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  1. aliml

    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as an Endothelial Disease: Insights From COVID-19

    SARS-CoV-2 virus, the etiologic agent of COVID-19, has affected almost every aspect of human life, precipitating stress-related pathology in vulnerable individuals. As the prevalence rate of posttraumatic stress disorder in pandemic survivors exceeds that of the general and special populations...
  2. aliml

    The Anti Depression Pills that may Kill Cancer

    https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/the-anti-depression-pills-that-kill-cancer Introduction Due to various reasons such as fast cellular division, cancer treatments, or during the spread through the body, cancer cells often end up with damaged cell membrane (Ref.). This is why cancer cells...
  3. Lokzo

    Does serotonin deficiency lead to anosmia, ageusia, dysfunctional chemesthesis and increased severity of illness in COVID-19?

    Does serotonin deficiency lead to anosmia, ageusia, dysfunctional chemesthesis and increased severity of illness in COVID-19? Amarnath Sen Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Go to: Abstract...
  4. PointOutside

    Best way to approach gut issues

    Hello all, My journey peating has been wonderful so far. Diet, thyroid, etc. have all been addressed and I feel better than I have for years. I'm still seeing near daily improvements primarily from supplementing thyroid. The next thing I want to tackle is my gut. I pretty much don't tolerate...
  5. Lokzo

    The High Serotonin Personality

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjBpfAQFRuM
  6. haidut

    Serotonin, SSRI drugs may be the cause of IBD, Parkinson's, diabetes, etc.

    A great new study that points the finger straight at serotonin (5-HT). It has been known since the 1940s that not only is 5-HT produced predominantly in the GI tract, but also that elevated serotonin levels are causally linked to a plethora of chronic conditions, especially various inflammatory...
  7. Jwicks1995

    Wanting to start thyroid - energy / metabolism issues

    I’m only 26 and these issues have been plaguing me for over 8 years now. It seems my system is always running on empty and overdrive at the same time. My cognition is dismal. I feel like I don’t actually sleep. I’m never rested, my mood is blank and I always feel hungry. Yet food doesn’t satisfy...
  8. haidut

    10-Methoxy-Harmalan - liquid product for R&D

    The chemical has already been discussed in another thread (see 1st link in References below), so this is just the announcement that it is now available for purchase. The units listed on the label are just for measurement purposes. They do not indicate or suggest optimal dose. Please note that...
  9. aliml

    Stearic acid attenuates profibrotic signalling in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

    Background and objective: Lipid metabolism dysregulation has been implicated in the pathogenesis of IPF; however, the roles of most lipid metabolites in lung fibrosis remain unexplored. Therefore, we aimed to identify changes in lipid metabolites in the lung tissues of IPF patients and determine...
  10. JamesGatz

    What causes the feelings of having a crush on someone and having difficulty getting over an ex ? Is it just serotonin and oxytocin ?

    I notice that when I am low serotonin - I don't really have feelings in the sense of romantic relationships - I don't get jealous nor do I care for any of my exes or any girl that I have ever talked to or made a connection with - I feel like talking to girls and having relations with them but I...
  11. JamesGatz

    Does the mere action of gripping an object firmly reduce serotonin ?

    I believe I recall a quote I read by RP that said something along the lines of when speaking about serotonin in dogs - I believe it was a situation where they needed to restrain the dog - that if the dog was given something hard to clamp down on (like a bone) then their serotonin would lower...
  12. haidut

    High (extracellular) serotonin causes Alzheimer's and depression

    The utter corruption of "journalism" is once again on full display in MSM. The actual scientific study is very clear in its statements/conclusions that a decrease in the levels of serotonin transporter (5-HTT) led to accumulation of beta-amyloid and onset of depression. Lower levels of 5-HTT -...
  13. JamesGatz

    Laughing increases serotonin and seems to increase Nitric Oxide ?

    I think most of us can agree that we all "feel better" when laughing but a few things I found interesting was this: https://www.forbes.com/sites/daviddisalvo/2017/06/05/six-science-based-reasons-why-laughter-is-the-best-medicine/?sh=6acf1467f04f "Laughter has an effect similar to...
  14. JamesGatz

    Why are squirrels so jumpy and why are Black Bears cowards ?

    I think we should have a discussion on the true nature of squirrels - I notice that squirrels typical diet (nuts) is high in PUFA - Every squirrel I meet seems to exhibit high-serotonin behavior and seems to jump away at the first sign of trouble. I saw this degenerate video on YouTube of a...
  15. JamesGatz

    Choosing the right air filter - Why most air filters on the market are DANGEROUS

    Why many air filters are Dangerous I wanted to create this thread because of the topic of air filters - they seem to really help in my room and household with reducing serotonin - However in another thread @Mr.Bollox brought up ionizing and UV air filters so I think it's good to have a...
  16. JamesGatz

    Why there is no such thing as children being afraid of the dark and why people like sleeping "under the covers"

    Why are night lights so popular especially among young children ? Why do people like laying "under the covers" while sleeping ? Because darkness increases serotonin and what decreases serotonin ? Being in a dimly lit room would decrease the serotonergic response from being in a pitch black...
  17. JamesGatz

    My theory on why being born with curly hair is superior and perceived as more physically attractive

    I notice that when I wear headwear (such as a cap or a beanie or over a t-shirt over my head - I get a great boost in temps/metabolism and serotonin is lowered tremendously - I suspect because a raise in temps in the brain (head insulation) helps boost metabolism I notice that people with very...
  18. haidut

    Maternal SSRI/SNRI use leads to offspring addiction/withdrawal

    After being told for decades that SSRI/SNRI drugs are safe for usage during pregnancy, now the truth finally starts to come out. Well, technically it has been out for a long time considering the skyrocketing autism rates and the strong causal link between serotonin and autism. However, up until...
  19. haidut

    Lowering/blocking serotonin is therapeutic for cancer

    One of the few studies that is brave enough to point the finger directly at serotonin as a tumor-promoter. Mainstream medicine has acknowledged that serotonin has a growth-promoting effects, but only in one specific tumor - carcinoid syndrome - and refuses to admit that the same growth-promoting...
  20. miquelangeles

    Serotonin derivatives, phytoserotonin

    Anyone knowledgeable on this subject? Some of them seem beneficial. Serotonin derivatives from safflower seed for example seem to improve vascular elasticity and decrease atherosclerosis in animal experiments, which suggests they might act as serotonin antagonists.