Monitoring Vitals (temp, Pulse, Glucose Etc)

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    Jan 24, 2014
    I was curious to know how people charted their temperature and pulse. I have often gotten started on this using a thermometer and using my wrist for pulse. But I have usually given up soon after as its inconvenient at work and anytime you're outside the house. I was looking for One gadget that would help measure temperature, pulse and glucose. This 'wearable' technology space seems to be considered a pretty hot field these days. Most of these wearables today, can I think measure skin temperature and pulse using infra red and ecg sensors. Are these technologies something to be worried about in a Peatarian context? A good old oximeter could also be used for the pulse and spo2.

    Glucose is a bit of a problem as CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) needs to be prescribed by a doctor and one has to wade through the insurance labyrinth. The FDA also has to approve any device which claims to be a glucose monitor so that makes it all the more expensive. Google is working with the most popular CGM maker Dexcom to come up with a tiny bandage like CGM system which I'm hoping will be direct to customer. Another venture is a contact lens that measures glucose. ... es-devices

    Till this one comes around, do people have any recommendations for tracking vitals?
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