1. N

    The "safest" drug to increase serotonin

    Years ago when I tried testosterone gel I instantly felt instantly very well. Now I fell nothing from it in same day, after 2 days I feel more fatigue. From what I read testosterone,dht increase dopamine in reduce serotonin (correct me if I am wrong). Years ago when I tried st. john's wort it...
  2. N

    Why testosterone, dht makes me more fatigue?

    My testosterone is on low side, DHT is just little below border. I tried in past 10 years many things. What I don't understand is this: When I tried 7 years ago testosterone gel I felt a nice boost in libido instantly in hour or before, no doubt. Also got morning woods. Now if I try...
  3. Hans

    Anti-serotonin stack for more energy and well-being

    Most of us are looking for ways to lower serotonin, however, it can be quite difficult to get the right ingredients so to speak. Instead of looking for a patch that just antagonizes serotonin (although those can be lifesaving short term), rather use a stack that directly lowers serotonin...
  4. Mauritio

    1-acetyl- LSD, a better LSD-alternative? (aka ALD-52)

    A few days ago I did a post on 2-bromo-LSD as a better LSD alternative . 2-bromo-lsd ,lacks the hallucinogenic effect of LSD ,which might be due to a stronger anti-serotonin effect . The problem is: it is very hard to get and pretty expensive, plus its illegal . Today I stumbled...
  5. Drareg

    10 methoxyharamlan

    @haidut mentioned this in the latest Danny Roddy interview. Just starting this thread to get more info on it, I only found 2 studies on it so far. Its an alkaloid obtained by the cyclodehydration of melatonin. Anybody with experience using it?
  6. Jwicks1995

    SSRI withdrawal - Acetylcholine

    I need further resources to aid in me reducing my SSRI doseage. I've been plagued with them for about 2 years now and only got on them because of misdiagnosis and other health issues i.e SLEEP APNEA. My cognition and libido are destroyed and i find myself having to use a milligram scale in order...
  7. Lokzo

    Vitamin B6 Increases Serotonin, Regardless of Serotonin Levels - PUBMED

    Pyridoxine, regardless of serotonin levels, increases production of 5-hydroxytryptophan in rat brain Background: The aim of this study was to evaluate effects of pyridoxine and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) on lipid peroxidation and on levels of 5-hydroxytryptophan and serotonin. Methods...
  8. Mito

    Serotonin is elevated in COVID- 19-associated diarrhoea

    “In summary, we found 5-HT levels are markedly elevated in COVID-19 associated diarrhoea. Elevated 5-HT levels in diarrhoea are also correlated with increased IL-6. These data suggest increased 5-HT may contribute to diarrhoea and the severity of COVID-19.”...
  9. NodeCerebri

    Methylene Blue lowering nitric oxide too much?

    I want to add methylene blue to my daily stack, currently at about 300 mcg. It is bearable right now, but I think the nitric oxide lowering effects are increasing my blood pressure. -I want to up the dose, but scared of too high BP then. -I also want to up the dose, but everything above 400 mcg...
  10. U

    Effects of nofap on women?

    I’m a young female and I have sex once or twice a week, but I stopped masturbation and sometimes even withhold my orgasms. I am aware that the negative hormonal effects of masturbation is worse in men, but I am curious the effect it has on women. I have noticed that my body hair grows slower...
  11. haidut

    Serotonin promotes (futile) patience and (false) faith in future rewards

    This study alone explains so much of the pathological behavior seen in humans living in developed countries. Namely, the vast majority of them are willing to break their backs working and "delaying gratification" in the hopes that one day they will "make it" and all of their efforts will be...
  12. haidut

    Serotonin (and SSRI drugs) can cause anxiety and PTSD

    Yet another great study exposing just how much of a "happy hormone" serotonin really is. As usual, the popular press article does everything possible to avoid pointing the finger at serotonin and even engages in misdirection. For example, it says that SERT is the main target of drugs like...
  13. haidut

    Serotonin may cause schizophrenia, Parkinson, and Alzheimer diseases

    One by one, medical myths (slowly) go the way of the Dodo. Two of the most pervasive such myths are that psychotic conditions like schizophrenia are caused by excess dopamine, and Parkinson Disease (PD) is caused by a deficiency of dopamine. Unbeknownst even to most doctors, studies exist...
  14. Incen

    cyproheptadine increasing serotonin?

    I love cyproheptadine, I usually take 1mg in the afternoon. It significantly cools down my body temperature, makes me feel relaxed, increases my libido, lessens my nerve pain, and gives temporarily relief for all my gut symptoms. Today I took 2mg for the first time, and now I'm very hot...
  15. Lokzo

    This Is How The Carnivore Diet Lowers Serotonin...

  16. Lokzo

    Who Feels Euphoric The Day After Alcohol? (Alcohol Afterglow)

  17. Mauritio

    Serotonin Depletion Amplifies Distinct Human Social Emotions As A Function Of Individual Differences

    Serotonin depletion amplifies distinct human social emotions as a function of individual differences in personality This study shows that depleting tryptophan, and thus serotonin, allows people more to show their own feelings and individual differences in character . Or saying it reversed ...
  18. Hans

    The Dopamine Dream Team Stack

    I've been looking far and wide and experimenting all over the place with different compounds to get see what gives me the best effects. On my quest of understanding energy metabolism and neurotransmitters, it became obvious that the two are interlinked. So I designed a stack around that. Have a...
  19. Lokzo

    Do You Have Too Much Serotonin?

  20. Hans

    The Most Important Organ For Longevity

    Where is the hub in the body where all things are most likely to go wrong? The most important organ for longevity » MENELITE