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  1. K

    Lion’s Mane vs. Methylene Blue

    I’d love to know peoples’ thoughts on how Lion’s mane mushroom & methylene blue compare. From what I understand, both are useful for improved mental clarity, memory, and they have potential in cases of Alzheimer’s. I just ordered some methylene blue, and am curious/excited to experiment with...
  2. haidut

    AlloP - Liquid Allopregnanolone For Lab/R&D

    Just a quick announcement that we have replaced the 5α-DHP in our store with allopregnanolone. The main reason for switching over to allopregnanolone is that we always wanted to provide that steroid right from the start, however we could not find a lab willing to synthesize it. Thus, 5α-DHP...
  3. haidut

    Air pollution impairs cognition, aspirin is protective

    A new study demonstrating that even short-term (less than a month) exposure to polluted air impaired cognition in humans, and that the mechanism of action was by triggering an inflammatory response. Ergo, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) and especially aspirin, were found to be protective. Since...
  4. Hans

    The biggest missing links to optimal brain function – part 1

    What inspired me to write this article is overall reductionism when it comes to mental function. Far too many people want to focus on specific neurotransmitters and blame certain ones for certain conditions (e.g. low dopamine in anhedonia), but health as a whole started to deteriorate first, and...
  5. Hans

    Why Intermittent Fasting Actually Works (it’s Not What You Think)

    Intermittent fasting is still somewhat of a hot topic as it does give some people benefits (temporary and some long term). I think one of the most reasons why it works is often overlooked because a lot of people are unaware of it. I want to bring awareness to this reason and also to the fact...
  6. haidut

    Blocking Serotonin, Adrenaline Treats Anxiety, Brain Damage Due To Alcohol "addiction"

    Over the last 2 decades a large number of studies have come out demonstrating that the withdrawal symptoms in "addicts" are due largely due to elevated serotonin and adrenaline. As such, drugs such as cyproheptadine, clonidine, propranolol, etc have been successfully used off-label for treating...
  7. haidut

    The (remarkable) Intelligence Of Plants

    I made a few posts in the past about the altruism of plants, as well as their apparent consciousness (affected by anesthesia) despite the fact that they do not have a nervous system. The article below describes additional experiments demonstrating that plants are apparently capable of a number...
  8. haidut

    The Linguistic Genius Of Prairie Dogs

    A nice article showing that the one of the most uniquely human aspect of our existence - language - is actually a capacity that much "lower" animals possess as well, and may be even more adept than us at using. Apparently, prairie dogs are not only capable of verbalizing sentences with just...
  9. haidut

    The (in)famous Condition “chemo Brain” May Be Simply A State Of Low DHEA

    The condition known as “chemobrain” is notorious among cancer survivors and many other patients undergoing toxic interventions with chemotherapy and may affect up to 85% of cancer patients. It amounts to severe cognitive dysfunction, memory problems, and even personality changes that result in...
  10. haidut

    Neurons In The Brain Communicate Remotely Using EMF Signals

    I know the findings of this study probably won't come as surprise to many forum users but they are nonetheless worth pointing out given their potential for dramatically shifting how medicine views the brain. While Peat has written many times about long range communication between cells that...
  11. haidut

    A Proposed Anabolic Mechanism Of Tribulus Terrestris (TT)

    Some people on the forum like @Wagner83 myself and a few others have tried the infamous herb TT with the hope of raising androgens and improving body composition. Despite Wikipedia bashing TT and raising doubts about its effectiveness, there is plenty of evidence from human trials shows the herb...
  12. haidut

    Taurine May Treat Depression And Psychosis In Humans

    A human study, and as such very relevant. The dose (4g daily for 12 weeks) was a bit on the high end but that was probably because the scientists designing the trial were unaware of the studies showing benefits of taurine plateau after 2g daily. In any event, good news for those with mood/mental...
  13. haidut

    Pregnenolone Activates The Glycine Receptor

    This mechanism of pregnenolone is one of the proposed methods through which it enhances neurogenesis, memory, mood and even motor function. Low doses pregnenolon improve sleep quality and are even mildly sedating, which may also be due to the activation of the glycine receptor. Subunit-specific...
  14. haidut

    Methylene Blue Improves Short-term Memory In Humans

    I suppose the results of this study are to be expected but I wanted to post it anyways since it was one of the few human studies using methylene blue. The doses used was pretty high (4mg/kg for human) but for some reason the authors claim that this is actually a pretty low dose. Be that as it...
  15. haidut

    Pregnenolone May Protect Cognition From Damage By Stress

    The study was actually on how stress damages cognition, and based on another study I posted and the drug used in the study to block the effects of stress I inferred that pregnenolone would work just as well. The study discovered that the release of CRF / CRH as part of the stress response is...
  16. haidut

    Stress Increases Estrogen In Females And Impairs Cognitive Function

    I already posted several studies showing that stress elevates estrogen in males. So much for estrogen being a beneficial female hormone. Acute stress persistently enhances estrogen levels in the female rat. - PubMed - NCBI "...Here we tested whether exposure to either tailshock or swim stress...
  17. S

    Tianeptine Vs Escitalopram

    Influence of anxiety symptoms on improvement of neurocognitive functions in patients with major depressive disorder: A 12-week, multicenter, random... - PubMed - NCBI http://tinyurl.com/hyuogod
  18. L

    The Magical Thing Eating Chocolate Does To Your Brain

    The Magical Thing Eating Chocolate Does to Your Brain :crazy: lolol The magical thing eating chocolate does to your brain
  19. haidut

    Stress Elevates Estrogen, Not Just Cortisol

    I receive many emails challenging Peat's assertion that estrogen is a stress hormones and that it rises under conditions of both acute and chronic stress. Cortisol is the stress hormones they say, leave estrogen alone. Well, not according to this study. Also, estrogen damages the negative...
  20. M

    Memory, Cognition & Nutrition KMUD - Ask Your Herb Doctor

    Transcribed by moss 11 December 2014 Verified by Sheila 14 December 2014 (special thanks) Memory, Cognition & Nutrition KMUD - Ask Your Herb Doctor – (2014) HD – Andrew Murray RP – Ray Peat Ph.D HD: Hi - Dr Peat - you with us? RP: Hi. HD: OK, I just want to begin tonight’s show, as always...