1. BearWithMe

    Good quality LED is much healthier light source than incandescent / halogen bulb

    Since no one really tests light bulbs for a flicker, I have bought all the super expensive testing equipment myself, bought a bunch of light bulbs and spent couple of days by testing them. Have also measured their color spectrum and some other parameters. The most surprising result was that...
  2. milk_lover

    Halogen Heater And LED Lights Setup For Red Light Therapy

    I bought a "halogen heater" (that's what's written on the box) with three heater lamps, each 400 watts. A total of 1200 watts is very warm and bright. I am attaching some pictures for illustration: My heart beats faster when I face the lamp heaters, so it must be working and I feel overall...
  3. D

    Dealextreme Lamp [LED]

    http://www.dx.com/es/p/ir-48-led-infrar ... 00ma-15235 have this lamp enough power to use it on thyroid healing? if not...is there any minimun wattage?
  4. L

    Peat Red Light Set Up In UK

    I would like to put together a therapeutic incandescent light bulb setup. I live in the UK. Which clear heat bulbs recommended in the EU ? Does anyone have a recommendation for a stand ? Thank you
  5. I

    What's Your Lamp Setup?

    Just wondering what people are using to string up their lamps. I assume most of us have the brooder lamps with the clips like this http://www.homedepot.ca/product/aluminu ... nch/969081 Right now I have 2 of them and they are clipped to the curved part of a lamp that looks basically like this...
  6. J

    White Warm LED Light Bulbs

    If somebody doesn't want to use incandescent bulbs in the house because they're too expensive, warm white LEDs seem to be a better option than CFL. Warm White apparently has a better spectrum (i.e., more red and less blue) than regular white led. Warm White Spectrum: White LED Spectrum...
  7. I

    Would These LED Light Devices Be Ok To Use?

    I got a couple LED light devices for free and was wondering either of these would be ok to use. They are meant for the face so the heads are pretty small, it takes about 20-30 minutes to treat your whole face. Quasar MD Has orange, red and green LED settings - between 632nm and 880nm...
  8. J

    Red, Orange, And Yellow Lights

    Incandescent lights have the beneficial red and orange frequencies at higher intensities than the stressful blue. Wouldn't we get even more benefits if we were exposed to red and orange frequencies but not the blue? There are incandescent lights that are sold as red and other colors. I don't...
  9. P

    LEDs: Pros? Cons? What Does Peat Say About Them?

    Hi everyone, Whoa, I'm now three months into P-eating, it's hot summer wheather and I've finally been able to get off serotonergic drugs and I feel sooo good! :) I feel my metabolism is finally getting back on track after several years of low-carb dieting, SSRI's and stressful living. It's...