1. A

    DHT + T3 + Creatine combo

    + pyrucet Explosive.
  2. FitnessMike

    Why does creatine cause insomnia?

    After a month or so, it does cause the onset insomnia.
  3. cs3000

    Creatine for gut health / crohns / ileitis / ulcerative colitis ? - interesting case report on 1g creatine

    Dietary Creatine as a Possible Novel Treatment for Crohn’s Ileitis Some clinical trials are underway - case report just 1g of creatine enhanced gut health in a patient with ulcered ileitis / chohns The patient also stopped his creatine. Over the following 4 months, the patient reported...
  4. tastyfood

    Do PPL packages come with creatine monohydrate label?

    I'm expecting a package to be delivered by the local Post Office tomorrow, and I'm preparing for any scenario with the delivery. I read from another thread that the label was creatine monohydrate. Thank you!
  5. Lokzo

    Creatine Exerts Same Effects As Ketamine In The Brain?

  6. Hans

    The Dopamine Dream Team Stack

    I've been looking far and wide and experimenting all over the place with different compounds to get see what gives me the best effects. On my quest of understanding energy metabolism and neurotransmitters, it became obvious that the two are interlinked. So I designed a stack around that. Have a...
  7. haidut

    Restoring Metabolism Prevents / Reverses "permanent" Nerve Damage

    Yet another study demonstrating the crucial role cellular metabolism plays in pathological processes. While most of my posts deal with beneficial effects of improving OXPHOS on various chronic diseases, the study below demonstrates that the same may be true in acute pathologies such as traumatic...
  8. B

    Niacinamide Enhances Creatine Neuroprotectiveness Against NMDA Agonist Toxicity

    Creatine can, therefore, produce significant neuroprotective effects against NMDA mediated excitotoxic lesions in vivo and the combination of nicotinamide with creatine exerts additive neuroprotective effects Neuroprotective effects of creatine administration against NMDA and malonate toxicity...
  9. L

    Oral Creatine Supplements Lower Plasma Homocysteine Concentrations In Humans

    Oral creatine supplements lower plasma homocysteine concentrations in humans. - PubMed - NCBI Oral creatine supplements lower plasma homocysteine concentrations in humans. Randomized controlled trial Korzun WJ. Clin Lab Sci. 2004. Show full citation Abstract OBJECTIVE: To determine if oral...
  10. P

    Creatine Fuels The Thermic Effect Of Feeding

    Creatine Fuels the Thermic Effect of Feeding. - PubMed - NCBI The current obesity epidemic has focused a great deal of attention on cellular pathways of energy expenditure. While a crucial part of this process is diet-induced thermogenesis, the underlying mechanisms have remained unexplained...
  11. P


    Here probably i only post positives about igf1, as ray seeing it generally on reparative ,constructive side.(according to danny roddy,thanks to him) it is interesting most nutrient deficiencies lower igf1 but not GH! Hypothyroids have lower level of igf1 Serum Resistin and Insulin-Like Growth...
  12. TubZy

    Topical Creatine For Hair

    Came across this: Patent CA2678135C - Method for increasing hair growth using a creatine compound Looks like it works similar to niacinamide. Maybe a good combo could be niacinamide, methylene blue, creatine monohydrate and l carnitine all topically since oral creatine can actually cause hair...
  13. P

    The Role Of Dietary Creatine

    The role of dietary creatine. - PubMed - NCBI The daily requirement of a 70-kg male for creatine is about 2 g; up to half of this may be obtained from a typical omnivorous diet, with the remainder being synthesized in the body Creatine is a carninutrient, which means that it is only available...
  14. P

    Creatine, Similar To Ketamine, Counteracts Depressive-Like Behavior Induced By Corticosterone Via PI

    Creatine, Similar to Ketamine, Counteracts Depressive-Like Behavior Induced by Corticosterone via PI3K/Akt/mTOR Pathway. - PubMed - NCBI Ketamine has emerged as a novel strategy to treat refractory depression, producing rapid remission, but elicits some side effects that limit its use. In an...
  15. P

    Evidence For The Involvement Of 5-HT1A Receptor In The Acute Antidepressant-like Effect Of Creatine

    Evidence for the involvement of 5-HT1A receptor in the acute antidepressant-like effect of creatine in mice. - PubMed - NCBI Creatine was previously shown to produce an antidepressant-like effect in the tail suspension test through a modulation of the dopaminergic system. In this study, the...
  16. Drareg

    Ammonia Toxicity To The Brain: Effects On Creatine Metabolism And Transport And Protective Roles

    Hyperammonemia can provoke irreversible damage to the developing brain, with the formation of cortical atrophy, ventricular enlargement, demyelination or gray and white matter hypodensities. Among the various pathogenic mechanisms involved, alterations in cerebral energy have been demonstrated...
  17. P

    Creatine Supplementation As A Possible New Therapeutic Approach For Fatty Liver Disease

    Creatine supplementation as a possible new therapeutic approach for fatty liver disease: early findings. - PubMed - NCBI Over the last few years, consistent data have demonstrated that creatine (Cr) supplementation prevents the accumulation of fat in rat liver as well as the progression of...
  18. P

    Creatine Treatment Promotes Differentiation Of GABA-ergic Neuronal Precursors In Cultured Fetal Rat

    Creatine treatment promotes differentiation of GABA-ergic neuronal precursors in cultured fetal rat spinal cord. - PubMed - NCBI Creatine is a substrate of cytosolic and mitochondrial creatine kinases. Its supplementation augments cellular levels of creatine and phosphocreatine, the rate of...
  19. P

    Exploratory Studies Of The Potential Anti-cancer Effects Of Creatine

    Exploratory studies of the potential anti-cancer effects of creatine. - PubMed - NCBI Two experiments were performed, in which male Wistar Walker 256 tumor-bearing rats were inoculated with 4 × 107 tumor cells subcutaneously and received either creatine (300 mg/kg body weight/day; CR) or...
  20. P

    A Creatine-driven Substrate Cycle Enhances Energy Expenditure And Thermogenesis In Beige Fat

    A creatine-driven substrate cycle enhances energy expenditure and thermogenesis in beige fat. - PubMed - NCBI Thermogenic brown and beige adipose tissues dissipate chemical energy as heat, and their thermogenic activities can combat obesity and diabetes. Herein the functional adaptations to...
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