yourself ?

    Hello, if someone is living in an environment with high EMF load: let's say these huge 4G/5G cell towers (worst case scenario), or just a high density of EMF signals, a lot of Wi-Fi signals, routers & etc. What can you do to protect yourself living in such a place? What can you do...
  10. Twohandsondeck

    6 easy sleep tips (come and share yours!)

    Eat the last meal of the day at least 2 hours away from bedtime. (Blood can then be used for brain repair instead of digestion). Put cell phones on airplane mode while asleep. (Prevents it from irradiating nearby asleep persons). Stand on or hold a small piece of aluminum foil for 1-2 minutes...
  11. Energizer

    EMF-shielding fabric

    Wondering if anyone here has any product recommendations for electromagnetic frequency shielding curtains. Something you've used for at least a month.
  12. RealNeat

    Long hours driving for job. Mitigation of harm?

    I have started a job where I spend a lot of hours sitting in a car. I try to keep as much of the tech in there on airplane mode as I can to avoid the faraday effect of RF in a metal car. I'm trying to better my posture as it gets forward leaning throughout the day and I generally feel tight...
  13. RealNeat

    LiFi the realistic solution to 5G?

    I do not need 5G nor do I need a world that uses 5G or internet at those speeds. Regardless, its coming and though "the resitance" is fighting it, it seems inevitable. In an attempt to build a new paradigm one of my areas of interest converged with the thought that made this post. Infrared. My...
  14. joshquintanilla

    Found A Way To Block ALL Blue Light On IPhone Easily

    I’m sure many of you iPhone users are aware of night shift which takes out some of the blue light, however imo it’s not enough. So I’m glad to learn there’s a way to completely get rid of blue light/color and I’ll show you how! (Before doing this, if you haven’t set up night shift, go into...
  15. LLight

    Hepatic Injury Induced By Radio Frequency Waves Emitted From Conventional Wi-Fi Devices

    Hepatic injury induced by radio frequency waves emitted from conventional Wi-Fi devices in Wistar rats "In this study, the impact of standard 2.45 GHz radio frequency source (averaged whole-body specific absorption rate 0.01 W kg−1 24 h−1 daily for 40 consecutive days) on the liver of Wistar...
  16. haidut

    The Inconvenient Truth About Cancer And Mobile Phones

    This mainstream media article is one of the best reviews on the dangers of EMF exposure and it does a very good job of explaining why this "inconvenient truth" is not more widely known - i.e. deliberate and well-funded propaganda campaign by the wireless industry often involving direct bribing...
  17. haidut

    We Have No Reason To Believe 5G Is Safe

    It is always pleasing to see that a bastion of corrupt, institutionalized science such as the Scientific American is publishing editorials exposing 5G wireless technology for what it is - a known human carcinogen that has also been already causally linked to virtually every chronic health...
  18. haidut

    The Core Of Stars May Be Metallic And Still Made Of Gas

    This is a great discovery because it corroborates a proposition made by EUT proponents who say that stars actually contain metallic cores engulfed by a relatively thin layer of plasma. Forum user @pimpnamedraypeat also posted on this topic a few weeks ago. So, on the outside a star looks like a...
  19. haidut

    Obesity Increasing; Is NOT Due To The Cliche Urban, Gluttonous, Sedentary Lifestyle

    The study below shows that obesity rates are rising worldwide. A doctor would immediately suggest that this is due to urban overpopulation, with hordes of gluttonous, chips-eating, video-game-playing, sedentary, bored people who do little more than eat and sleep. However, the study below found...
  20. haidut

    Neurons In The Brain Communicate Remotely Using EMF Signals

    I know the findings of this study probably won't come as surprise to many forum users but they are nonetheless worth pointing out given their potential for dramatically shifting how medicine views the brain. While Peat has written many times about long range communication between cells that...
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