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    Honey And Dairy Kill Libido And Ability To Get Erection

    Any idea why? Carbs from starch or fruits don't do it. I have to mention that the honey is raw (all honey in Germany is), and I was fairly allergic to pollen honey (clogged nose) so I switched to forest honey(?), which seemed to make the reaction go away, but it still killed my libido. Dairy...
  2. Q

    Honey Vs Royal Jelly

    As title says. discuss What are the major differences, both perceived due to personal experiences and scientific based. Also quality among supermarket brands ("SUPERMARKT organic" honey ), how serious can we treat these types of honey. Personally I use honey daily, both a bit as a sweetener as...
  3. N

    Honey Vs Sucrose Vs No Sugar In Rats

    The long-term effects of feeding honey compared with sucrose and a sugar-free diet on weight gain, lipid profiles, and DEXA measurements in rats. - PubMed - NCBI
  4. Koveras

    Honey-based Diet For Fertility And Glycemic Control (in Rats)

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    Honey Isn’t As Healthy As We Think

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk ... 1978253242