1. C

    Why Doesn't Excess Zinc Cause Grey Hair Via Induced Copper Deficiency? (Gray Hair Either:)

    Everyone says excess zinc can cause a copper deficiency and on this forum people think topical or dietary copper can sometimes restore hair color (also suggested by Dr. Peat). But zinc is such a popular supplement that lots of people like @youngsinatra will overdose for various reasons. So I...
  2. cs3000

    Dont want crashed estrogen either (Vitamin D depletion & low estrogen, testicles lungs intestinal repair)

    High estrogen is clearly anti-health Some studies on the stress + cyst effects of high estrogen (along with anti-fertility/pregnancy, slow hair regrowth, & tumor promoting effects etc) But on the other side crashed estrogen isnt great either. this study showed low vit D could be 1 reason for...
  3. cs3000

    Important role of copper in schizophrenia (transporters) (Vitamin D and A)

    Worth posting this in its own thread, copper looks to be highly significant in schizophrenia, where blood levels tend to be higher than normal BUT brain levels lower in copper regardless (due to defective copper transport) so problem is with transport typically instead of levels, leading to...
  4. cs3000

    ECGC (green tea extract) toxicity & copper relationship

    Small amounts of these compounds act as positive eustressors, not toxic enough to do damage but enough to activate protective mechanisms that gives outweighing benefits. but best to be mindful of good doses for flavanols polyphenols catechins etc as too much can tip the balance into toxicity...
  5. cs3000

    Low Copper & Lung function (shortness of breath, copd)

    inflammation / infection lowers copper in lungs through TNF-a Copper Deficiency in the Lungs of TNF-α Transgenic Mice copper depletion can cause emphysema , lung damage Copper Deficiency Induced Emphysema Is Associated with Focal Adhesion Kinase Inactivation (copper is critical for proper...
  6. L


    Which one do you mainly prefer to increase your copper level? Why? If diet, what do you eat, and how much? If supplementation, what do you take, how much?
  7. cs3000

    Eyesight restored from 20/400 to 20/25 in woman with copper deficiency Copper deficiency is very common studies have it @ 30% - 60% of populations not hitting 0.9mg. and for those that do 0.9mg can be too low, likely at ~50% for well nourished levels. at ~1mg heart issues start to develop, low copper is probably a leading...
  8. O

    Are you selling your Copper (1) supplement?

    Hi, I'm looking for anyone who is selling their Copper supplement - specifically the Copper(1) type (eg Mitosynergy / Bio-active copper Cu1). This is deemed the most ideal & compatible form of Copper. It's aka "Cuprous Nicotinic Acid". I'm based in England, UK. (As an aside...i'm also...
  9. dervmai

    Worsening of histamine issues on thyroid. Did I figure out why?

    I ran my diet through cronometer. By the way, if anyone is trying to fix their health, running your diet through a vitamin and minerals tracker like cronometer is a must. Basically it shows my copper intake is low and my zinc is quite high. I eat a lot of red meat, it's the only type of meat...
  10. youngsinatra

    Root Cause Protocol & A Ray Peat Perspective

    The statement mission of the Root Cause Protocol: „The RCP is designed to: 1. increase bioavailable COPPER (Ceruloplasmin) in order to... 2. decrease unbound IRON and... 3. decrease the MAGNESIUM burn rate in order to... 4. repair cellular mineral imbalance - the ROOT CAUSE of virtually ALL...
  11. cs3000

    Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin (liquid chlorophyll) benefits

    Chlorophyllin is a derivative of chlorophyll, aka water soluble chlorophyll Increases White blood count, Red blood count, Hemoglobin slightly, by 14 and 28 days , (from normal baselines, in rats with oxidative stress induced lowering of these i bet would be big effect)...
  12. C

    Copper for Brain and Thyroid Health

    Copper Increases Thyroid Health Serum Copper levels associated with higher Free T4 Exploring the role of copper and selenium in the maintenance of normal thyroid function among healthy Koreans Thyroid hormone stimulates release of liver copper as ceruloplasmin Serum copper as a novel biomarker...
  13. youngsinatra

    „The Role of Zinc, Copper and Calcium in the Etiology of the "Meat Anemia“ (1964)

    Interesting read. Enjoy!
  14. J

    Free fatty acid suppression by Copper Nicotinate and Salicylates

    According to Ray’s work, lowering free fatty acids seems to be an essential factor in promoting proper health and regeneration, so I thought I’d post a few studies I found. Copper Nicotinate...
  15. InChristAlone

    Dr Carl Pfeiffer Mental and Elemental Nutrients

    Here are some notes from Dr. Pfeiffer's book; "Mental and elemental nutrients : a physician's guide to nutrition and health care", it's an old book, but I think it's contributions to nutrition is still relevant. Zinc- "zinc is more precious than gold" Zinc is needed for normal growth and...
  16. cureme

    Are these doses safe

    My urologist gave me this vitamins along with Tadalafil to treat a sexual dysfunction. I'm only interested in these vitamins. Are these doses safe? I'm very layman Beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A)________5,000 IU___167%* Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)_________60 mg___267%* Racealphatocopherol...
  17. undecided0

    Could this be a copper issue?

    Copper is risky to supplement blindly and I wanted to know the best way to test for copper issues? I see conflicting posts on the matter. Lots of copper toxicity talk and copper deficiency talk. I have another post where I also considered iron. I ask this because high copper foods (especially...
  18. A

    Calcium can delay age-related macular degeneration via enhanced copper metabolism

    ABSTRACT Secondary analyses of data from the Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) revealed that higher calcium intakes were associated with slower progression to age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Earlier, primary analyses had revealed that a supplement containing copper reduced the odds...
  19. youngsinatra

    Severe Copper Deficiency By Daily Oyster Consumption (PubMed Case-Study)

    „We report a 39-year-old woman with slowly progressive spastic gait and paresthesia in the lower extremities. Cervical spinal MRI revealed high intensity in the dorsal column from vertebrae C2 to C7. Laboratory findings showed normal vitamin B12 and low serum copper level. By lifestyle history...
  20. md_a

    Folic Acid and Gray Hair

    Folic acid is also important, which is easily lost when estrogen is high, retinoids, UV, alcohol, maybe even coffee ... Oxidative stress by decreasing melanin production contributes to depigmentation. As a tyrosine derivative, melanin is responsible for pigmentation. Vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12...
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