1. Mauritio

    Serotonin, PUFA and histamine increase leaky brain

    This is just just another angle showing how stress hormones and PUFA affect the whole body negatively. Increased Blood-brain-barrier permeability(leaky brain) is linked to many diseases : "Blood–brain barrier dysfunction contributes to pathology in a range of neurological conditions including...
  2. Hans

    Milk: pro-dopamine or pro-serotonin?

    View: What's your experience with milk (if you digest it well)? I always feel good after some milk. Great stuff imo!
  3. Hans

    Georgi Dinkov on aromatase inhibition, Gonadin+, testosterone optimization and serotonin antagonism

    Part 2 of my podcast with Georgi. You can watch part 1 here. View:
  4. R

    Is there an interaction between serotonin and the angiotensin system in relation to coronavirus infection?

    It seems that covid-19 is related to 1) elevated serotonin (which relates to the lungs via the platelets) and 2) the spike protein affecting the Angiotensin converting enzyme (i believe). Is there an interaction between these two mechanisms?
  5. F

    Serotonin too LOW due to antihistamines for long periods?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if continuous antihistamine usage (I'm cycling Zyrtec and Ebastine) could theoretically cause serotonin to drop too low. I know that this forum "hates" serotonin, but lately I'm dealing with anxiety, overthinking, worrying and also some mild OCD symptoms - could these...
  6. haidut

    Hyperserotonemia confirmed as a cause of autism and insomnia

    Given the flood of recent studies lately, with virtually identical findings as the study below, I don't think much needs to be said. So much for "serotonin is the happiness hormone"...Yet despite the solid evidence implicating serotonin as a (if not THE) major cause of autism, even this study...
  7. haidut

    Upregulated serotonin synthesis may be a biomarker for breast cancer

    Once again, the available evidence contradicts the popular myth promoted by public health agencies that serotonin is the "happiness hormone". One only needs to talk to a person on serotonergic (SSRI) drugs for a few minutes to realize just how "happy" those people are as a result of their...
  8. haidut

    Vitamin B6, lowering stress, may treat schizophrenia

    Both human and animal studies. The human study was with pyridoxamine - a vitamin B6 isomer declared by FDA to be a "prescription drug" and as such banned for OTC sale in USA while still being widely available in most other countries. That FDA ruling is pointless due to the fact that pyridoxamine...
  9. haidut

    Depression fades away when serotonin levels drop

    A very, very inconvenient study for mainstream medicine and its Big Pharma goons. The so-called "serotonin hypothesis" is slowly crumbling and the results from the most recent studies are so unequivocal that the fraud about serotonin as the "happiness hormone" may go down in history as one of...
  10. haidut

    Many people may suffer from chronic serotonin syndrome

    A very interesting article, which calls out the widespread usage of serotonergic drugs (usually SSRI), and argues that their widespread use may have created an "epidemic" of a chronic, milder version of the (in)famous serotonin syndrome (SS). Currently, mainstream medicine does not recognize...
  11. haidut

    Serotonin and oxytocin promote gullibility, trainability, and servility

    A great study, which while done with horses, will probably raise questions (unfortunately only in people with already-low serotonin) of whether the relentless promotion of serotonin (5-HT) as the "happiness hormone" and oxytocin as the "love and connection hormone" has any evidence in support...
  12. Hans

    Serotonin dubs thee sleepless

    How often do you still hear that serotonin helps with sleep? Well if someone says that to you again, show them this.
  13. Hans

    Feeling meh? Do this to get rid of apathy!

    Some of us might know that serotonin is involved in mental and emotional suppression and lowering it or increasing the dopamine to serotonin ratio can be very helpful for re-igniting motivation, drive, enjoyment, etc. Feeling meh? Do this to get rid of apathy! Towards the end of the article, I...
  14. Mauritio

    Vitamin B1 / Thiamine deficiency increases serotonin in the brain

    This study finds that a vitmain B1 (thiamine ) deficiency causes an increase of serotonin in several brain areas . Although they avoid to use the word increase (they use "affects") in the abstract, the full study shows that this is what happened . They also found that the thiamine defiicient...
  15. haidut

    Serotonin (5-HT) is a key driver of asthma

    Yet another blow to the status of the so-called "happiness hormone". While histamine, acetylcholine, and estrogen have long been known as key drivers of asthma the link between the mast cells and the nervous system's production of the vasoconstrictor acetylcholine has remained unknown. The study...
  16. haidut

    Serotonin may be the "aggression hormone" in most living organisms

    So much for the "happiness hormone", which medicine keeps telling us should be kept as high as possible. This idiotic hypothesis gave birth to an entire drug industry, which continues to poison people to this day with its SSRI drugs, despite solid evidence that they are no better than placebo...
  17. Mauritio

    B. Coagulans decreases endotoxin , liver fibrosis and serotonin

    B. Coagulans , a spore forming bacteria, few people proably have heard of . In my opinion it's one of the best probiotics and bacteria strains available. It decreases endotoxin ,liver fibrosis inflammation, boosts a very healthy bacterium called F. Prausnitzii, which in turn lowers serotonin...
  18. Mauritio

    Sterile gut leads to lower anxiety, serotonin , and TPH-levels + some bacteria don't increase serotonin

    This study says: Beyond the gut, germ free mice also display an increased turnover rate of dopamine and norepinephrine (as well as serotonin) in the brain (Diaz Heijtz et al., 2011), which could generally reduce pools in systemic circulation independent of microbial production (although factors...
  19. M

    Anti-Peat SSRIs used to treat Covid-19?

    I don't necessarily agree with this but I do feel it's important to bring in opposing viewpoints. I recently watched a 60 minutes episode where they found an old drug called fluvoxamine that could be used to treat sepsis. This led them to look into its efficacy for treatment for Covid-19. The...
  20. T

    Sensitive to loud noises and how to regulate nervous system

    Every once in a while I'm very sensitive to somewhat loud noises and sudden noises like a dog barking not always but sometimes it irritates me. Not sure if this could be a serotonin issue. What can help this? Seems like nervous system is too sensitive and sometimes causes slight startle...