1. C

    Thyroid dosing for Dog or Cat Using Temperature And Pulse. Is it possible? Anyone Tried?

    I thought it would be completely impractical until I realized you could use an ear thermometer with a longer probe designed for animals (as opposed to using a rectal reading). The problem is I don't know of any ideal pulse or temperature. Has anyone tried the Broda Barnes technique on a pet?
  2. M

    2 grains of thyroid temps still low

    How can this be if I’ve been on this dose for about 2 months and im starting to feel worse again? My 3pm temp is 97 degrees. Can this possibly happen when taking too much thyroid?
  3. Connor888

    Best way to correct chronically high adrenalin?

    My basal temps have always been low. But through the day they have usually appeared normal.. high sometimes, with a pulse of 90-100+ - I recently started measuring my temperature 30-60 minutes AFTER a meal instead, and I found my body temperature can fall as much as 37.2c - > to 36.7c when I do...
  4. Androsclerosis

    Easiest way to increase body temperature

    I tell you that by doing this you will cure many of your diseases. My advice is Wear More Clothes, simple as that. When it was winter I always have been complaining about being bloated, being foggy, fatigued and having a low quality sleep. During that time I also woke up few times a night. It...
  5. :M :B.

    Sharing My Template For Temperature & Pulse Logging

    Sharing this template since it might be useful. I put a symbol key on it (with a little extra space to customize your own) for the tracking of certain types of foods, suppliments.... that may drop or raise temperature and pulse in your current state. Must print full image to avoid cutting off...
  6. tastyfood

    What makes the left and right ear temperatures different throughout the day?

    I have an accurate ear thermometer, the one from Braun, and the measurements from left to right ears are mostly different. When I feel like I'm having good metabolism, the measurements tend to be closer. So far the two theories that I have are: - Peat quote from an email he sent me: I have...
  7. tastyfood

    What is a desired body temperature when you go to sleep?

    We talk a lot about what the basal temperature should be (97.9F), but how about the temperature when you go to sleep (bedtime)? I get good temps when I wake up and throughout the day, but I haven't been able to confirm if my body temperature when I go to sleep is good. Thank you!
  8. PeatandPotatoes

    I want to increase body temp and metabolic rate, any tips? (16 yo)

    I have recently been monitoring body temp, in the morning my temp is usually around 97.4 During the day my temp will go to a maximum of around 98.4 and 92 pulse (usually after a meal) I seem to be sensitive to the cold as well, hands and feet get cold quickly.If I am outside or in air...
  9. K

    First Steps To Increasing Body Temperature

    I currently weigh about 165-170 depending on how carbed up I am. I lift weights and make progress, indicating that I recover well. My diet has a lot of protein, a lot of saturated fat, and moderate carbs some days and several hundred grams of carbs other days (rice, dates, figs, berries...
  10. A

    In diabetic retinopathy eyes, the ocular surface temperature is less than age matched counterparts

    Infrared thermography provides functional imaging by picturing the temperature pattern of the region imaged. The temperature correlates to the blood flow pattern and is used in the diagnosis of diseases like breast cancer, peripheral vascular disorders, diabetic neuropathy and fever screening...
  11. G

    Unstable morning temps/ candida / diet

    Hello! I've come seeking help on stabilizing my morning temperature and any other insight. I am 29, female, 140 lbs, 5 ft 7 in. I have been dealing with yeast infections since 2013 and for years cut back on dessert, then fruit then carbs. I have tried many "candida diets" and protocols with...
  12. E

    Sterculia oil, SCD1 and inflammation

    To my surprise I didnt find a post on this so I figured I'd make one, because I want to know your opinions. So many of us know Brad Marshall for his Croissant diet, a diet high in stearic acid. Recently he has been researching and writing a lot about the role of the enzyme SCD1 which regulates...
  13. S

    How To Get Fever

    My question is if there is a way to induce fever ? I am 26M and I remember it is almost 3-4 years since I didn't get any fever. From that time, my health started to decline. I am sure I have leaky gut and as a result malnutrition and arthritis symptoms. Apart from that I have reduced mental...
  14. Outdoctrination

    Best ways to test at home? Temp, pulse, etc

    How do you guys check your temperature and pulse at home? I've been doing underarm temperatures but have heard that oral might be more indicative. What other tests can you do at home to check for proper metabolism/low stress hormones? I remember @haidut saying the amount you urinate may be...
  15. haidut

    PUFA promote torpor / hibernation, decrease lifespan

    Not many studies on this topic, but here is one that will hopefully satisfy my critics who keep complaining that there is no evidence for the anti-metabolic, pro-hibernation effects of PUFA. Apparently, PUFA is sought after by hibernating animals (but even they consume it within very tightly...
  16. D

    Diffuse thinner, still no luck

    Hi all, looking for some advice again as I'm totally lost. 25 yrs old, hair is still shedding like crazy. seem to be a chronic diffuse thinner, approx 3 years now, lost about 70% of my hair. things I've tried: -eating excess calories (3000-4000k a day) I weigh 68kg, 5'10, and find this...
  17. Kykeon

    Rat smarter with pullover / rat hats

    Hello friends of metabolic health Georgi @haidut mentions a study in a danny roddy podcast (iirc) that rats with beanies or a sweater are more intelligent/ solve a rat labyrinth faster. I am now searching this for like a week, and i can not find it. IF PLEASE SOMEONE CAN TELL ME WHERE I CAN...
  18. deliciousfruit

    confusion about body temperature and thyroid

    To my knowledge, I am very hypothyroid as my TSH is was 6.5 and my symptoms are debilitating. I've been on NDT for a week, taking 1/6th a grain (1.5mcg T3, 7mcg T4), in the morning with my coffee+milk and OJ. My problem is that I am feverishly hot all the time, and when others feels my forehead...
  19. D

    High Pulse, Low Morning Temperature

    Hey I'm 24 year old male I've been struggling with fatigue and irritability/depression/lack of good libido with gut issues (and recently hemmorhoids/yellowish stools) on and off for pretty much all my life sometimes better sometimes worse, I recently came back to peating which I've struggled to...
  20. MetabolicTrash

    Is Manually Heating/warming The Body A Good Approach? Sharing All Of My "implementations."

    It's known that many have associated the feeling of warmth with comfort -- and plenty even associate this pleasant warmth/sense of well being with or after supplementing thyroid. I have found a liking to "manual" heating methods, however, such as hot showers and heating devices/external...
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