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  1. cs3000

    50g Fructose gives only a mild increase in blood sugar / blood glucose They gave 50g sugar, glucose or fructose water to humans. Fructose showed a mild increase in blood sugar levels within a 2 hour window, where the others raised it a lot Same here...
  2. Katelove

    Blood Glucose - High Carb/Low Fat

    I have been doing a high carb/low fat diet to address my diabetes. I was testing at a 170 fasting blood glucose for a while and then I added sugar and fruit for about a month. I didn't test during this time. When I tested again I was at a 500 post prandial. My fasting was 330. I have given up...
  3. C

    Low BP and Blood Sugar with High Cortisol

    Hi All, I'm stumped. My BP recently dropped dramatically and coincided with a big drop in blood sugar. Diet was unchanged. Supplements unchanged (been on Thyroid for about 1 year). I was using about 0.5mg Cyproheptadine alongside the thyroid but came off. I've since reintroduced and...
  4. Rickyman

    Normal blood sugar but still diabetic, is it possible?

    Is it possible to have normal blood glucose levels 80-100 after eating, and fasting | Normal A1C below 5.7 and still have blood sugar issues? I am not sure why my body feels so odd and ill if I eat carbs. I was eating them fine before, than bam! Can't have any not even a bell pepper. Forced to...
  5. G

    Better blood sugar regulation with starch vs sugar? | Liver health & Insulin Resistance.

    To put it shortly, I have hypoglycemia issues eating only sugars in my diet. I also get hungry often, have to eat every 2hrs to avoid a stress response. If I eat starch, I can go much longer in between meals and don't get into hypoglycemia as often and not as soon as with sugar. Why does this...
  6. haidut

    Nut (PUFA) Consumption May Cause Diabetes Even Without Obesity

    Such are the findings of this intriguing study, and I suspect the authors probably "massaged" the data a bit in order to avoid getting their study rejected by the peer-review committee. Cases of diabetes II without the presence of obesity are extremely rare, so the finding that nut consumption...
  7. D

    Optimal Blood Sugar Levels?

    Hey, Has Peat mentioned anything about optimal blood sugar levels? The only quote in which he mentioned numbers was related to the resistance to allergy. I got a blood sugar measurement device because I feel my blood sugar is still somewhat unstable and I never know if it´s too high or too low...
  8. L

    Do You Get Over The Fruit/Orange Juice Blood Sugar Spike?

    For most of the people who have been eating this way for a long time....have your blood sugar levels or insulin gone up? Were they low/normal to begin with? On low carb both of these were low/normal for me and now have gone up. Does this settle down eventually? How long?
  9. Lightbringer

    Monitoring Vitals (temp, Pulse, Glucose Etc)

    I was curious to know how people charted their temperature and pulse. I have often gotten started on this using a thermometer and using my wrist for pulse. But I have usually given up soon after as its inconvenient at work and anytime you're outside the house. I was looking for One gadget that...
  10. Amazoniac

    Sugar Cravings After A Meal Caused By Insulin Or Stress Response? How Do You Know?

    How to know that the cravings for sugar after a high GI index meal occur due to insulin or due to counter-regulatory stress hormones? Since both of them probably generate cravings to compensate by providing fast energy..
  11. haidut

    Using Vitamins (pyridoxine) For Improving Glucose Control

    This post is on vitamin B6 (pyridoxine, or pyridoxal-5-phosphate). This vitamin has a long history of administration in diabetes and hyperglycemic conditions. It is especially effective in combination with vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and vitamin B7 (biotin). Vitamin B6 doses...
  12. A

    High Fasting Blood Sugar Levels - "pre-diabetes" Levels

    I've tested my fasting blood sugar at home a few times in the last week, and the results have all been over 100mg - up to 111mg/dl (6.2 mmol). This would put me in "pre-diabetes" range. I've got old blood glucose readings done through a doctor about 3 months into Peating when I was at 90, and...
  13. haidut

    Aggression Is Caused By Low Oxidative Metabolism

    Another confirmation of Peat's ideas, in addition to the already known link between estrogen and aggression. I already posted a human study on aggression between spouses being linked to low blood sugar, which matches well with this study below. ...
  14. haidut

    Aggression Linked To Low Blood Sugar

    The study only looked at couples, but I don't see why it would not be true for the general population as well. ... irm-276422
  15. haidut

    A Reversal On Public Opinion Of Fructose May Be Under Way

    I know several people working on public policy and they are seeing signs that the anti-fructose trend is about to reverse. By "about to reverse" I mean 3-5 years, b/c that's how long it takes for public policy to start reflecting the "latest" research:-)...
  16. charlie

    "Blood Sugar Is Usually The Thing To Pay Most Attention To,"

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