Onions Increase The Amount Of Iron Absorbed From Grains


Mar 3, 2016
Interesting, thanks for posting. I guess it's a bad idea to eat onion with meat then.


Mar 3, 2016
I wonder if it's just concerning non-heme iron or both non-heme and heme

Dave Clark

Jun 2, 2017
This may not all be so negative. With such a fear that phytic acid blocks mineral absorption, apparently there are confounding factors that may negate this. As they mentioned, along with increasing zinc and iron, it may also improve absorption of other trace minerals that are very beneficial.


Thread starter
Aug 12, 2018
I am happy reading this.

No wonder why I respond so well to two onions a day. I originally started to help with Testosterone.
How you eat that much : ) Do you think the loss of iron is the problem in your case?

I'm seeing positive changes from onions and garlic. I think, as I already heard it from other forums as well, sulfur has something to do with pssd. And garlic/onion clears my vision. They helps with libido as well.


Mar 26, 2016
How you eat that much : ) Do you think the loss of iron is the problem in your case?

I'm seeing positive changes from onions and garlic. I think, as I already heard it from other forums as well, sulfur has something to do with pssd. And garlic/onion clears my vision. They helps with libido as well.

Yeah, i just fry them with coconut oil.

Taste is amazing.

Yeah you are right, sulfur definitely plays a role somehow.

Low iron feels TERRIBLE. As soon as I supplement with iron (Despite eating high iron foods), I feel significantly better overall.


Aug 10, 2012
If I recall correctly, Ray isn't enthusiastic about onions. I still use them, but always think of his attitude. I think this makes me use a few less than I would otherwise.

Here is one article by Ray Peat:

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