1. haidut

    Blood Glucose Varies Widely In Healthy People, Can Reach Even Diabetic Levels

    I noticed over the years that many of the people diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes II have received their diagnosis based on a single fasting blood test. The use HbA1C is not as widespread among PCP, despite what mainstream media claims. About half of the cases of newly diagnose...
  2. Lightbringer

    Monitoring Vitals (temp, Pulse, Glucose Etc)

    I was curious to know how people charted their temperature and pulse. I have often gotten started on this using a thermometer and using my wrist for pulse. But I have usually given up soon after as its inconvenient at work and anytime you're outside the house. I was looking for One gadget that...
  3. B

    Whats Your Resting BPM? This works pretty well, I'm around 85 resting
  4. Philomath

    Wearable Technology For Tracking Pulse/temps

    I thought I'd start a post on wearable devices that can help track useful vital signs (pulse, temps etc.). Even though there are plenty of devices in this "smart watch" category, I'm listing devices that track at minimum heart rate and temperature. Here is my list, if you know of more, please...
  5. K

    Where To Measure Your Temp, Best Type Of Thermometer?

    I want to buy a thermometer to start measuring my temperature so I have some kind of idea as to how certain foods and supplements effect my metabolism. What type of thermometer is best, and where is the best place to measure the temp?
  6. charlie

    Tracking Software For Temp, Pulse And Nearly Everything Else

    Here is a neat little tool I have been using to check my pulse. Put one hand on your pulse, the other on the spacebar, and tap the spacebar to the beat of your pulse. I am pretty good at it now so it only takes 4 or 5 taps to get a good reading. :dance
  7. J

    How Do You Take Your Temp?

    This is a very simple post but I would like it clearing up. What method dose everyone use to take temperature? Oral, armpit, rectum or ear canal? Maybe there are more methods but these are the most common, or the most common ones I have heard of. I am wondering because they all seem to give...
  8. S

    Using Body Temp

    Im thinking.... Basing a food as good or bad based on whether or not it can increase body temp seems rather foolish? First how do you even get a consistent accurate reading on body temp Measurement method - Normal temperature range Rectal 36.6°C to 38°C (97.9°F to 100.4°F) Ear...
  9. T

    97.7, Peating To The Nth Degree, Fun With Thermometers

    Well 98.6 is my current temp. Whats yours? Think about if every time someone posted they started their post with their current temp what a fantastic sampling we could create. I've been obsessing in a fun way with my digital thermometer I bought for 3.50 at big lots, I sprang the extra buck to...
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