1. P

    Best ways to test at home? Temp, pulse, etc

    How do you guys check your temperature and pulse at home? I've been doing underarm temperatures but have heard that oral might be more indicative. What other tests can you do at home to check for proper metabolism/low stress hormones? I remember @haidut saying the amount you urinate may be...
  2. D

    Diffuse thinner, still no luck

    Hi all, looking for some advice again as I'm totally lost. 25 yrs old, hair is still shedding like crazy. seem to be a chronic diffuse thinner, approx 3 years now, lost about 70% of my hair. things I've tried: -eating excess calories (3000-4000k a day) I weigh 68kg, 5'10, and find this...
  3. haidut

    Your Confidence In Making Decisions Depends On Your Heart Rate

    I was hesitating if I should title the post "your confidence depends on your metabolism" since this is what Ray has discussed with a few people over email, but the study did not directly measure metabolism. Instead, the scientists used subliminal messaging to excite people and raise their heart...
  4. J

    "Higher Metabolism, Temperature And Pulse And Lower TSH Associated With Higher Mortality"

    WTF is this??? Higher metabolism, temperature and pulse and lower TSH associated with higher mortality
  5. Lightbringer

    Monitoring Vitals (temp, Pulse, Glucose Etc)

    I was curious to know how people charted their temperature and pulse. I have often gotten started on this using a thermometer and using my wrist for pulse. But I have usually given up soon after as its inconvenient at work and anytime you're outside the house. I was looking for One gadget that...
  6. B

    Whats Your Resting BPM?

    http://onlineheartrate.com/ This works pretty well, I'm around 85 resting
  7. burtlancast

    Hashimoto’s, Antibodies, Temperature and Pulse KMUD, 2013

    Transcribed by Burtlancast. Download the MP3: http://uploadingit.com/file/view/bsdxy3 ... ritalk.mp3
  8. Philomath

    Wearable Technology For Tracking Pulse/temps

    I thought I'd start a post on wearable devices that can help track useful vital signs (pulse, temps etc.). Even though there are plenty of devices in this "smart watch" category, I'm listing devices that track at minimum heart rate and temperature. Here is my list, if you know of more, please...
  9. BingDing

    Temps And Pulse Chart

    Hey all I once ran across a page that had a chart of temps and pulse that attempted to explain what different patterns meant. For example, if temps drop after eating breakfast and pulse was good. There were like 6-8 different lines. I've searched all over and can't find it again. Anyone know? Thx
  10. MyUsernameHere

    Does (nor)adrenaline Always Increase Pulse?

    Do these stress hormones as a rule cause an increase in pulse? It seems like that is mentioned everywhere. I suspect I have a problem with these two being high but my pulse is always 50-60, and taking thyroid does nothing to change my pulse.
  11. Bluebell

    Does Caffeine Affect Accuracy Of Temp/pulse Reading?

    I take my temp and pulse thing on waking. Then again one hour after breakfast. I was just wondering if I've just had a load of coffee with my breakfast, wouldn't that affect my pulse/temp readings and maybe give a false high? So I might be seeing the effects of the stimulation of the caffeine...
  12. charlie

    Tracking Software For Temp, Pulse And Nearly Everything Else

    Here is a neat little tool I have been using to check my pulse. Put one hand on your pulse, the other on the spacebar, and tap the spacebar to the beat of your pulse. I am pretty good at it now so it only takes 4 or 5 taps to get a good reading. :dance http://www.all8.com/tools/bpm.htm
  13. J

    Your Pulse Experience

    Have you found a correlation between your pulse and your well-being? Do you have a goal? What's your current pulse? A thought provoking quote from Peat: