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  1. A

    The Consensus On St. John's Wort Tea?

    How does it affect neurotransmitters and receptors counts/sensitivity/densities in the brain? What therapeutic uses does it have? What could be the reason that it works for me? (cognitive enchanment and improvement in the hedonic tone after fluoxetine induced pssd) Also wider field of view and...
  2. A

    Serotonin And Diarrhea?

    I noticed that anything that's a serotonergic causes diarrhea for me. This includes Riboflavine as well, though I have yet no study to back this up, I see very vivid dreams whenever i take riboflavine. And vivid dreams are the biggest sign of high serotonin as far as i know, and also from my...
  3. A

    Onions Increase The Amount Of Iron Absorbed From Grains

    This is what it says. I wonder what you think about it. Do you avoid eating onions and bread at the same time? Would coffee help? Garlic and onion may boost mineral absorption
  4. A

    Dad Just Took A Tablet Of Ciprofloxacin, What To Do?

    I said him it's very dangerous to take fluoroquinolone type of antibiotics. He didn't believed. I don't know what to do now.
  5. A

    Molybdenum Absorption?

    What are some of the things that affect absorption of molybdenum?
  6. A

    Would Drinking Coffee Along With Turmeric Inhibit Iron Absorption?

    7 Grams of turmeric contains %16 of RDA. Can I make it less absorbable by drinking coffee(1 cup turkish coffee) along with turmeric+black pepper? Would it interfere with the bioavailability of curcumin?
  7. A

    My Iron Levels Are Ok?

    I took fluoxetine in April 2018. That's when i got pssd. Seems like my folate levels dropped as well. What do you think?
  8. A

    Exposure Of Iron Knife With Food

    I'm specifically talking about acidic fruits, like apples. How much iron do we get from metal kitchen accesories?
  9. A

    Do Vitamin C Expire?

    I have half a bottle of vitamin C (+bioflavanoids, rutine, hesperidine). It was in my fridge for about 1,5-2 years and got a lot of exposure to light as well. But the expiration date is 2021. Should i take it or throw it off?
  10. A

    Whose Are Being Exposed To Talc(oral) Daily Here?

    I'm curious how much of a concern it is. There is a topic already about it but I couldn't actually believed that even the amount of talc in a tablet can make me diabetes. Could somebody lighthen me? Also, there is an additional excipient called primogel(primojel), but I couldn't find any mention...
  11. A

    Is It Safe To Take Thyroid(T3)?

    How much risk it posseses? I plan to give a try to triiodothyronine, maybe 12,5 mcg a day.
  12. A

    Coffee Causes Diarrhea

    No matter how much sugar I drink it with, it gives me diarrhea generally the morning after. Why dpes it happen so?
  13. A

    Mussels, Are They Safe?

    They are rich in heavy metals as far as I know. How toxic are they?
  14. haidut

    Possible Explanation Of The Obesity Paradox

    I recently posted a thread on the being overweight with a BMI or 27 associated with lower mortality than being lean. Taller People Have Higher Mortality From Cancer This study claims to have found a possible explanation, and it has to with the fact that the ability to accumulate fat is an...