1. D

    Theory, which may explain copper toxicity/deficiency/low cerruloplasmin

    I have been studying the topic of copper for a long time. I previously linked copper toxicity to my, ADHD(ADHD and copper toxicity). But I also have low cerruloplasmin and copper deficiency symptoms such as fatigue and balance problems. I intuitively understood that a person can be toxic and...
  2. M

    Zinc induced copper deficiency/ Excess zinc blocks copper absorption for long time
  3. D

    A case of Wilson's syndrome with normal tests Here is a case of Wilson's-konovalov syndrome with normal cerruloplasmin, daily urine, and no kaiser rings. Normal cerruloplasmin may be elevated due to inflammation. It looks like a liver biopsy is the only 100% test. And most cases of the...
  4. D

    ADHD and copper toxicity

    The puzzle begins to take shape. As I wrote in the thread,High salt intake caused metabolic acidosis, I assume that ADHD may be a simple dopamine deficiency. As you can see from the diagram below, vitamin B6 is essential for the synthesis of dopamine. Haidut previously published a study in...
  5. Lokzo

    Copper deficiency halves serum dehydroepiandrosterone in rats - PUBMED

    Copper deficiency halves serum dehydroepiandrosterone in rats DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a hormone often taken as a dietary supplement to prevent the normal decline with age and in the hope of preventing heart attacks. Rats in two experiments were made deficient in copper by standard...
  6. Grapelander

    Using Copper To Prevent The Spread Of Respiratory Viruses

    Using copper to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses Human Coronavirus 229E Remains Infectious on Common Touch Surface Materials A newly-published paper in mBio - a journal of the American Society for Microbiology - reports that human coronavirus 229E, which produces a range of respiratory...
  7. L

    Dehydrated VS Freeze Dried Liver

    I wondered if anyone has any more info on dehydrating liver to make desiccated liver capsules. It’s fairly inexpensive to get hold of a dehydrator compared to spending lots on a freeze dryer. I’ve read quite a bit that suggests that dehydrating liver isn’t that good. Any opinions on this? Thank you
  8. A

    Is Vitamin A Toxin Or Is It Excess Of It What Makes It Harmfull?

    I have pssd and im one of the low ceruloplasmin case. I heard that vitamin A is a literal toxin to the body, to the liver, etc. How true is that? I just took a capsule of 30 mg retinol palmitate (30.000 IU) and im bit scared to be honest. If i really have low copper, does it mean that i just...
  9. M

    Darkening Eyebrow Hairs Using Copper By Ray Peat

    From Generative Energy: I had some eyebrow hairs that were pure white; when one matured and fell out, another white one would replace it. They grow quickly, and have a short life cycle, so they are nice to experiment with. I went on a very low iron diet, eating mostly milk, with some eggs...
  10. haidut

    Simple Copper Complexes Are A Powerful Alternative To Antibiotics

    The anti-bacterial effects of some metals have been known for millenia. Silver, Gold, copper and even nickel have been used by many ancient civilizations to sterilize water or even disinfect wounds. Of these metals, copper has been getting some renewed attention lately due to its ability to...
  11. P

    Relationship Between The Blood Concentration Of Several Metals &Endocrine Disorders Of Aging Males

    Analysis of the relationship between the blood concentration of several metals, macro- and micronutrients and endocrine disorders associated with m... - PubMed - NCBI Abstract Beyond 30 years of age, men experience a decline in the production of testosterone, yet only a few develop late-onset...
  12. beachbum

    Copper And Estrogen

    Hi everyone, No sure if I posted this in correct place. Anyway, does copper increase estrogen or vice versa. if so I read on another post saying that RP says copper increases thyroid, if that is the case then if the above is correct then that doesn't make sense. Meaning if they say if...
  13. Amazoniac

    Copper Deficiency In Humans

    Copper Deficiency in Humans This is not a brief review, I suggest that you read it completely for all the details. Here are some interesting parts from it: "The importance of reductions in the activity of cytochrome oxidase in causing the manifestations of Cu deficiency has probably been...
  14. haidut

    Shockingly Successful Trial Shows Copper Dissolved In Dmso Treats Als

    I posted some studies before showing that ALS is a disease of mitochondrial origin and delivering copper directly to the motor neurons may be a viable treatment. Here are some of the previous posts on that: Copper May Treat Als | Ray Peat Forum More evidence that diseases like ALS are...
  15. P

    Can The Wound Healing Process Be Improved By Vitamin Supplementation? Experimental Study On Humans

    Can the wound healing process be improved by vitamin supplementation? Experimental study on humans. - PubMed - NCBI Abstract The improvement of the wound healing process in humans by vitamin supplements is still controversial because of the lack of a clearly demonstrated correlation with the...
  16. DaveFoster

    Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, and Zinc Types and Dosages

    There's a great deal of information on this site that concerns minerals, but a wide variety of different dosages for each substance. Haidut provides a lot of helpful studies that translates to calculable dosages, but there' still a lot of ambiguity. Dosages for the following: - Calcium (35...
  17. JohnBonham

    Does Pyroluria Actually Exist? Zinc/b6

    Is there any legitimate science out there that proves Pyroluria is a real condition? I've heard tons of people say they have it, but couldn't they just be having run-of-the-mill zinc deficiency symptoms because of high aldosterone/diet whatever? I'm especially interested if Dr. Peat has...
  18. S

    The Mystery Of Spore-Forming Bacteria… (c. Diff & Others)

    Take Away Points Summary: Glycine and taurine cause germination of bacteria spores (if spores present). symptoms of this germination may be noticeable within 1 hour after consuming glycine or taurine. This does not necessarily mean taurine and glycine are bad. Copper can kill these bacteria in...
  19. natedawggh

    TAURINE The Key To Restoring Metabolic Function?

    I have been having a great time taking Taurine. At first it disturbed my sleep and gave me intestinal difficulties because it was increasing my bile output by quite a lot. But then I took my copper supplement around the same time I took Taurine, and the excess bile secretion stopped immediately...