1. Sam321

    MRNA contagious to the unvaccinated?

    There's lots of internet speculation that mRNA vaccines can be passively contagious to the unvaccinated via breathing in shedded skin cells of those who have recieved an mRNA vax. Is this empty paranoia or are we f u c k'ed?
  2. D

    Open Letter to EMA by Scientists Re: Gene Based Vaccines - MOVING

  3. Epistrophy

    MRNA can definitely assimilate into human DNA

    This study profoundly shows that mRNA can be reversed transcribed into humans and become apart of our genome.
  4. Mito

    A Deep Dive On mRNA Vaccines

    “Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines were the focus of a symposium on COVID-19 vaccines held during last week’s COVID-19 and Cancer virtual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research. To date, only two vaccines have received Emergency Use Authorization by the U.S. Food and Drug...
  5. H

    What can be consumed that may mitigate mRNA vaccines from working?

    Happy new year everyone :). I was wondering, considering that mRNA vaccines are likely to be mandated directly or indirectly (via preventing access to travel and the like) as most people are complying to restrictions because of mandates rather than because they personally want to (as evidenced...
  6. L

    mRNA-Vaccines might alter DNA

    At least according to Pieter Borger, a molecular biologist and specialist in genomics. It don’t claim that his proposed mechanism of the potential „genotoxicy“ is valid. Just posting for discussion. Pieter Borger is some sort of creationist, but his arguments are based on s cellular, genomic...
  7. LucyL

    MRNA Vaccine Compendium

    Ray's May 2020 Newsletter, "This Novel Flu Season" very last sentence was this quote: "This mindless activation of our huge epigenetic system of retroelements, with no knowable benefits, should be stopped." It is striking that I can find very little discussion of retroelements in the context...