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Mar 18, 2013
USA / Europe
This is a great discovery because it corroborates a proposition made by EUT proponents who say that stars actually contain metallic cores engulfed by a relatively thin layer of plasma. Forum user @pimpnamedraypeat also posted on this topic a few weeks ago.
So, on the outside a star looks like a fireball but inside it is actually a solid metallic core, but it is a metal made out of hydrogen. This metallic core explains the magnetic fields a star generates and matches statements by Tesla who said that to EMF planets and stars are nothing more than massive metallic balls, which can easily conduct electricity as this gas-made metal is a superconductor even at room temps.

French Scientists Say They've Created Metallic Hydrogen

"...Scientists have long speculated that at the heart of a gas giant, the laws of material physics undergo some radical changes. In these kinds of extreme pressure environments, hydrogen gas is compressed to the point that it actually becomes a metal. For years, scientists have been looking for a way to create metallic hydrogen synthetically because of the endless applications it would offer. At present, the only known way to do this is to compress hydrogen atoms using a diamond anvil until they change their state. And after decades of attempts (and 80 years since it was first theorized), a team of French scientists may have finally created metallic hydrogen in a laboratory setting. While there is plenty of skepticism, there are many in scientific community who believe this latest claim could be true. The study which described their experiment, titled Observation of a first order phase transition to metal hydrogen near 425 GPa, recently appeared on the arXiv preprint server. The team consisted of Paul Dumas, Paul Loubeyre, and Florent Occelli, three researchers from the Division of Military applications (DAM) at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission and the Synchrotron SOLEIL research facility."

"...As a synthetic material, metallic hydrogen would also have endless applications. First off, it is believed to have superconducting properties at room temperature and is meta-stable (meaning that it will retain its solidity once it has been brought back to normal pressure). These properties would make it incredibly useful when it comes to the revolution that is already underway in electronics."

Mr Joe

Apr 27, 2019
@haidut do you have a theory (or website/blog to read) about how superconductivity works on a aether basis ?
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