1. P

    Gluten intolerance & Celiac disease

    Just a thought, i dont suffer serious effects of ingesting wheat products as some people might but do feel very lethargic and agitated so try to side step them as much as possible which is difficult unless you cook everything yourself as its in everything these days along with social obligations...
  2. L

    Rice Vermicelli / Rice Sticks

    Does anyone here consume rice vermicelli? It’s made of rice and water. Seems like a good option for people who cannot tolerate eggs and gluten. The downside is, it’s all starch; hence it can feed bacteria in the gut, increase endotoxins, intestinal permeability, inflammation etc. Thoroughly...
  3. Rowdy Ramsay

    Feeling bad after eating bread (not gluten)

    I've stopped eating bread for years except for a few times and everytime I eat it I feel kinda ***t ngl. At first I tought it was gluten but I have no mood problems at all after eating: pizza, kebab, cookies, cake, pasta, etc. so i figured it must be the yeast that's causing the problem...
  4. R

    Aspirin For Gluten Enteropathy

    A nice journal editorial from 1982 about using aspirin to prevent the symptoms of gluten ingestion in coeliac disease. I have celiac and have also found this to be true.
  5. P

    Vitamin C testimonial - pollen allergies, nosebleeds, and gluten intolerance

    Hi all, I'm writing this post as a record of my recent experimentation with high-dose Vitamin C as a treatment for hay fever (seasonal allergies). In short, it has worked surprisingly well and had strong beneficial effects on some other seemingly unrelated health problems. I continue to dose...
  6. S

    Gluten free diet modulates my constipation and ED

    I randomly decided to not eat any wheat. Noticed nothing that day. The next day: No morning grog Morning wood (unusual for me) No daytime sleepiness Pooped 3 times that day Only had to wipe 2 or 3 times Erections are Enzyte-tier and on time My scrotum now hangs my balls. (My scrotum normally...
  7. D

    Why do people like wheat?

    Why do people love wheat so much? Ray said that the liver "likes delicious foods", or something similar. It seems that Ray generally thinks tasty food = good food. But I do not understand one thing, why then people love wheat so much? I don't think there is a single person who would prefer a...
  8. lvysaur

    Study: Sourdough Consumption Produces Worse Symptoms

    Pilot Study: Comparison of Sourdough Wheat Bread and Yeast-Fermented Wheat Bread in Individuals with Wheat Sensitivity and Irritable Bowel Syndrome Found this interesting. Theoretically sourdough should have less gluten and fructan problems, and the study even analyzed the FODMAP content and...
  9. P

    Rusk Bread

    rusks are probably better type of bread, most of the time Of all foods bread is the most noble: Carl von Linné (Carl Linneaus) on bread
  10. S

    How To Become Gluten Intolerant

    How to Become Gluten Intolerant
  11. Entropy

    Randomised Clinical Study: Gluten Challenge Induces Symptom Recurrence In Only A Minority Of Patient

    Methods We studied 35 non-CD subjects (31 females) that were on a gluten-free diet (GFD), in a double-blind challenge study. Participants were randomised to receive either gluten-containing flour or gluten-free flour for 10 days, followed by a 2-week washout period and were then crossed over...