1. G

    Unstable morning temps/ candida / diet

    Hello! I've come seeking help on stabilizing my morning temperature and any other insight. I am 29, female, 140 lbs, 5 ft 7 in. I have been dealing with yeast infections since 2013 and for years cut back on dessert, then fruit then carbs. I have tried many "candida diets" and protocols with...
  2. E

    Sterculia oil, SCD1 and inflammation

    To my surprise I didnt find a post on this so I figured I'd make one, because I want to know your opinions. So many of us know Brad Marshall for his Croissant diet, a diet high in stearic acid. Recently he has been researching and writing a lot about the role of the enzyme SCD1 which regulates...
  3. S

    How To Get Fever

    My question is if there is a way to induce fever ? I am 26M and I remember it is almost 3-4 years since I didn't get any fever. From that time, my health started to decline. I am sure I have leaky gut and as a result malnutrition and arthritis symptoms. Apart from that I have reduced mental...
  4. P

    Best ways to test at home? Temp, pulse, etc

    How do you guys check your temperature and pulse at home? I've been doing underarm temperatures but have heard that oral might be more indicative. What other tests can you do at home to check for proper metabolism/low stress hormones? I remember @haidut saying the amount you urinate may be...
  5. haidut

    PUFA promote torpor / hibernation, decrease lifespan

    Not many studies on this topic, but here is one that will hopefully satisfy my critics who keep complaining that there is no evidence for the anti-metabolic, pro-hibernation effects of PUFA. Apparently, PUFA is sought after by hibernating animals (but even they consume it within very tightly...
  6. D

    Diffuse thinner, still no luck

    Hi all, looking for some advice again as I'm totally lost. 25 yrs old, hair is still shedding like crazy. seem to be a chronic diffuse thinner, approx 3 years now, lost about 70% of my hair. things I've tried: -eating excess calories (3000-4000k a day) I weigh 68kg, 5'10, and find this...
  7. K

    Rat smarter with pullover / rat hats

    Hello friends of metabolic health Georgi @haidut mentions a study in a danny roddy podcast (iirc) that rats with beanies or a sweater are more intelligent/ solve a rat labyrinth faster. I am now searching this for like a week, and i can not find it. IF PLEASE SOMEONE CAN TELL ME WHERE I CAN...
  8. deliciousfruit

    confusion about body temperature and thyroid

    To my knowledge, I am very hypothyroid as my TSH is was 6.5 and my symptoms are debilitating. I've been on NDT for a week, taking 1/6th a grain (1.5mcg T3, 7mcg T4), in the morning with my coffee+milk and OJ. My problem is that I am feverishly hot all the time, and when others feels my forehead...
  9. D

    High Pulse, Low Morning Temperature

    Hey I'm 24 year old male I've been struggling with fatigue and irritability/depression/lack of good libido with gut issues (and recently hemmorhoids/yellowish stools) on and off for pretty much all my life sometimes better sometimes worse, I recently came back to peating which I've struggled to...
  10. ScurveDream

    Is Manually Heating/warming The Body A Good Approach? Sharing All Of My "implementations."

    It's known that many have associated the feeling of warmth with comfort -- and plenty even associate this pleasant warmth/sense of well being with or after supplementing thyroid. I have found a liking to "manual" heating methods, however, such as hot showers and heating devices/external...
  11. jzeno

    [Discussion] Raising Body Temperature

    As we all understand, healthy body temperature is a good sign. I think we would agree that when our body temperature and limb temperature is good, we generally feel very good. I also think many of us arrive here because we have body temperature issues, whether some of us are aware of it or not...
  12. J

    "Higher Metabolism, Temperature And Pulse And Lower TSH Associated With Higher Mortality"

    WTF is this??? Higher metabolism, temperature and pulse and lower TSH associated with higher mortality
  13. E

    What Is The Ideal Waking Temperature?

    I've had a Google around and get slightly confused by it all. I've measured my waking temperature over the last few days (celcius) and had 35.9, 36 and 36. Thanks!
  14. scarlettsmum

    Cooked Fruit And Parmesan For Raising Temps

    This is obviously very individual but I thought I might share this just in case it helps anyone else at the beginning of their journey. After trying lots of different combinations of things I find that what really works for raising my temps now is cooked fruit with lots of sugar, cinnamon and...
  15. Ahanu

    How Body Temperature Is Affected By Thyroid Hormone

    As we take our temperature and heart rate to measure our metabolism it is very interesting to know how and what mechanisms come into play. This study shows a part, i guess: "The thyroid produces hormones that are able to influence how much the blood vessels dilate. In turn, this affects how...
  16. Y

    How To Measure Extremities Temperature?

    Ray Peat and I think Broda Barnes too mentioned extremities temperatures. Adrenaline can compensate for low thyroid thus having normal core but low extremities temperatures. How do you measure them? Just grab a thermometer by its tip and close your hand so you got hands temp? Place the...
  17. J

    High Fat Diet Induced Inflammation, Temperature, And Metabolic Disease

    http://www.cell.com/cell-metabolism/abs ... 50-4131(15)00519-7 "Highlights •Thermoneutral housing accelerates onset of metabolic inflammation •Thermoneutral housing uncouples adipose tissue inflammation from insulin resistance •Atherosclerosis is potentiated in thermoneutral mice...
  18. goodandevil

    Can Cortisol Influence Body Temp As Much As Thyroid?

    Just curious- can cortisol drive temps into the 98 range?
  19. Lightbringer

    Monitoring Vitals (temp, Pulse, Glucose Etc)

    I was curious to know how people charted their temperature and pulse. I have often gotten started on this using a thermometer and using my wrist for pulse. But I have usually given up soon after as its inconvenient at work and anytime you're outside the house. I was looking for One gadget that...
  20. burtlancast

    Hashimoto’s, Antibodies, Temperature and Pulse KMUD, 2013

    Transcribed by Burtlancast. Download the MP3: http://uploadingit.com/file/view/bsdxy3 ... ritalk.mp3